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I'm an animal lover and particularly fond of cats, so I'll follow Spoo's lead. I know how expensive vet bills can be. Look into Care Credit if you need it. Most vets accept it.
Just used the words "BONKERS, Insane, Rubik's Cube Acid Trip" in a Robert Graham listing. Hopefully it will yield results. Look at the collar on that freakin thing.
I've got a friend who always posts lengthy bible quotes. Used to be a rabid gambler and then he converted at some point. He's a nice enough guy and doesn't do it too often, so I haven't removed him from my feed. Sometimes he creates opportunities that are hard to pass up. Had this typed up the other day, but decided against posting it. Some mid-20's girl posted this yesterday: "Since when did bullying become cool?! Can't everyone just get along! It makes my heart...
I have a 10" drop (42/32) and RL black label works great for me. How big are your thighs?
Nice! Also waiting on a couple of items from Linda. Pretty sure my old loft had the exact same floor lamp as you.
^ha. Sometime in the middle of the night a buyer with zero feedback offered $10.00 on a nwt Tom Ford tie. No idea how my automatic decline didn't kick it. I've noticed that it occasionally gets turned off somehow. I have to think people do this to be intentionally annoying. I declined it and added him to my block list. Better to be proactive about problem buyers than deal with a situation after a sale has occurred.
Well, those pee stained Bijan pants sold for $0.99
I've never encountered a gun shop, including Gander, that won't match prices. I would support the smaller stores, but if Gander is the most convenient just get prices from the area and they will call to confirm the price, and match it.
These shirts were a recent order of mine and the fit is not right for me, so I have decided to sell them and recoup some of the cost. You don't need to worry about shrinkage because part of my fitting process was washing all of the shirts twice to remove shrinkage (hang dry). These shirts were over $100 per shirt and I had to wait 7 weeks - you get them in 2 days. They are slim fit and will fit someone with an athletic build. Approximate size is a 16.75" collar with a...
New Posts  All Forums: