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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas http://www.nmlastcallstore.com/index.html It sounds like there are markdowns for the Columbus Day sale, plus 20% off if you use your card. just about everything was 20% off plus the extra 20% if you use your Neimans card...then on top of those discounts I got a postcard in the mail for an additional 20% off a single item...if you don't have the postcard they usually honor it if you just tell them you got it...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade No sale in San Francisco, according to Horace. He said that the sale in New York is a "sample sale" Anyone have any more information on the New York sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 Sorry if this has been posted already no apology necessary
Neimans Last Call is offering 20% off your entire purchase on almost all fall clothing plus an addtional 20% off if you use your Neiman card plus and additional 10% off any one item (yesterday it was an additional 20% off one item)....ends up being a really good deal...I picked up a 100% cashmere Zegna overcoat (reg. price $3800) for under $600.00
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart DOMENICO VACCA Sample Sale Tuesday, September 22nd - 10 AM TO 6 PM Wednesday, September 23rd - 10 AM TO 6 PM Thursday, September 24th - 10 AM TO 6 PM 14 East 60th Street, Suite 900 New York, NY 10019 T. 212.920.1211 Did anyone check it out? How about stuff for women this year...my wife wants to go?
Didn't anyone go...is it worth the trip?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSN125 Leather Jackets were 850, other outwear was 650. Pants were 2 for 250. Ties were 2 for 100. Shoes all 100. Suits were 1250. I managed to pick up a few items. Vacca has beautiful clothing, much coming from Attollini. The prices at this sale were fair to good (and excellent considering their original prices), but men's selection was poor. OTOH, the wife had a true field day. My wife is interested in...
Is there anything worthwhile left at 80% off?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaygatsby28 "Tuesday through Thursday, luxe Italian designer Domenico Vacca will be cutting prices significantly on men's wear and accessories. Domenico Vacca - 14 E 60th nr Madison - Suite 900 - 10am-6pm daily - 212-920-1211 " Going to check it out today, I'll let you know if it is worth it. Please let us know...I'm thinking about going tomorrow.
when you place an order it says that there is a problem with their security certificate...anyone delat with them before?
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