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To answer your question - I just sold a NWT puffer vest. The tag on mine was $2,495.
Those pics are incredible, Spoo. Such an accomplishment. Well done!
I think you meant Michael Moore
Here are a bunch of pictures from two hikes in CO, in no particular order. The first hike was a little more challenging than we expected - the terrain was fairly rough and steep. Most of the people we passed had camped at the top for the night. It was doable as a day hike but you had to move quickly. I decided it was best to turn back before finishing because I wanted to make sure we made it to the car before the sun went down. My wife is only 5'1 and has never hiked...
I'm not sure if it was because we saw it on 9/11, but we checked out Sully this evening and I haven't heard that many people sniffling in a theater in a long time. It was really well done.
I track my macros daily and that's more sugar than I consume in an entire week (with exceptions when I have a cheat day twice a month) I love Mountain Dew though. Used to drink it all the time when I was a kid.
The NMLC here has great deals on ties. Off Saks is $99. I once bought over a dozen Drake's from the Bloomingdales outlet for an average around $15, but they usually have junk.
Off Saks had a beautiful Borrelli grenadine. Passed as it was $99, but it was the first Borrelli gren I've seen.
They are going to 2-day ship another pair, this time from the vendor and not a Nordstrom store.
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