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2 Loro Piana (the real LP) suits in my size. No goddamn pants
I've got a spreadsheet on Naples thrifts. My experience has varied. Did great one time, damn near skunked the next time.
That looks like 295 to me. Did you mean you lifted 175lbs, or your body weight is 175lbs? Anyway, nice setup. You don't need much for a great home gym. I train at home, too.
^ nice! Don't think it's worth the effort for the pinstripe pants, but I do have a full Bijan suit with soiled pants. It's everywhere, though. I'd have to completely submerge the seat of the pants in water. I'm not convinced it would remove 100% of this stain. It's an all or nothing deal. Unless the stain disappears completely, I still have to list it as soiled.
The worst part would be waiting to make sure he doesn't try to return it God only knows what the person is planning on doing with that thing to the tune of over a grand. You should seriously message the person 6 months from now, when a return is impossible, and straight up ask them what they used it for.Same here, but they were incorrectly paired with a Luciano Barbera pinstripe suit jacket and I didn't notice they were the wrong pants until I got them home (it was a...
Yeah, but I've found great undamaged ties in most brands, but my luck with T&A has been especially bad. It measures 21.5 pit to pit.
40R.HB that T&A tie is nice. Every single one I find is ugly as sin or stained.
Anyone want to take guesses on what this hideously soiled pair of Bijan pinstripe suit pants will sell for? Should be interesting - a true wildcard. Going to send 'em off at 99 cents. The stain is the densest, purest color of yellow I've seen, as far as soiling goes. This guy must have been dehydrated as shit in order to produce urine this yellow.CLICK BELOW AND AVERT YOUR EYES [[SPOILER]]
Best looking skeet I've found LL Bean gortex hat Wicked roped shoulders on this thing (stefano NY) Paul Stuart Canali (pants match, lighting wasn't right)
In the last few years I've worn a bow tie to the office maybe 3 times. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis, but it depends on your culture. I work in a small office at a private company.
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