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Can anyone ID these?
If you're not putting 20% down, it's likely an FHA loan which comes with monthly fees, the same concept as PMI, but it's not called "PMI." My guess is that he's playing a word game.
WTF is up with that skin, it looks like a dead body is wearing that suit.
Ever since the latest update the site has been freezing Safari quite a bit. It happens on both my iMac and our Mac Book Pro. It was happening consistently when the popup ad would rise up on the bottom of the page, but now it's happening almost every time I visit the site. Anyone else experiencing this?
Anyone have a small head that's interested in a vtg banana republic safari hat?
Dude from a forum I used to post on for a long time started competing natural at a young age, then jumped on sauce while he was still in his teens, incredible genetics and work ethic. Pretty sure he said he was already into insulin. Out of respect for his privacy I won't post his actual name, but he had a serious career ahead of him if he wanted it, not sure what he's doing today. This was him at age 18-19 (strong guy, too, he was squatting 450 for reps in the...
Yeah, that suit looks like shit.I have no issue with the decision of the OP. I mean, other than the fact that he could have picked the suits up at a steep discount from the TF outlet. I may be going against the grain here, but it always puzzles me when I see people going bespoke when they have a body type that would easily allow them to buy OTR and have a skilled tailor do the rest. With OTR, there's much less risk involved. You know exactly what you're getting. This...
I switched to 14 x 17 poly mailers for blazers and prefer those over the smaller size. I have a smaller size I use for shirts.
I can't imagine regretting the dune buggies - it's on my list if I ever go to Vegas. Oh, and shooting is fun.
^I like that tie, monkeyface. Sorry for the pieced together pics (and the crotch shot).
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