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Replaced the mangled black grenadine that J Press sent me with this:
I was told at the RL store in palm beach that the black label suits now use the same fabric as purple label (this was not a sales pitch either, rather a discussion I was having with an SA I'm friendly with). How true that is, I have no idea.
Our office has those awful keurig prepacked coffees. My fiance likes bustelo, so that's what I will drink at home and occasionally bring to work.
tj maxx yields another good Hickey Freeman tie for 12.99, cashmere blend. Also liked the way this polo fit, 29 bucks. Anyone looking for a good deal on a suit hanger for under $15, check out bed, bath and beyond. For 12 bucks these are pretty good. They measure about 18" and just under 2.5" wide at the ends. There were no rough spots at all on these, nice and smooth. They aren't as pretty as the set I have from The Hanger Project, but they seem to be well made.
I have some auctions ending between 9-9:30pm tonight. I didn't think about Father's Day. Hopefully I didn't screw myself.
Stoked I finally found a black and white houndstooth in my size, and it happens to be a dual vent, completely mint Zegna 15 milmil 15 Just need to get it altered a bit... These are very cool - Dunhill Tailors suits, fully canvassed, dual vent, flat front and come with a belt made from the same material. Based on some research it sounds like this was a great shop at one time, and one of the most coveted in NYC. They are small, around a 38S, n//a for now until I...
They aren't going to stretch this much - they're too tight from the knee up. I'm also not going to bank $200 on that.
Based on the measurements they look similar to the Nudie's I'm going to return. I am a 33 waist in dress slacks, so I went with a 34 in the nudies. I guess I could go up to a 36 and hope the thighs have more room, but I'd have to rely on a tailor getting them down to a 34 waist. I have never tailored a pair of jeans before - what is reasonable here?
Well, unfortunately the Nudie's didn't work. I like the jeans a lot, they're just far too tight around my thighs. I'm by no means large, about 5'11 180 but I couldn't imagine anyone over 150lbs being able to comfortably sit down in these jeans. Any other recommendations for brands that would fit someone around the legs that lifts? My fiance is in NYC for the weekend, so if possible I could have her grab a pair if someone can give me something I can view online first.
It's hideous.
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