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when is the sale? Quote: Originally Posted by rrothsch I'm looking for someone in NY who will proxy the Michael Bastian & Brunello Cucinelli sample sale at 29 W 57th St between 5th & 6th. Please send a PM if you are willing to proxy, a few references, and your fee. Thank you in advance
Quote: Originally Posted by knowsnothin Got two Stuart Choice suits at 90% off last time. Best deal ever! so when is the next PS sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by killercadi It may be just me but on the 348 last I sized down one whole size. 10D US to 9EUK. So if I'm normally an 8us what size should I order?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 In the states, try the C&J shop at Turnbull & Asser (212) 752-5700 in NYC. You will pay full-retail though ($550 according to my catalogue) Advantage with Plal or Pediwear is you get them cheaper than retail, but the former is in Malaysia and the latter in the UK. Services for both are impeccable, according to general consensus. Suede Tetbury is on teh 348 last. It's narrow/sleek/elongated. Size down at...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley sorry...am i missing something?
Where can I buy the brown suede Tetbury in the states? Any benefit to buying them from Plal or Pediwear? Also can anyone comment on how the last fits...narrow or true to size?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 If you checkout the official C&J website, there is a shoe called the "Chukka" It's three-eyelet and rounder toe vs. the Tetbury, which is two-eyelet and sleeker toe. I prefer the latter myself. I believe the Polo version is the Tetbury. Any recommendations on where to find the Tetbury in the US...or is there a benefit to ordering it from Plal or Pediwear? Also what is the difference between the...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Thanks for the recommendation! I was thinking about adding metal taps, preferrably flush with the sole. try Capa at 1015 Chestnut...if that does not work Rossi in Ardmore definitely does it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni My tailor who works with a good amount of higher end mens clothing was not all that impressed with my Sartoria Partenopea suit. It was the first one that he saw and didn't think the build quality was all that good. Take that for what it's worth.... which might not be much now just yesterday my tailor, who works almost exclusively on Kiton and Isaia was commenting on the quality of the 2 SP pieces I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 Doesn't neccessarily matter, just curious. New to this scene so building my knowledge base. Be a little careful with Borrelli shoes...their sizing is all over the place depending on the maker. I tried on a number of shoes at the recent DeCorato sale and some fit true to size, some fit small and many fit a full size larger than marked.
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