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After googling, he's supposed to join the cast sometime this season. I was in the kitchen during that part of the show and couldn't see very clearly, but it sure looked like him. Maybe it was a coincidence.
Really? It looked like him.
Adebisi in the house.
I think Peggy also said "you always come back" when she was on the phone with him. I could be wrong, but it ending with the commercial was what lead me to believe he went back.
I interpreted the ending as him going back to New York. His experience in California being the inspiration for the coke commercial.
It was alright. I liked the smile at the end as he gets an idea for the coke commercial. There wasn't enough time left for much more. Him dying stopped being a possibility a few episodes ago.
Thanks for the help everyone.I successfully used bleach to remove some urine spots. It's as if they were never there. Great solution for pants that are too good to leave behind (these were part of a suit) and only have a few tiny spots in areas that can't be cut out. Apply with Q-tip.
True thrift - first RLPL sport coat. Linen, mint. (n/a) Zegna Corduroy Suit Ferragamo Tramezza Line Zegna Cashmere
Is there any easy trick that will account for how different colored items affect the coloring of the photo? Sport coats of a certain color throw off the background and bring a brownish color in and I will have to heavily edit it. Both of these shots were taken under the same lighting conditions, same camera settings. I have Nikon D3100 and always use the auto setting with the flash turned off.
Pop for this line.
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