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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett I'm looking for a solid navy wool or cashmere (or blend) tie -- I know many makers probably have offerings. I'd like the tie to be no wider than 3.5" and no narrower than 3.25". Where to go in NYC for this? Least expensive source (I realized BG probably has Kiton and whatever else for north of $150...would love to stay under $100 for something as simple as this). Basically I want the grey tie in this photo but...
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD Jacob Cohen has grey flannel jeans this year. Where can I find Jacob Cohen jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond Na, its there standard suit model. They don't make too many business suits in the Sorrento or Linosa models. Its definitely more padded then the former mentioned but still soft compared to Brioni etc. that's's their standard model...I have a half dozen of them... while none of them are heavily padded they do vary...some have very soft padding and others are bit morer padded...but nothing like...
Quote: Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC There were some Mabitex 5-pocket gray wool flannels at Daffy's. Not sure if there are any left. That's what gave me the inspiration...I saw a Mabitex jean style flannel in brown mini check at Daffy's on 57th but really want a solid gray flannel.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lovellum Are you asking us to help you find a certain pair of pants without any knowledge aside from the fact that you saw them in New York? Or are you attempting to find ANY pair of gray flannel jeans? Anyplace that sells gray flannel jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaxson612 Can anyone recommend a shop that can do a quality dye job in Philadelphia / So/.Jersey area? Thanks! Rossi in Ardmore.
Saw a great pair of jean style gray flannels in NYC recently and can't for the life of me remember where...anyone know where to buy them?
Looking to purchase classic Cucinelli navy blazer with suede elbow patches in 40R or 40S
Quote: Originally Posted by MaxJones Nice stuff. PM sent. Late to the party again....whoever bought the navy windowpane or solid navy 40R...if they don't work out for you please pm me!
Quote: Originally Posted by FlaneurNYC East Side or West Side? East
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