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Still available
Hey all, I've posted these couple times in a years past and haven't been getting what I need/want for them. So thus far they've been sitting in my closet begging to be worn. It's been hot soaked once and only been worn a handful of times as you can tell from the photos. The price I am asking is $300 obo which includes priority shipping, tracking and the paypal fee. **price drop $250 now Thanks for looking (This time these will get sold!!) forgot measurements: waist-...
still available
sent you a pm
Price Drop $270 Shipped
Hey guys I have some very very lightly worn samurai s5000vx 21 oz for sale or trade (reasonable trades only) Stuff that I am interested in is obviously other selvege denim, boots, RRL stuff. I've been out of the loop with the value of these. I know Samurai stopped making the gulls and the red tabs, so that might add a little uniqueness to these. So, I'll price these for $300 ---> $270 shipped only in cont. US (also include 4%paypal) O These have been sitting in my...
Quote: Originally Posted by filcol Yes or no? where can i find this jacket?
here's my hawthorne iron rangers worn about 8 months
price drop
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