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Thanks guys. I was spelling the last name incorrectly. This tie is the heaviest tie I've ever held.
Anybody know this label? No luck on Google.
so sweet.Maybe someone can explain this to me, but I can't imagine my wife (or anyone's wife) being upset because I either A) I spent $140 on a short-term investment that is guaranteed to yield huge returns or B) I found tens of thousands of dollars of super high-end suits/sport coats that all fit meā€¦for $140. My wife loves the idea of me thrifting to both make extra money and occasionally find nice stuff for myself.
I found a local estate sale online and the auction house was willing to sell me some stuff without me being present. Of course they wanted $1,000 for all of the menswear and wouldn't quote me a single brand because she "didn't have enough time." Apparently she had enough time to draft 3 separate emails, though. If anyone wants sport coats in a "size large" or "custom shirts" I can point you in the right direction.
"The people who want to make this a blacks vs the cops issue"Which part of that means, or even remotely implies that I'm referring to all black people?
Same here. Only worth picking up a few brands that are in mint condition. Under rare circumstances, my brand list would expand slightly if the shirt is super, super cheap (under $5) and in mint condition.I would say this applies to pants as well. A long time ago I used to pickup brooks brothers and polo, and decided that it's not worth the time (minus very rare exceptions like an awesome tartan pattern, etc.). I won't buy anything that's pleated, and will only pickup...
The people who want to make this a blacks vs the cops issue are also the same people who think white people, in general, are racists, and if that were true one could reasonably assume that whites wouldn't give two shits about any issue that predominantly affects blacks. Essentially, these people on the left are outlining the problem in a way that pretty much guarantees nothing will be done about it. I don't see a tremendous amount of public pressure forming until it's...
Anything listed as NWT should always show photographs of the tags. If it doesn't, the buyer should request them.
I don't necessarily disagree with any of that, but my point is that a cultural change within the profession, assuming this is possible, will take a long time. Whether it's because human nature encourages everyone to abuse power when given power, or if this profession attracts people that are predisposed to abusing power (or a combination thereof), it's going to exist on some level regardless of how successful the transition in training is. Because of that, there are...
Yes, I certainly would, as long as you show the marshalls tag in the photographs. Ideally you want the factory tag, but as long as you show whatever tag is attached, you are not misrepresenting the item at all.
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