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cool bro
Can anyone comment Gustin waist measurements relative to Acne, 3sixteen, or Spurr? While the Gustin site provides thorough measurements, I've found that waist measurements always vary a bit based on who takes them.
I missed the boat on the first round of monkey arm shirts. Are there more coming in fall by chance?
This is no different than sneaker collabs, which have been done for years. I don't see any reason to get in a snit about it.
so annoying when product shots of long sleeve shirts have the sleeve rolled. what is the point of the model wearing it if you can't see how it fits?
Just P&B, or Gilt as well?
what was the yoox price on those? i'd been looking for a while too, but looks like they sold out. ah well. i'm a 43.5 in them if anybody got them and they don't work out.
which ones?
i don't see any difference between a bmore kid's detachment from black culture today and a va kid's detachment from black culture in the 90s. listen to what you like. also, i don't know shit about schopenhauer, but i do know that it's pretty weak to talk about how you like an artist's music and then dismiss them as an "ignant junkie" while sipping a latte. i'll take dj screw over philosophy any day, but that's just me.
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