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I was in the 57th St. Daffy's recently and they had dozens of Lorenzini dress shirts hanging on the wall still in the original packaging....almost all were size 16 or 16.5 in conservative stripes and checks for $59.99... original retail tag was marked $385.00...not Borrelli but not a bad deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack Kent Wang Jay Kos Sam Hober Four In Hand Ties Brioni from anywhere that sells Brioni Any idea how Kent Wang's grenadines compare to Sam Hober's in terms of quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang New woven ties Burgundy grenadine. 3.5" wide. $75 Six-fold navy with white pindots. 3.5" wide. $85 Other new wares Please see respective threads for more info: Knit ties: bicolor black / white Wool and cashmere scarves Any chance of getting the grenadine in Navy?
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Call Paul Winston at Winston Tailors/Chipp2. He will sell over the phone and mail them. Or drop by at 11 East 44h Street (5th Floor). I think they are 3.25 to 3.5 inches wide at their widest. Basic construction, nothing fancy, using a nice standard grenadine. Eight colors - black, navy, red, green, yellow/gold, a nice brown and two burgundies. Plus a gray. That is from memory. $42. No idea what he will charge to...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd campione=sample Thanks
I've noticed that on some of my Borrelli and Isaia jacket labels in the "cliente" box it says "campio"...just curious what it means as they were clearly not sold to the same client...does it mean"sample"?
Quote: Originally Posted by justsayno great stuff just curious...what was the asking price on the Borrelli sportcoat?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Photos please +1
I have 3 very gently used size 40 Vestimenta suits in classic navy pinstripes and one in a soft charcoal gray flannel...all are 3 button ,single breasted, ventless with pleated pants in like new condition....$100.00 each plus shipping...please pm with any interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I don't speak for the OP, but I like this coat so will give my impressions. The shoulders are strong and roped, and measure a little larger than most 40Rs as do other SA coats from that season. This could work for a slim 42R. The sleeves are narrow and the armhole high and tight. The silhouette is very strong. This is a coat that enters the room a few moments before you do. Everything I own is soft and...
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