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Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite you score that from gilt j? the small would probably be too short for you. yeah. you may be right j, i haven't tried a small on. when mauro gets his shipment in stock i'll have to go try them on.
hah. well, looks like he's keeping his anyway, and i'd prefer to trade with someone who needs to size up. if dude wants to sell his after all then by all means, buy from him first.
I got the plum stripe oxford in medium, but it's a bit large on me. Hoping to trade for a small if anyone needs to size up. I've got a post in the buy/sell forum too.
Just got the plum stripe oxford in medium from gilt and it's a bit large for me. Drag cause I really like the shirt. Would prefer to trade it for a small, but am open to selling it as well. PM if interested, I'd like to get $150 (shipped CONUS via priority w/ delivery confirmation) for it if I sell. SOLD Measurements: Pit to Pit: 19.75" Shoulder: 17.75" Sleeve: 26" Didn't measure length, but you know how it is, it's on the short side. If you need more...
no problem. these are still available to anyone who might be interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch Do a search, there are a couple of threads on this already. I recommend London Tailor in Bethesda. A little on the expensive side, but they do great work, are very fast and will make sure you are 100% satisfied. I asked this question several months back and you recommended London Tailor. I took your advice and they did a great job. Def recommended.
Actual waist is 31", inseam is 34" The waist is slightly streched from being tried on by someone before me, was probably just under 31" before. Still brand new in every other way.
Sure thing. I'm on my way up to NY for the weekend right now, but will provide measurements on Sunday evening when I get back. If I can borrow a camera from someone I'll post pics too. I would estimate they are about 30" waist, maybe a touch over or under, and about 34" inseam.
APC Rescue, size 28 (raw) Just bought these but they're a little big for me, so you can grab em cheap. Brand new w/ tags, only tried on once. 112 shipping included to anywhere in the US. A little more to go outside the US, but probably not much. I'm new here, but I'm an upstanding dude. I think Mauro @ Farinelli's will vouch for me. Also, I'm a regular on ebay, my user name there is magplaid3t, I've only got positive feedback.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Holy shit you played brand nubian? FEELS SO GOOD! i didn't play any blackalicious, but i think i played lyrics born - i changed my mind. no kool keith/ultramag on sat., but there was some similar joints played a bunch of current shit too, a good mix of old and new i put all my dates up on www.deepsang.com if anyone wants to check me out at the clurbs sometime...
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