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Just bought this and gave it a cold wash + hang dry and it's a little small for me. Great shirt with a vibrant plaid, wish it fit. It's a pure, fairly deep red, not pinkish as it kinda appears here. Size medium but fits slim, as the measurements show. Good for a slim medium or larger small. Will come with tag and extra buttons. Retailed for $178, I'm selling for $75 >> $60 shipped conus Measurements: shoulder: 17.75 pit to pit: 20 sleeve: 25.5 back length: 28.5
umm.. they're saying they would prefer a paucity of posts.
Like the description says, trying to find a Krane Walter bag. Holler if you have one you'd part with, I'm flexible about condition.
i'm not sure why he doesn't just say "my shit costs more," and leave it at that. i think all but one person here understands that a small outfit making custom orders with high quality shit is expensive.
awesome, i hadn't seen the store before
as a casual observer who's been debating a purchase, you kinda send mixed signals when you complain about people emailing you to ask for customizations, but then joke about options that are available but undisclosed. you might save yourself a headache if you were a bit more forthright about what's available.at any rate, cool to hear about the standing collar- that's one detail that i've been wanting to see on your bomber/cwu for a while. might tip the scale for me.
Just got this from the sample sale and it's a bit big for me, unfortunately. Really awesome vest though, textured boiled wool, thick filling, really unique vest. Fits true to size medium. Measurements below, but since this is a puffy vest I'd recommend just going by instinct if you are a medium. Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 21.5" Length: 25" $60 shipped CONUS (I paid $50 + $10 shipping) Retailed for $175 I believe.
dope bag, great seller!
Thanks for the heads up! I think I may pass after all, but appreciate you getting in touch. jacob
If there are still vests left in Medium, I'd love a proxy and happy to pay a fair fee for your trouble. PM if interested.
New Posts  All Forums: