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I don't know how it got here so fast, but just received the black marled hoodie. That thing is awesome!
Was late to the party and missed out on the hoodie. If anyone bought a medium and it doesn't work out, gimme a holler.Mauro, the new flannels look awesome!
Today's post made me want to check out Harry's. I need a better razor situation. Not sure Apple is the right example for vertical integration, though. They contract manufacturing out to Foxconn. New shirts look great btw, looking forward to the next newsletter.
To the dude who mentioned the psychology of actually paying for a membership having an impact on driving up sales among members, I'd expect that's true and you'd lose some of that. Financially it's about the same from your perspective. I don't know what the implications for your relationship with stockists would be. Maybe none.Re: chinos, I speak for only myself, but what's great about your shirts is you offer 4 fits right now. That means it's pretty feasible to get a fit...
What's the latest on the over dye poll. Any winners?
cool bro
Can anyone comment Gustin waist measurements relative to Acne, 3sixteen, or Spurr? While the Gustin site provides thorough measurements, I've found that waist measurements always vary a bit based on who takes them.
I missed the boat on the first round of monkey arm shirts. Are there more coming in fall by chance?
This is no different than sneaker collabs, which have been done for years. I don't see any reason to get in a snit about it.
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