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I was considering offering hassle-free returns but then I found this, and it's basically a financial incentive for buyers to lie about why they want to return an item. I don't offer returns, but buyers will occasionally want to return something because it doesn't fit. I usually accept the request and they pay for return shipping. Under the hassle-free system, they are given financial motivation to claim the item differs from the listing in order to avoid return shipping...
I still regret getting rid of a certain Canali sport coat I found when I first started thrifting. Amazing that it's often hard to get over $100 for most of them on eBay.
My preplanned response to this is "I've sold X number of items and have not had any buyers claim that my measurements were off." I would also request pictures of the measurement.
We have dark wood and chose this sofa for the living room.
I passed on it because it was $90, but I assumed it would have been canvassed. The original price was $1,495.
Spotted a NWT Sartoria Correale blazer by Isaia and was surprised to see that it was not fully canvassed.
Dealing with an odd ball buyer - extremely displeased with his purchase but very polite, left positive feedback, and he's turned down multiple offers to return the sweater. I sold him a wool LL Bean 1/2 zip and he claimed that it smelled when he received it. He declines to return it, and declines my offer to paypal him some cash to have it cleaned. A few days later he sends me this: "well friend, the wife blew a gasket when she couldn't take the garage smell. she...
If I intended to buy suits for daily wear on that budget, I'd go to Saks Off 5th (Saks outlet) and buy their house brand.
During the after Christmas sale I bought a pair of Peal & Co and Harry's of London. I received 25% off, plus another 15% off. They had to order the Harry's from another store to get my size. I received them in the mail and saw I only received 15% off. I spoke with the manager and apparently the SA was not supposed to quote me the 25% on the Harry's, but they honored it since it was their mistake. She said that Harry's is never discounted that deep. Does anyone know if...
New Posts  All Forums: