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Not sure I totally agree, although it's somewhat splitting hairs. If taking no-risk preorders increases orders, then you would just compare the cost of holding inventory for orders that flaked against the profit from increased sales that transacted. Probability weight the two to account for risk. Maybe it's a loss, maybe it's a win. Depends on the business.
Cool - thanks!
anyone know what size would roughly equate to the old medium bd? a 41 or 42?
Just got these and they're awesome, but a touch small for me. I'm just over a size 11. If you are between 10.5 and 11 or a dead on 11, these will fit you perfectly. Beautiful shoes in a rich burgundy. Wish they fit and I'd be keeping them. Price includes shipping in the US, global shipping can be worked out.
In for the contest, weekend warrior.
no doubt, it didn't come off aggro
While I don't think any of your observations are wrong, I think it's worth keeping in mind the scale of Mauro's operation. He's been more or less the driving force of the company since day one and as far as I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong), just recently hired his first full time employee to assist with operations. Fancy sites are crazy expensive. Copy is either expensive or time consuming. Same with product shots. I'm not interested in being an apologist, there's...
belated, but thanks for the tip
@notwithit what size do you typically wear in jeans? fit looks great.
not a great look, even as a joke.
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