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Forgot about that, but could also be Church's based on the etched sizing. Posted in the ID thread. Thanks for the info.
I thought these might have been Alfred Sargent, but the sizing etched into the bottom could indicate Church's, based on my search. Thoughts? The last is 975.
a room service menu can be judged solely on how good the french toast is.
I use the steam function on my iron for ties. If steam alone doesn't work, then apply a little pressure but be sure to place a shirt or towel between the tie and the iron. Letting a tie hang will remove wrinkles from ties that were in a knot for 8 hours, but if you find it at a thrift store and it's wrinkled, chances are it's going to need steam.
Can't tell if these are Grenson or C&J....
Maybe so, but it's a red flag that requiring an ID to vote even has the potential to suppress a portion of the population. Having an ID goes hand in hand with participating in a modern society. I don't think it's too much to ask of people to show up with a a proper piece of identification when they get to choose how the country is run (nor is it too much of a burden for them to get an ID in the first place).If the grievance is born from the fact that they are not allowed...
The grievance industry is in full swing, fueled by fabricated "injustices" that drown out cases of actual injustice. Ignoring this might be possible if it weren't for the fact that grievances are a national platform on which the left runs.It is naive to assume that a national, legislative acceptance of gay marriage is going to stop at that. The next step will be to use government to punish businesses, individuals, and eventually religious institutions who do not...
You're right, because the grievance industries of other groups have disappeared now that have been given equal opportunity.
Reached a milestone this week. $100,000 in gross sales since I started thrifting in September 2012, spread over 1,412 transactions for an average selling price of $70.
And I think the perception of them being "hard workers" stems from an experience of having some of them work for you, or seeing them working for someone else. Well yeah, of course the ones who are making themselves available for manual labor are going to be perceived as hard workers (and that perception might be true). What about the ones who aren't soliciting work? All white men are hard workers! That sounds ridiculous. Nobody would ever make such a claim. All...
New Posts  All Forums: