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Quote: Originally Posted by JonEdangerousli Saw a red '79 308 GTS this morning at breakfast. The quintessential mid-late 40's American male car. Makes me want to shave off the goatee and just keep the mustache. And buy a Hawaiian shirt or two. And a pair of Dobermans. I owned a red '79 308 years ago...had a gated transmission and a clutch that was so stiff it was like doing 200lb leg presses...Ferrari has come a long way in terms of...
Quote: Originally Posted by spence That's a nice deal. Sweet briefcase... +++1....whoever bought this if it does not work out please pm me!!
Within the past few months there was thread recommending a good looking line of gym bag/carry bags that fit easily in a locker....can't locate the thread despite my search attempts and I don't remember the website...I actually think it was a line of pilot's bags that was recommended...can anyone find the thread?
Snagged the last charcoal cashmere pair last night.... but if anyone has a pair of the light gray cashmere birdseye from the last batch in size 32 or 34 that's not working for them please pm me.
How freaking fantastic are these!!
If anyone has a pair of Panta light gray cashmere birdseye pants in either 32 or 34 that did not work for them I'm a buyer!
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat Belstaff has come up a fair bit, here are mine acquired during the past 2-3 years. New Panther, Antique Black Gangster Blouson, Antique Black New Cougar Blouson, Antique Cuero Roadmaster, waxed cotton Roadmaster, waxed cotton I wasn't planning on any leather this season, but am in Italy next week and have been lusting after this quilted jacket by Mandelli. Those Mandelli...
Does anyone know if the shoes on the Threedifferent website are listed in US or UK sizes?
Doesn't anyone have any other suggestions?
I'm looking for a great double monk strap in black calf and need suggestions. I like the C&J Lowndes on the 348 last. Any other options?
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