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Sounds like a great Marshall's. My "best" find in terms of blazers/suits at my TJ Maxx/Marshall's is a Z Zegna they wanted $399 for. That canali is sick as fuck.
Unfortunately no, I use it for my pictures, and have worn it relatively recently. It's a Zegna I bought forever ago. I did happen to see one just like it on Neiman Marcus' website, only in navy blue. I'm very tempted to buy it myself, but considering that they're ties are so cheap at the outlet, I can't justify the...
Cheers! Mine is around a 40R, yours?
Used, but good shape. I was reading about golf ball divers the other day, can't imagine diving in zero visibility water with gators and snakes.
Anyone in NYC that would like to make a trip to 7th ave, PM me. Looking for a cheap proxy (should be under $100), and I will compensate you for your time. edit: got it covered. Thanks to those that responded.
Any of the thrift threaders in NYC close to 7th ave PM me if you're willing to proxy (under $100) for cash or trade.
Linen button downs.
Found a bunch of Titleist Pro V1 balls for 8 cents each (retail is $40 a dozen)
The haul (minus the shirts).
Florida, but these are not average prices, nor was this an average haul. Just a lucky find, one of those days that inevitably happens if you go often enough.
New Posts  All Forums: