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I use iphoto to edit my pics, don't have photoshop. I'm weighing the hassle of moving everything out of my office versus having a better color in the room. I guess when I'm in there I am working, so maybe it's not worth the risk of messing up my photo setup...
This one (left) likes to use hashtags to showcase her independence. This is the "big girl" syndrome you might have seen before - a ironic condition that infantilizes oneself through childish language in an effort to show how mature or "grown" they have become. Anyway, if you are in Miami I would be careful. They do what they want (probably when they want, too).
Question for the photography experts: I want to paint my office. My photo setup uses the walls and ceiling to bounce light - there is no direct light pointing at my mannequin, so the ability to bounce that light is what my entire setup hinges on. My concern is that changing the paint color could alter my lighting. Any thoughts? Right now the paint in the room is what the builder used (we didn't upgrade the paint the spare bedrooms when we built the house), which is a...
And this proves my point. Dressing well does not mean you are "setting yourself as superior." If you can't dress well without seeming superior to your coworkers, you are either working with an incredibly insecure group of people, or you have personality issues.I wouldn't wear suits in a business casual environment, but my guess is that his clothes aren't his only problem.
I've been looking for a solid navy sport coat in my size that I liked enough to keep, suitable for office/casual wear, since I started thrifting. I've came close several times but no luck, until I found this today, which is recent enough to still be on the website: https://www.brooksbrothers.com/Madison-Fit-Two-Button-Linen-Sport-Coat/MM00194,default,pd.html Also found this baby (n/a):
No.It's about personality. If you are well liked, it won't matter that you dress better than your coworkers. The two are not mutually exclusive. If the overwhelming majority of your coworkers are giving you shit, it has very little to do with your clothing. Trust me.
Spoo - that suitcase is crazy. Brooks Brothers Silk in black (n/a) PRL Corneliani, patch pockets, dual vent (n/a) Paul Stuart, dual vent (n/a) Some awesome pants I found for myself. Never heard of this brand before (googled it since), but the fabric feels incredible. They look unworn.
There's a group of girls that makes an annual post on the anniversary they survived a car accident. It would be nice to see, except it's always done in a self-righteous way. Unfailingly it's characterized as god wanting them here for some reason, or god intervening for one reason or another. I'm normally indifferent to most things religious people say and do, but this one always irks me. I guess god just said fuck off to the 5 year old who dies of cancer before he ever...
Stopped buying Aquascutum a long time ago. Was never really impressed with the items I found in thrift stores (for personal or resale).
Big thanks to Fueco for assisting me with a non-clothing related photoshop job. PRL Corneliani green cord with all the fixins (n/a).
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