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Yes, about $108 with tax.
Nope, the idea of Tom Cruise winning an academy award for a movie he obviously wasn't in was supposed to add to the ridiculousness
Same here. I just bought an engagement ring a couple weeks ago and the knowledge I've taken away from this thread and its regular posters helped me pay for it. Anyone looking for jewelry hit up in stitches (user name is "in stitches"), he's a gent and did a great job with getting me a fantastic ring.
44R. The arms looked wide when I tried it on, possibly a long rise on the pants. Let me know if you're interested. I'll have the jacket back from the tailor next Saturday. My tailor is 35 min away so I can only make it there on weekends.Ian, as far as proxy I believe both of those bags are $149. The canvas one is on eBay so you might want to compare prices. I did not see the red one on eBay.
Thx. Not sure on the Tiffany tie, but I would also like to know. I'll see what I can find out.These were the other messengers they had.
First up this is this friggin' awesome PRL tweed messenger bag I just found at tj maxx. My nuts got hard. Keeping this one for myself, it's large enough to hold a fairly big laptop, and has really great details. They had 3 other PRL messenger bags in different styles, none were tweed except this one. [[SPOILER]] BB Vintage Cardigan - headed to the cleaners to remove a stain before resale.Orvis Navy BlazerPRL made in Italy suit, mint condition. 3 button peak lapel,...
Titanic would have be even better than Saving Private Ryan.
People that speed by you so they can get to the red light first. I used to see this daily during my commute, baffled me. Are people so zoned out when they drive that they are not able to understand that we are both going to end up at the same red light, and speeding towards it only increases your chances of getting at ticket and wastes fuel?
Hard to complain when you find a TF shirt, nice find.
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