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This weekend my fiance went with me and we hit a few places. At one shop I found 4 Turnbull and Asser shirts all in staple colors (2 white, 2 blue stripe), only to realize that 2 of them had holes The other 2 only had a snag (all in the same spot, weird) so I bought those and they gave me 50% off, and ended up giving me the 2 with holes for free since she was just going to throw them away. I also got a nwot recent Brioni tie, recent BB tie that's nice looking, and a...
Should have my own to add shortly, picked up a pair from Barney's Warehouse sale for $459.
In terms of their shirts I've experimented enough to know what fit I need, so I don't need to try the shirt on, but it just shocked me that a large store wouldn't carry a single shirt in extra slim fit.
My experience has been the same, at least with the last 2 pairs I purchased. I've moved on to other brands.
Wanted to get some ocbd at lunch and found out the store near me doesn't carry any extra slim fit shirts at all. WTF, and this is a large store in palm beach. Has the country really become that fat that it doesn't make sense for a retailer as large as BB to carry these?
To reiterate - Tom Ford, Stefano Ricci and Brioni. I prefer a slightly larger knot that dimples easily, and these three will always deliver. I imagine what you're looking for is a tie that's 3.5" wide but most importantly retains its width as you progress upward along the tie to where your knot will be formed. I find that many tie makers (Brooks Brothers, for example) get too skinny too fast, and I'm unable to achieve a decent knot with them. This is also true of Hermes...
What used to be my best spot has been getting pummeled lately. I haven't found anything high end there, suit or sc wise, in a couple of months. I used to go after work, lately I have been going at lunch once a week. Maybe there's something to that...perhaps everyone else is going early on in the day and hardly anyone goes after 1 or 2pm, allowing stuff to build up on the racks in the late hours of the day.
Thanks. I already do numbers 1 & 2. In the past I have always washed them with normal detergent and put them in the dryer. Since I only paid $1 for each pair I wasn't overly concerned with ruining them, but they have lasted me several years. I would certainly be more inclined to take the time to hang dry the socks if I spent more money. I really like the variety of colors the hanger project offers. The green and burgundy are awesome.
Does anyone have experience with their OTC socks? The website describes them as super thin. I'm worried about the long term durability of super thin socks, especially if I'm going to spend $29 a pair on a dozen or so. I tend to buy one color of socks and wear those same 12 or 15 pairs until they need replaced. The last purchase I made was 15 pairs of OTC gold toe's (amazingly, I found them for $1 a pop) and it's about time to replace them.
I couldn't imagine anyone with a 40" chest fitting into a 15.5 neck size ESF. I wear a 16.5 in ESF and I'm a size 42 jacket.
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