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Wow. That top one is $$$.
Some wool sweet for me
I made this point earlier in the thread, but it's worth noting again. Our immigration policy is the only reason we have to choose between privacy and security. But let's keep pretending like that isn't true. It's getting people killed, but we aren't offending the people who want to kill us, because that would be the real tragedy.Remove gang violence from the stats and get back to me on that one. But nonetheless, the left's solution to both problems is always the cute,...
I think it was a 44 or 46L.
Yeah, I'll shoot you a PM.
Outlet find for me, superb deal. [[SPOILER]] Kiton paisley velvet (did not buy)
Tom Green doesn't get enough credit for the impact his show had on comedic mediums. We saw him do standup a couple years ago. He was better than expected.
I like how he stuck the western missiles in there. Unintentional civilian casualties, which are inevitable in any war, are not the same as civilians being targeted by terrorist organizations. This idea keeps getting pushed around, that somehow you can wage a war without civilian causalities. It's never been done. Ever. If that's the plan, just admit that we aren't going to do anything at all.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3504893/PIERS-MORGAN-comes-terror-isn-t-time-started-listening-seriously-Trump.htmlPiers Morgan of all people.His tone has changed over the last 6 months. [[SPOILER]]
ISIS, and more broadly, the radical element of Islam which extends far, far beyond the ~30K fighters ISIS has.Mass School Shootingscompletely unpredictable. No real connection between assailants that would allow for a generalized approach to be effective in combating the problem. We can't put surveillance on 'frustrated teenage boys.'not part of a global ideology whose ultimate goal is to detonate a nuclear weapon in a western city and colonize western civilization...
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