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Better pic of this awesome PRL Real? I believe so, just old as shit.
One my stops had a sale today - as much clothing as you can fit into a grocery bag for $10.00, maximum of 4 bags per customer (they only charged me $35 instead of $40). Grabbed a ton of stuff - the per cost item probably worked out to be less than $3.00. You can fit 2 sport coats into a grocery bag no sweat. Nothing grail, but the $35 included an oxxford sc, zegna sc, hickey tux, paul stuart sc, Bernini by Brioni sc, 7 or 8 ties, a pocket square, few pairs of suspenders.
nwot (n/a)
There's a guy who promotes cruises through some business he runs. He organizes a cruise for his friends once or twice a year and pumps them like they're the greatest thing on earth. He posted this video. It's the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.
As a follow up, I used this service for a NWT Brioni tie (quantity of 2 available) that had little activity since I listed it about 33 days ago. 1 of the ties sold 24 hours later and the other has an offer pending (just a few hours after the one that sold). The service also lets you see impressions and clicks on any given day.
Why not go with tweed patches?
I did, and it was intentional. Unfortunately it's impossible to state the truth in a concise manner without mentioning politics today, because race has been intentionally and relentlessly politicized.
No, I don't believe so. The politically correct, liberal narrative is that we can't be outraged over the cheering of the OJ verdict because they're black people, and because of that we have to give them a pass. The same attitude is how liberals respond to rioting in Ferguson and the crime problem in the black community in general. That is, without question, the pure definition of racism - and it sends a message to blacks that we don't have the same expectations for you...
A troubling portion of the black community was thrilled with the OJ verdict - which makes @Jompso completely correct in his assertion. You might have a point if the black community had condemned the OJ verdict but still held Cochran high because of his past accomplishments, but we all know that's not the case.
Vtg Lord & Taylor Tartans and that [clearly staple] PRL pheasant shit.
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