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I used to have these loafers. Such a great shape.
It is. I'm not an attorney, but I am drawing a conclusion based on the entire situation.Concealed carry and defense laws state similar requirements. I can use deadly force if it's reasonable to assume that I am in danger of great body injury or death. That doesn't mean I'm going to shoot someone who throws a punch at me, despite the fact that I could technically die from a single punch, or receive great bodily injury. To say that this cop's life was in immediate danger...
Justifying deadly force in that situation is extreme. To end someone's life based on what unfolded in that video is outrageous, to say the least. The only way I would even consider giving him the benefit of the doubt would be an accidental discharge. It's possible he had his finger on the trigger and didn't intentionally mean to kill the guy, but during the struggle and panic he had a negligent discharge. Not saying that's what happened, just tossing it out there.
Every single one of these incidents involved an unarmed person.Anyway, as far as the cop being dragged, it's possible that he panicked and accidentally discharged his weapon during the brief struggle. Now he's trying to claim it was justified rather than admitting to an accidental discharge. Even with widespread police misconduct it's hard to imagine that someone could have thought a shot to the head was appropriate in that situation.
This past Sunday I started a 7-day auction at $49.00 plus $11.00 for shipping. The next day someone messaged me and asked if I would end the auction early and take $40 and include free shipping to CA.
Watched the video, unbelievable. Hopefully he's indicted and convicted.
Depends. If you auction with no reserve, you should consider waiting. I list everything regardless of season because I use BINOBO.
They might. I was able to find another tire place that was $9.00 cheaper than Costco, so Tire Kingdom was matching them (not Costco).
I think most buyers do this because they're worried someone will come in at full price while they are waiting for you to accept or counter their offer.
The only downside is that Costco doesn't do alignment. Most tire places should match the lowest price in your area. Last week I put 4 Michelin on my Tahoe and Costco's price was comparable, but not the cheapest. Tire Kingdom matched the lowest price I could find and gave free unlimited alignment (in addition to rotating) at any Tire Kingdom or affiliate nationwide for 5 years.
New Posts  All Forums: