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I'm still sticking to my prediction that Trump crushes her. Unless he makes a serious mistake, this is now his to lose.
New poll (conducted before Comey's statements) shows Trump leading in FL and PA, tied in OH. http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-polls-ohio-pennsylvania-florida-2016-7
I was watching her show tonight. I've seen DL on Bill Maher before but I never knew he was that far off the charts. Not accepting the Michael Brown story puts him in a class with Sharpton.So the girlfriend says the officer was not made aware of the gun but also claims the gun never came out at any point. The officer was screaming "I told him not to reach for it." Those three things don't add up. If the officer was never aware of the gun, either from being informed or...
The girlfriend who filmed the aftermath of the shooting in Minnesota is changing some of her story. Now she's saying the officer was not told that Castile had a gun on his person, among a couple other inconsistencies. Misremembering might be common under stress, but that's sort of big part of her story.
We're trying to get back to the winters. Tired of Florida heat. Considering the west, but Colorado is doubtful as I'm concerned about what the state will look like in 10 years with regard to cost of living and gun control. It's going blue. We looked at Nashville but we want a real winter.
If you were to extensively question each of the protestors I wonder what percentage would cite racism as the reason for all things in their life they perceive as shortcomings. That perception is a huge problem and it's not going away. Democrats aren't going to stop dividing people by race for political gain, they aren't going to stop telling people their problems are the fault of someone else, they aren't going to break the cycle of dependence and the media isn't going to...
You joined the forum to copy the text of my post?
And that would be a tragedy and those officers should be in prison. I'm not disagreeing with you on the idea that there needs to be more accountability and restraint if at all possible. Anyone who honestly believes in less government would have to want more accountability and less force from police, unless absolutely necessary. I'm in that boat.I just disagree with your premature assessment that compares the deaths in Dallas to Louisiana and Minnesota.
Yes, I asked if you were certain that neither one of them deserved to be shot. Which part of that was unclear? Hypothetically speaking, if it turns out that the guy in Louisiana was trying to pull his gun out of his pocket with his right hand, does one not deserve to be shot in that situation? If we find out the shooting was unjustified, then your comparison is valid as neither the officers in Dallas or the suspect in Louisiana would have been deserving of their...
The five murdered officers in Dallas were unquestionably innocent. Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those other two guys did not deserve to be shot? As far as I know, new evidence has not been released and the investigations have just begun. The tapes look bad, but if experience tells us anything it's to wait for things to play out.
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