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Pet peeve - foolish sellers dragging down prices. They create opportunities for flippers who capitalize on their mistakes, but this stuff still irks me... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Isaia-Charcoal-Mock-Neck-Cashmere-Sweater-Size-Medium-Made-in-Italy-/131575130214?hash=item1ea27d2866&nma=true&si=HovFcVTQNrlJKSVcTIGCJplgPQk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Seller lists the MSRP at $395, doesn't include cashmere in title. Same sweater that I kept for...
Sometimes an address catches my eye. Plenty of "wealthy" people shop for clothing on eBay.
My wife and I rented a solar powered cabin earlier in the summer. It also had a composting toilet. I imagine this place was far more rustic than what you've just bought, but we still enjoyed the experience. The system was only 12-volt, which would be a nightmare long term, but for a few days it wasn't bad.
This would be true if we were in a different business, e.g., investing in the stock market. There isn't an infinite amount of available investments when you're thrifting. For example, if every thrift store had an unlimited amount of flip-able clothing, then having that $10 to reinvest would be important (especially if I had limited funds and actually needed that $10 to reinvest because I had no other disposable income).Because only a very tiny fraction of clothing in...
I don't list much during the week. I'm at work all day so I want to come home and relax, but recently I have tried to commit to listing one item each night. That's 20 items a month and will certainly put a dent in your inventory. I do most of my listing on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.I've also stopped buying stuff that I might have purchased 2 years ago. IMO, unless this is your only source of income it's not worth it to fill up inventory with items that are going to...
This month was pretty good for me, based on my historical sales. Nothing spectacular, but I would call it better than average.
The gun battle scenes get worse with each episode. The characters have been shooting moving zombies with handguns for 3 seasons, but can't hit a human from 20ft with a rifle. Andrea is the worst character on the show. She should have died in season 2.
I usually pass on Flusser, but…
Cashmere PRL
Being able to binge watch the series has its advantages when it comes to the complaints I saw while browsing the beginning of this thread. I find myself being immediately entertained by the next episode rather than having to wait and think about missteps in the previous one. On the plus side my wife asked me "how much ammunition do we have?" while watching the first season. Maybe she'll want a case of 5.56 for Christmas.
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