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This is my portfolio. It's not too fancy pants. The leather is awesome and it has nice storage. If you're interested in one, shoot me a PM.
Thanks for the info. I emailed them to get the specs on it (it looks large). How is the quality?
Yeah, tried that route. Called the store and they confirmed that black is not offered
I'm going to bump this - I'm in need of a quality black velvet, self-tie bow tie, and have exhausted my search. My only option seems to be Tom Ford via eBay (or by calling one of their stores), but I think it's rather silly to spend $250 on a bow tie that I might wear once or twice a year. For what it's worth, I don't have the time to go custom, and would actually prefer an adjustor since my neck measurement can fluctuate through the year based on my diet/training. Any...
My SWHC up 18% today
I have the Brother 2140 (hooked to my iMac) and it has been going strong for 5 years or so. It's probably not as fast as the newer Brother models that were mentioned.I bought it when I got rid of the colored printer I had. You know, one of those printers that has separate cartridges for each color which was supposed to be some sort of convenience, despite the fact that the colors regularly "ran out" even though I only printed in B&W. If you were "out" of yellow ink, for...
Cherry Pop - Enrico line of ISAIA [[SPOILER]]
Just got this TLR-1 light for my nightstand gun. DeSantis holster.
King of coats.
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