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this thread should be retitled as a PSA. why buy farinelli's mens wear when you can get the forever 21 knock off women's version for less?? next up: kmw boxers repackaged as hot pants. sike. i bought the s&h from mauro earlier this year and it's def a favorite, anyone got a pic of the repop?
^^^ I picked up a pair of the Jean Shop Rockers during the last denim sale and love em. def recommended.
yo mauro sort of related to this contest but not really, check my pm about that party. i've got some ideas for press etc. and imo it could be a great way to get word out around dc to men and women. that spot on saturday afternoon is so good.
haha, no doubt. and i was only there for the beginning of it. good to meet you a, you make a mean cocktail.
lol @ the videos...
how does pre sale work? do you need to have a barneys card to do that or can anyone do a pre sale buy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger some item updates, we have TWO W+H Type 2 Jackets in M is that the mk2 or type 3? i thought those were the two they were offering this season. what's p2p on the m?
APC Rescue Size 28 (Raw) Brand new, only tried on, never worn. Actual waist is 31", inseam is 34" SOLD I had another thread for these but it was too old and I couldn't edit it to say price drop. I dropped the price from $112.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro it is the dirk wash , puddin. hah, fair enough
I personally don't like it when long sleeve shirts are posed with sleeves rolled up like this: I like to be able to see the proportions of clothes, which you can't in that pic. All the different angles are helpful though. Again in this next one, it would be better imo if he just let his arms fall straight down instead of held behind his back: And a minor...
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