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Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot Lefty is correct, this is double vented. The cut of this jacket makes you look like royalty, it is that amazing. Price drop! Can you provide more details on the cut of the Saville Row model...heavily or lightly padded shoulders?
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Jacket received. Thank you very much! please pm me if the jacket does not work for you
why are you selling that beautiful gray flannel pinstripe??
Quote: Originally Posted by heavymike3 Any idea on when this sale runs through? I was there today and frankly thought it was better than I expected....everything is now 80% off...picked up a half a dozen Borrelli dress shirts ($450) retail for $90.00 each, some great belts for $40.00 each, and shoes were down to $180.00 from $900.00.....all ties were $70.00 and they had hundreds.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot Given Borrelli retail prices, suits should be much higher than $750 even after the 70% off, no? I may be way off base. No you are correct....Suits were $1200 and up based on retail of $4000 and above
Quote: Originally Posted by gbrown_nyc I swear I saw a posting about a Borrelli sample sale starting today in NYC. I've searched high and low and can't find it. Anybody got the scoop. This is after missing the annual Santoni sample sale on Sunday due to plain forgetfulness! The Santoni sale is usually for 3 weekends in a row...was this past Sunday the last one?
Quote: Originally Posted by maxnharry How is there a store like this in Zeeland and when do the sales start? really great photos....why does this thread get such little play.....i think it's one of the most enjoyable.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Do you guys like them? I'm seeing some shoes I really like, but the soles are a little off-putting. I don't understand why they started doing this. I'm all for bold colors, but solid blue soles is a little much imo. Still, they have some nice lasts. that's what's so great about the Italians....with them god is always in the details...the blue soles are fun...not so serious....and Mantellasi takes alot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas It sounds like there are markdowns for the Columbus Day sale, plus 20% off if you use your card. just about everything was 20% off plus the extra 20% if you use your Neimans card...then on top of those discounts I got a postcard in the mail for an additional 20% off a single item...if you don't have the postcard they usually honor it if you just tell them you got it...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade No sale in San Francisco, according to Horace. He said that the sale in New York is a "sample sale" Anyone have any more information on the New York sale?
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