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Devs - developers? Sucks because it prevents me from listing anything. They haven't fixed it yet.edit - it's working now.
Garage sale not working for anyone else? It says my GTC image hosting has expired (but it hasn't), and when I try to purchase it through the preferences I get an error.
^^Go with whatever photos most accurately represent the true color of the shoes in person. Obviously the photos on the right hide the blemishes more, but you want the color and condition to be accurately represented.
Thanks. Yeah, gonna stick with the angled from now on. There are a few minor details that I'd like to work out with the photos, but I'm happy with the results considering the minimal effort required. I never change any settings on my camera and use iphoto to modify the pics.
Some stuff from the last 30 days or so (n/a) PRL Random Blackwatch 1/4 Lined PRL Camel Hair Canali BB Suit Golden Fleece/Loro Piana (pleated) BB Suit (pleated)
I agree, and I won a previous case over a smell issue, but with only 3 feedback I'm thinking he doesn't have much to lose and doesn't understand how critical feedback is, so he's likely to ding me. If I were remotely confident in eBay's consistency, I would have fought it, but I'm not convinced they would side with me.
Now he's come back again and says that the suit smells funny. I just went ahead and offered a full refund or a $10 cleaning credit. Not even gonna bother with this guy.
He backed off and said that he ordered two suits from eBay and got them confused. Quite possible, but you'd think it would occur to him that, hey, maybe this is that other suit I ordered.
Got a buyer with 3 feedback trying to pull a fast one. First he claims that he didn't receive the package, even though the tracking number shows that it was delivered to the correct address. Then he said that he didn't realize his eBay address was missing the unit number. He responds an hour later, says that he received the package, but claims that I sent him the wrong suit. The suit he bought was a Paul Stuart double breasted suit. Yeah, I only have 2 Paul Stuart...
I was asking in earnest. I'm not talking about preparing for EMPs or whatever they prep for on Doomsday Preppers - just taking general precautions. I have the beginnings of an emergency kit that I am assembling. A lot of people store these in their car in case they need to walk home, but since I work 7 miles from home I can't imagine a realistic scenario for which I would need much more than a change of clothing and a means of personal defense. If one can afford it I...
New Posts  All Forums: