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cherry pop (n/a)
Congratulations, Snoogz.
Anonymous cord vests
Great stuff Wes and HandsderHund. I don't always find mint ISAIA suits that are a wool/cashmere blend in my size with working cuffs. But when I do, I grab a couple of BB squares with that bitch. (all are N/A).
That really sucks. The inherent problem with eBay customer service is that they are following a script and have very little, if any, autonomy to make rational decisions when needed. At a minimum, they should have removed the portion of the feedback that said you refused to offer a return. Then, once the return has been processed, the rest of it should have been removed.
Looks like a slinky to me.
We planted some tomatoes and jalapenos over the weekend, also in containers. Our neighborhood has been invaded by lubber grasshoppers. I am doing my best to keep them out of the yard and away from the garden. So far they seem to be gravitating to the bamboo. I didn't know grasshoppers could hiss
Going to gross about half of what I did in February. I do have some inventory building up, but I always list the best stuff within a day or two of buying it.
Never understood this. It's a day to remember people that died, not a celebratory day off of work for BBQ. Sorry, just a pet peeve.Based on my fb feed, I'm not sure if anyone under 35 knows the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
Never understood the "happy Memorial Day." It's a day to honor people that died. Pretty sure everyone under 30 thinks it's the same as Veterans Day.
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