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Just wanted to relate my recent positive experience with Spoo and Luxeswap. If you have any new or gently used items that are taking up room in your closet I would suggest that you run...not your local UPS office and send them to Spoo! After trying local resale shops for years without much success I decided to finally give Luxeswap a try and recently sent Spoo a few boxes of suits, sportcoats and shirts....the results were far beyond my expectations...the checks...
I've been a customer for over 3 years and I spend a ton with you have to be invited or do you ask them for some sort of application that is then reviewed?
How does one get superstar status?
No...I've tried and was told they will only ship to a US address from the US website.
[quote=ThinkDerm;4664355]sutor is out of business and purchased by a korean company to my understanding Can anyone else confirm this? Would explain why Ian at Shopthefinest has a few hundred pair for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm who is selling them on here? Yoox actually has a huge selection right now
excellent quality...used to be imported by the same company in NYC who sold Sartoria Partenopea and Sutor Mantellassi. QUOTE=ThinkDerm;4522111]what's the quality of cruciani?[/quote]
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Thanks Ed.
Quote: Originally Posted by ljrcustom Thanks. I'm meeting with her tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing the swatches. -LR What is the best way to get in touch with Mina to schedule a NYC visit?
Quote: Originally Posted by LS7 No breast pocket? that's strange?
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