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The video isn't that cut and dry. The cop obviously felt the gun through his pants. You can't see if the suspect is reaching for it. If the suspect was trying to pull the gun out of his pocket, should the cop have waited for the gun to come out before firing?
There's a new video, pretty graphic. Much better angle and closer to the scuffle. You see the guy being shot and bleeding out. The cop pulls the gun out of the dead suspect's pocket after the shooting.
Most people who say they'll stay home are full of shit, but if there's any group of people who will pull that trigger it's the ones who voted for Trump in the primary. It's going to be Trump.
I have the same one (assuming yours is green). It's the only 346 line I've seen that's fully canvassed with what appears to be handwork. Not sure exactly how old it is.
This one seems to be gaining traction in the media. Guy is being pinned down by two officers and someone yells "he's got a gun." Officer shoots him twice. Can't tell from the video if he reached for the gun, or if he just had a gun on his person. This is assuming he actually had a gun - not sure if that's been confirmed.
Or to stop us from being blown up at the airport. Generalizations, as horrible as they might seem, end up being a great way to solve a problem that can't otherwise be solved. There are people who believe generalizing is worse than cultural decline, economic decline, increased terrorism, etc.
I watched a few minutes of the Obama/Hillary speech in NC. Apparently Hillary is looking out for the little guy. Obama specifically named some low wage occupations. No mention of how keeping 15-20 million illegals while bringing in more will help the people who are competing against them in the job market.
Someone edited Comey's Wikipedia page.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Comey
I didn't see the FBI statement yet. Was the justification that she did it on accident and wasn't aware of the consequences/risks?
Should we stop calling abortion bombers Christian extremists because some of the people they've killed over the years have followed some form of Christianity?
New Posts  All Forums: