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i don't see any difference between a bmore kid's detachment from black culture today and a va kid's detachment from black culture in the 90s. listen to what you like. also, i don't know shit about schopenhauer, but i do know that it's pretty weak to talk about how you like an artist's music and then dismiss them as an "ignant junkie" while sipping a latte. i'll take dj screw over philosophy any day, but that's just me.
Splurge, but buy the Abram on sale here: http://shopsydneys.com/all-designers/krane/krane-abram-washed-leather-laptop-bag.htmlI've got the last iteration of the Abram and love it.
yes, probably. you might want a new bag by then anyway though.
infinitesimal might be a bit of hyperbole, but if you look at the entire field of graduates in a given year it's pretty damn small. there will always be instances that disprove the averages, and engineers obviously do better than most.
the average salary of someone coming out of harvard business school is a little over 100k. the percentage of people coming out of undergrad and landing 80k jobs is infinitesimal.
ummm people get phds to land professorships that pay less than that. people get masters degrees to be public servants. unless your sole goal in a career is to get rich, then the link between education and salary can often be tenuous. do you and don't act snobbish; it's not really a good look.
Copy is good, but one small typo, addition in bold:This simple idea is the reason why we have created our Customer Loyalty Incentive program.I'd add a picture of the tote or something. If I weren't already a tote holder, I'd see the fact that you get a product in return immediately as a notable incentive to join the program. Anyhow, I think the name change is a good one. "Tote holder" works as an SF secret society name, but the new name is more professional.
damn, looks great, mauro!
Why not just email them about it? I'm sure they'll take care of you.
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