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I have the same one (assuming yours is green). It's the only 346 line I've seen that's fully canvassed with what appears to be handwork. Not sure exactly how old it is.
I gotcha. I didn't hear the 400 rumor, so I was surprised to see 111 (I think it's 136 now). I was expecting maybe a couple dozen.
I think 111 items is pretty damn good. I never met Brian. I never had a conversation with him via PM that I can remember, and I imagine that's true for several others here - yet people still donated very nice items to honor him and his family because Brian was part of a community within a community here. I'd be floored if a bunch of people I never met in person were willing to give away 111 items they spent time and money acquiring, just to help out my family. I know...
I bought my wedding suit at that location, back when they carried black label.
I quickly scrolled righty by it and thought - okay, dude must deal in teddy bears. I figured it was some kind of collectible. I didn't even notice the necktie on top of the bear.
Here's mine:
T&A is the king of contrast collars and ugly ties.
I've heard that a RWD/FWD drive car on actual snow tires can perform as well or better than a 4WD car on all season tires. I've never tested it and I imagine it would vary depending on the vehicle. If we move somewhere with actual winters I was concerned about my RWD Tahoe but figured I could always buy a dedicated set of snow tires.
I know this might sound paranoid, but I wouldn't want to point any regular eBay shoppers directly to the thrift thread. I like the rest of it though and will include it in my auction. Hmm. Recent comps on preowned HF suits seem to be unusually lucrative.
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