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I keep them in a shoebox. Old school. I write on the back a brief description of what I bought.I received this message from someone inquiring about a new Gucci handbag I have listed. She said she was interested, but only if I would accept returns. I explained to her my hesitation on returns on general, and asked her if there was something she couldn't see in the photos or description. This is what she said:Nearly ever bad experience I've had as a seller has been...
I put about 12k on this year - I live very close to my job. Within a 9 mile radius of my job there are 6 thrift stops (a few more if you count the shitty ones), so lunch time thrifting can be pretty lucrative for me, but there's only enough time to go to 2 stores max. On Saturday I'll make a trip that's about 100 miles total.
That's sharp - plaid is becoming a favorite of mine.
Good idea, nice car.
Decent haul today, nothing major. Will post later. I stopped by a little shop in a really nice neighborhood that sells all kinds of neat stuff. They don't have much in terms of clothing - just ties and shoes. They had a nice pile of good stuff, just priced way too high. A pair of new Church's for $250, used JL's for $459. I wonder if they think anyone is going to stumble in there and spend $500 on a used pair of shoes that are fairly beat up. Anyway, they had other...
^I use a tall cardboard box about the size of a 70" tv for my SUV. Seems to work well. I drape a towel over it so I don't scratch my bumper.
If he's your friend, he should understand that it's hard for people to keep up with the lifestyle of someone who makes 7 figures, especially in a bachelor party setting when spending is frivolous. He's under no obligation to do so, but if he wanted you there and understood your situation, he should have offered to cover your trip. That's what I would have done. When I was in college I had a buddy that didn't have a lot of money and he had never experienced spring break,...
You lucked out on the condition if those are from the warehouse sale. They don't look like they've ever been tried on.
Thanks, I'm going to check this out.
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