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Off Saks. I don't believe I have ever bought a suit/SC from that outlet to flip. They are typically priced higher than NMLC (although 330CK regaled me with stories of Off Saks around here once having badass deals).Marked at $699 and it was 50% off that. It actually fits me pretty decent, so I'm sorta torn on what to do with it. Probably put it out there for a while and if I'm not happy with the results it could end up in my closet. [[SPOILER]] Also picked up this...
I was at the outlet feeling frustrated that they didn't have any good ties, then I came across a Brioni sport coat, plaid super 180's, marked down from $4,695 to $350. Picked her up.
Definitely post an update.I emailed them some photos requesting help, it looks like his wife is running that website. Even if it turns out to be a canvas serigraph and appraises high, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay and I'm skeptical of how quickly I'd be able to turn it around for a huge profit, but who knows.
Mainly for versatility. A .300 will be enough for anything I decide to hunt in the future, and while those other rounds would get the job done (the .270 seems very popular), a .300 win mag is not an uncommon choice for elk.I have no way of knowing at what range my first elk will be (I was presenting an ideal range for my first elk), or what states I might chose to hunt 10 years from now.A question for both of you - do you think any of those other calibers can match a .300...
I picked this up because I liked the painting, and it might be relatively valuable. It's a print by Howard Behrens called Isle of Capri. Here is what I found - hoping it's the $8,000 version http://www.howardbehrens.com/pc-411-54-isle-of-capri.aspx I did a bit of research, but I'm not sure how to identify it as a serigraph or some other type of print. The back feels and looks like canvas. Measures roughly 31x40. It looks like it has a number written on the part of...
This Brioni wasn't thrift prices, but I expect it will payoff big in the long run. [[SPOILER]] (n/a) [[SPOILER]] (n/a) [[SPOILER]]
I am planning on Colorado. Ideally I wouldn't want to take a 500+ yard shot. I know it can be done, but of course you increase your chances of wounding instead of killing. Plenty of pigs around here to hunt, but hunting in Florida terrain has never appealed to me. I hate everything about the land here.
What prices are you seeing right now for a used 26?I'm hoping to do my first elk hunt next year. I will be looking for a rifle this year and am heavily leaning toward a .300 win mag (not considering anything less powerful). It's economical to shoot compared to a .338 and is adequate for anything I might decide to hunt in the future.I was in the market for a large pack and decided to get something that could pack out an elk when the time comes. I decided on Kifaru which...
The only time I decline an offer without countering is if their offer is super low, which means my auto decline has been turned off through a bug in eBay's system. In that event, I sure as hell don't bother sending a response when I get low balled.
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