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Received this black grenadine from J Press today. I haven't been this disappointed in a clothing purchase in a long time. In addition to the tie being damaged, something went wrong during construction because there's a large visible line running down the front of the tie that's created by improper pressing/construction of the lining. It's hard to imagine that this could have passed quality control, much less go unnoticed by the person who boxed it up. Looks like I'll...
Zegna [[SPOILER]] Valentino - blue/black houndstooth [[SPOILER]] Jacket - Eddy Monetti, might give to my Dad [[SPOILER]] Zegna Shawl Tux [[SPOILER]] Shirts
Another pretty good haul today. Pics to come later. -Zegna Shawl Tux -Valentino Blazer (mainline, no Uomo) that looks NWOT, great pattern -Zegna blazer -R Graham stroke rag -T PINK shirt -Eddy Monetti quilted jacket. Haven't heard of this brand until today but it's a pretty awesome coat
Thanks. After close inspection on the Brioni it's apparent that this guy had someone, I sincerely doubt a tailor, convert these cuffs over to working cuffs because the holes look like they were cut with a butter knife. It looks like his wife did it. The stitching around them is horrible. I can't imagine anyone who paid retail for this suit butchering it like this, so I'm thinking that it was given to him and he decided to make it into a sport coat. I'm going to have my...
Here it is, my haul that still has me buzzing. Pretty much everything is a 46L, and currently unavailable until otherwise noted...This is what I carried it out of the store in:This is what's inside. [[SPOILER]]
Ya gotta think, nobody ever posts about all the times they walk to their car empty handed, start the engine and drive off while angrily mumbling "somebody must be camping at this store. That, or they have literally stopped getting good donations. I'm not even stopping here anymore. This is bullshit."
I always thought that guy's listing were funny.Deets on the haul...All the suits/SC were 46L (I think, and most are going to be unavailable). Same donor, I'm sure. Fucking most ridiculous Brioni Super 180's jacket I've ever seen. I am praying to god that I find the pants to this thing sometime this week. Cuffs are working like they should be getting overtime pay.Blazers include: Zegna, Canali, Corneliani, Brioni, Hugo Boss, Armani. I lost count, maybe 12 in...
So epic. That is all. Pics later. A shopping cart was too small for this haul.
I bought 2 pairs of pants dirt cheap that had minor pee stains on the interior of the crotch, hoping the dry cleaner could get them out. No luck. I plan on auctioning them at 99 cents with full disclosure and pics of the "area." The stains aren't that bad, but I figured someone will buy them for something. Has anyone tried this - what were the results? Am I better off just re-donating them? "Are you the discerning gentleman that's got an eye for a deal? Well then,...
No worries, I didn't think it was directed at anyone specifically. I'm always up for a trade, although there's not much I need at the moment, but I'm always on the lookout for certain brands of ties in great condition.
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