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Talked to eBay customer support (after being transferred to the wrong department 4 times). Long story short, if a buyer returns something to you that's damaged, eBay won't do anything to help you as a seller. There is some type of coverage offered if you are a seller that offers "hassle free returns," to which I responded that the reason I don't offer returns is to specifically avoid situations like this. Buyer had 98% feedback.
Pulled these out of a thrift store for the price of a movie ticket. [[SPOILER]]
These brightened up my day. It was shaping up to be a pretty shitty afternoon until I found these (and a couple pairs of AE) at one of my last stops. n/a [[SPOILER]]
^Some good points. Another person mentioned Amazon's profit margin, but that's not remotely comparable here. If I sell widgets, I can sell 10,000 of them with the same set of photographs. Listing individual items on eBay is a different animal. Each item requires its own set of pictures and auction - from a time management standpoint, it's just worth it. On another note, buyer returned a damaged item to me. I reported him under the returned damaged item request, and...
That's very true when your business model is one that auctions everything off with no reserve. In the beginning, you're going to get killed on a lot of stuff. Eventually, people will flock to your auctions and your method will payoff in the long run.For someone that does this as a side job and sticks to Buy It Now, I'm not grabbing anything that only nets me $10.
For anyone interested in sizing, I tried on a handful of these and they all ran a 1/2 size smaller than Allen Edmonds.
Yes. It's widely used by police departments across the country. Reliable, easy to disassemble and reassemble, and a solid value. Have you looked into any training at your local shooting range? It's a good idea if you are completely new to firearms.
Day after Christmas sale shopping. Not pictured is a pair of suede Harry's of London loafers I had to order because my size was not in the store. Peal & Co. / Ferragamo.
Brooks Brothers, too. Probably going to get a pair of Ferragamo loafers at Nordstrom, and maybe a pair of of shoes from BB if they have something in the store I really like.
I'm carrying one right now. $500 might be a bit ambitious on the price, but not impossible. The PM9 is a great carry piece, but I expect Glock to release a single stack, sub compact 9 in the next 6-8 months, so keep that in mind.The PM9 is arguably too large for pocket carry, though. I use a crossbreed.
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