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Considering they've wasted 45 minutes so far, I'm guessing we don't find out who dies.
I have the same desk from RH (mine is the long version). I use it for both photos and my computer.
-Box included (shoe tress are not) -Shipping is $12.00 to CONUS -PayPal only Insole Length: 11.75” Outsole Length: 12 3/8” (the widest part of outsole is 4 1/8")
After the 55 inch TV in our family room broke, we replaced it with a 50 inch. Our family room is not especially large, we sit 8-9 feet from the TV. I'm skeptical of these charts that recommend a screen size based on viewing distance. They remind of the "you're supposed to spend x months salary on an engagement ring." While I'm sure there is reasoning behind the chart, it basically says anyone not living in a dorm room or studio apartment needs a 60+ inch TV. I had to...
I had my volume off - did they explain the presence of the shovel? I'm assuming it had something to do with burying him after they shoot him.
Some people either don't read descriptions, or if they do, they're too stupid to understand them. I issued two returns in the last week for items that didn't fit, and I didn't mind because the sellers were honest and didn't try to claim the item was not as described. On the other hand, someone tried to return an item today because they claimed the size in the title didn't match the actual size of the coat. This particular auction had the words "Size in title is...
Yes, I have one in my office. It's fantastic. I bought 10" extenders, which gives you some extra room to hang stuff.Extenders:https://www.barrdisplay.com/clothing-racks/rolling-racks/heavy-duty-z-rack/10-extender-set-for-heavy-duty-z-rack.htmlThe rack:https://www.barrdisplay.com/clothing-racks/rolling-racks/heavy-duty-z-rack/heavy-duty-z-rack.htmlThe additional rail:https://www.barrdisplay.com/clothing-racks/rolling-racks/heavy-duty-z-rack/add-on-hangrail.html
At least Daryl, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne didn't get apprehended at a road block. At some point even the dimmest person would realize that traveling on roads is a bad idea. Whoever it is always drives right up to the road block instead of stopping as soon as they see it.
Wow. That top one is $$$.
Some wool sweet for me
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