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Mint condition. Hanger included. Custom made garment. Photos speak for themselves (scroll down). PayPal only. Shipping is free to CONUS. Pit to Pit: 26" Waist: 28" (measured at the button) Sleeve Length: 25.5" Shoulders: 20.5" Length (BOC): 33.5" Button Style: Single Button Shoulder Pads: Light (Categories are: Extremely Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) Vent Style: Unvented
Someone should try adding "just like the celebrities!" to an auction title UNBELIEVABLE Corneliani Pinstripe Sport Coat Blazer ~ Just Like the Celebrities!
thx. Wish everything I found was a 38R -- some dude made an offer in the middle of the night, then decided he couldn't risk waiting so he bought it at full price before I could even respond to his offer.
Outlet score, deep discount. Original tag $2K.
Brooks Brothers outlet. Each tie came to $12.71
What Wes said. By saying that it's my size (or sometimes I might it even say "it fits me"), I mean it fits in the shoulders/chest and the length of the jacket is right - but the waist may need taken in, the pants might need a few adjustments, etc. It's very rare that I find a piece that actually fits without needing a single adjustment, but it has happened and it's always a treat.
I'd have to put $100+ of tailoring into it, and I'm already into it for $150. Just can't see myself in that suit.
Cherry Pop for me - first RLPL suit or sport coat. Absolutely mint. 100% linen. It's my size so I'm torn on what to do with it right now. There aren't a lot of opportunities to wear a black, double breasted, pinstripe suit, but it will be a long time before I find something like this in my size again.
These, plus a couple of other paisley Brioni shirts that I haven't processed yet.
I've always been a Mayweather fan, but I'm indifferent here. I'm just excited to see this fight, don't necessarily care who wins. As far as the bar thing, best $100 bucks you can spend. I'd rather chew broken glass than watch a fight like this at a bar.
New Posts  All Forums: