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Trump figured out that promising republicans stuff was more appealing than promising to leave them alone. Immigration, and Trump's stance on it, made it hard for a libertarian to gain traction in this election because of the willingness of the people to abandon almost every other principle in order to elect someone they feel will actually address it. They believe that if immigration continues as is, democrats will import enough voters to forever change the culture and...
Seems like the discounts offered at NMLC have declined within the last year. They used to consistently offer 30% off all menswear - this was basically their standard sale that was offered non-stop. I check their website weekly and haven't seen it offered in a long time. There was a period of a couple months when menswear was not discounted at all (except for clearance), something I had rarely (if ever) seen in 4 years of shopping there.
http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/03/07/bowdoin-students-in-therapy-after-culturally-appropriating-tequila-party/From the University's website:https://students.bowdoin.edu/bsg/bsg/statement-of-solidarity-re-tequila-party/
I've seen Ireland and Canada posted on my newsfeed. They are just repeating what they heard on the view. I don't think they understand Congress has a say in how much of Trump's agenda would materialize into law, and they also assume Trump intends to act on everything he might say during the primary season.
If anything good comes from a Trump presidency it will be an exodus of people who have claimed they will leave the country if he's elected. There are a few on my facebook feed, they are all full of shit. These are people whose attention span for politics and current events is restricted to the 2 months before a general election, and wouldn't even be tuned in this far out if it weren't for Trump.
Most of the people I grew up with in the Midwest were content with their situation in life. Becoming rich or achieving social status was not a priority for them, or something they even considered. They were happy staying in their hometown and raising a family.
The next president just defended the size of his cock on stage during a debate. What is happening.
I agree, but Trump has covered new ground here, especially with people who self identify as far right. It's not the usual hypocrisy of spending. Large swaths of supposedly very conservative people are giving Trump a pass, during the primary, on things that no candidate has ever gotten away with in a republican primary. Spend the better part of a decade on a gun forum and you know where those people stand on issues, specific posters, not just in general. In supporting...
http://www.homedepot.com/p/Energizer-CR2032-Battery-4-Pack-2032BP-4/203979705 If you can't figure out how to open a pack of batteries by using household items, like a pair of scissors, how do you operate a computer? The two serious responses are just as irritating.
Except many of those similarities are things conservatives like, e.g., defense spending, drone strikes, etc. I'm talking about something entirely different.
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