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Supposedly, if you're of the traditional/old school mindset, when carbohydrates are consumed can significantly affect fat loss and fat gain.https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/controlled-carb-bulking-strategy
Has anyone noticed real benefits from timing your carbohydrate intake? i.e., consuming most of your carbs in the morning and pre/post workout. There are varying schools of thought on this - some people say that carb timing is completely irrelevant, others swear by it. In the past I have never worried about timing, not because I was convinced it didn't matter, but mostly because I wanted to carbs whenever I felt like it.
Brand new Brioni plaid sport coat that retails for nearly $5K. Dual vent, incredibly supple super 180's fabric. More pics below. Make me a reasonable offer. PayPay only. Free shipping to CONUS. Hanger is not included. Measurements: Pit to Pit: 22.5" Waist: 21.5" Sleeve Length: 25" (1.5" extra available) Shoulders: 19.75" Length (BOC): 30.25" Button Style: Two Button Shoulder Pads: Light (Categories are: Extremely Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) Vent Style:...
Sunday at 8pm - GarageSale down for anyone else? Can't upload any auctions.
No clue, but props to him if he can flip that thing. I'm highly skeptical.
Anyone here twenty-ten-clothing on eBay? He bought a badly stained cashmere Oxxford from me to try and flip. Not sure why, though, as he paid $90 for it and I put in the listing that all stains should be considered permanent. It's unvented and a size 52.
Where'd you see the lion cub? I only ask because I use to volunteer at a big cat sanctuary. More often than not, a "sanctuary" (or some roadside attraction) that has cubs is always a huge red flag. True sanctuaries do not do any breeding whatsoever (they also don't let you take photos holding the animals). There is a huge problem in the u.s. with morons buying big cats and inevitably not being able to care for them when they reach adulthood. A lot of these animals are...
^Fuck.I was bummed when I found this because it's my size and the first current Canali I've found, but the pants were gone. I headed over to the pants section and my heart started pounding when I found the pants, only to find out that they were devastated. A hole in them, and as I shared with 330CK, the seat of the pants was soiled with some sort of clear liquid - what I presumed to be the result of a massive shart fueled by a hemorrhoid suppository. Still picked up the...
That Simone Abbarachi tie I found a few days ago. 4.3 ounces.
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