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Any Borrelli stuff? Quote: Originally Posted by billiebob I passed through Filene's basement today, and part of a bunch of stuff from Marios was a 42R 3 button Kiton sportcoat in 100% cashmere. It's in a brown plaid thin cashmere. This is my size, and it fits perfectly and feels like wearing a shirt! Filene's wanted 1500 bucks though! Other highlights include a Zegna (mainline) linen/silk suit in light brown from Spring '06 with more handwork than I...
Sounds like you are about the same size as Ian. I would discuss the size issue with him... he is very helpful.
Daffy's just recieved a shipment of Altea ties...some very classic elegant stripes and patterns....for $13.99! Certainly a step below Nicky and others but at that price it's hard to go wrong.
Does Berlutti ever go on sale?
Is the Langton still available?
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