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In all likelihood I'm going to swap out my P380 for a PM9, not because of the firepower, but because ammo is too fucking expensive. I have plenty of 9mm. 380, not so much.
This has been the slowest month of the year for me - the summer as a whole being slower than the months preceding it. I would assume this is typical since the bulk of my sales come from clothing (suits/blazers) that would be more comfortable to wear during the winter months, no?
A few items from this weekend (n/a) PRL Paul Stuart Tweed
Both appear to be real, but slightly different markings - one has a copyright and the other doesn't. Thoughts?
I enjoy all animals, but I tend to see most dogs as robot-ish and driven by a motor, and cats as more conscious and calculating. Therefore, I just enjoy watching and interacting with a cat more than most dogs. We bought a new bed and the mattress rests right up against the headboard. He's found a new favorite spot to relax. Occasionally he will lean on the pillow like that, and briefly wake up in the middle of a nap and decide that my head is too close to him, so...
I like that jacket on the right.
Well said, and even though I've dreamed of living there my entire life, California's situation is only going to get worse, and that's a guarantee. It's a real shame, too, it's such a beautiful place. The politicians and the people who elect them seem pretty determined to eventually make it nearly unlivable for anyone other than those on the gov dole or the elite.
Had to share this here as well as the thrift thread. Corduroy Polo Ralph Lauren by Corneliani. Dual vent, elbow patches, the works. Found in a thrift store for $49. If it was ever worn the owner babied the hell out of it - looks brand new and does not need any alternations Sawgrass?
75-80, dang. Most of my stuff comes from 10 stores.
Thanks! I think leather would be cool for everything, but I don't have a piece large enough to make that work. The ties don't really work on the wood because there's too great a risk in a snag (and as a buyer I'd be worried that the tie was snagged during photographing). The best thing I did was buy a step stool. Before that, the desk was too high for me to get a good overhead shot of my shirts.
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