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As I said a few weeks ago (and was mocked for it, naturally), if the media had been somewhat honest during this campaign, she would have been behind 15 points in the polls, lost donors a long time ago, and Trump would have probably taken Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. It takes an incredible machine to prop up a potential criminal under investigation by the FBI who won't say the words Islamic terrorism, voice support for law enforcement, and included in her campaign the...
The hysteria from the media is bizarre.
To Bill Maher's credit, he said on more than one occasion that democrats refusing to call it Islamic terrorism could cost them an election.
Scott Adams' blog turning out to be as truthful as it was interesting.
Trump is more liberal than most people think. He's no Ted Cruz.
He can win without PA.
NC called for Trump.
Ohio called for Trump.
Republicans likely keeping the senate.
The market will be fine. It's too soon to worry if you voted against Trump. She's not winning in a landslide, but Trump still needs a miracle of sorts.
New Posts  All Forums: