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Crossbreedhttp://www.crossbreedholsters.com/I have the mini-tuck. Extremely comfortable and it distributes the weight effectively.Good overview of inside the waistband holstershttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSUWWw14XqE
AE (n/a) Zegna (n/a) First Gitman tie (n/a)
The building I used to work in had toilets separated by actual drywall. Your own tiny room with a real door so if the mood strikes, you had the option of rubbing one out while standing, which is much less dangerous from a stain perspective. Somehow our small office is burning through air freshner in the men's room at a rate of 1 bottle per day. I mentioned it to a friend only to find out that on 2 separate occasions he knocked it in the toilet and had to throw it away. ...
Quindici = $. Found several at a consignment with the tags still on them and sold them for $180 - $239. $189 is a great fetch for one without the tags.
Beats the hell out of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, IMO. My best NMLC finds include a Zegna sport coat for $170 and a winter-weight RLPL tweed jacket that I kept which cost me around $375.
I received my first Suit Supply shirt today. I went with the extra slim fit in a 16.5L. What a great shirt. Truly pleased with the fit, and the presentation/packaging was a pleasant surprise. It is a true slim fit shirt, and makes BB extra slim fit feel like a garbage bag on me.
Eh, if I have to go out and buy something because the seller didn't disclose an imperfection, I would expect to be compensated for it.
I would ask to be compensated for the cost of the suede eraser.
Sounds like a great way to make sure the store realizes they're selling valuable clothing that could fetch higher prices. I'd rather chew broken glass than sit in the same thrift store for 7 hours.
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