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Found a pair of flat front zanellas and a prl tie on the way home from work. Also picked these up Sunday - marked down to $20 at tj maxx
Speaking of paint, get a few estimates. It's free. Be sure to inquire about the specifics - paint brand and line, number of coats, etc. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. We recently had most of our home painted and the quotes varied by nearly $1,000 from cheapest to most expensive, using benjamin moore regal paint. We got a little break on the price because the house was completely empty with concrete floors in the areas that needed painting (minus one...
Quite an advertisement for BMW - it's incredible that they survived. However, I would argue that the 'fucktard' was the person doing 186mph in a street legal car, even if it was the autobahn. There's once place that kind of speed is practical - on a designated racetrack with a professional driver behind the wheel of a race car.
Some great stuff posted recently, particularly Wes' PRL Shooting jacket, Preacher's Drakes grenadine find, Green Machine's RLPL suit, Eazy's Brooks Shawl Sweater, etc.
Few thangs I just finished throwing up - most are from today. Will post the rest tomorrow.VTG Brooks 346 3-piece suit w/ flat front trousers:'nother VTG BB suit w/ flat front:VTG Brooks Tweed:Blue Oxxford SC: [[SPOILER]] VTG Hickey Freeman Tweedish Suit Flat Front: [[SPOILER]] Aquascutum w/ bitchin' buttons: [[SPOILER]]
Train your chest and eat more calories than you burn If you want something a bit more focused, I would vary your rep range. Have one day where you focus on lower reps, and another where you incorporate higher reps, but I wouldn't go above, say, 10 reps (although I have incorporated max pushups for 3 sets).
What is your preference for a metal frame 9mm?
I put something like "ebay ruled in my favor when case was opened, extremely dishonest buyer." I was reading about Spoo's incident regarding the lady who mailed back a box filled with garbage and tried to pass it off as her returning a handbag. Fuck, that would enrage me.
Speaking of hauls... http://www.theonion.com/articles/biden-scores-800-feet-of-copper-wire,31013/
At lunch I scored a gianna versace navy turtle neck sweater, zegna sweater, zegna shirt, PINK shirt w/ an old label, and 2 BB VTG suits w flat front trousers. One is a 3-piece, and I may keep both if they actually fit (they are near my size range). Didn't have time to try them on before getting back to work. If they don't fit, will make one available. Pictures later.
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