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Depends. If you auction with no reserve, you should consider waiting. I list everything regardless of season because I use BINOBO.
They might. I was able to find another tire place that was $9.00 cheaper than Costco, so Tire Kingdom was matching them (not Costco).
I think most buyers do this because they're worried someone will come in at full price while they are waiting for you to accept or counter their offer.
The only downside is that Costco doesn't do alignment. Most tire places should match the lowest price in your area. Last week I put 4 Michelin on my Tahoe and Costco's price was comparable, but not the cheapest. Tire Kingdom matched the lowest price I could find and gave free unlimited alignment (in addition to rotating) at any Tire Kingdom or affiliate nationwide for 5 years.
I was impressed by the 2nd row legroom in the NX. The RX was equally impressive in terms of 2nd row space when compared to other similar size cars we drove. The RX will be redesigned next year to look like the NX, only bigger, obviously.
We bought a Lexus NX over the weekend. It's my wife's, she wanted a smallish SUV/crossover. I like it. We drove the Q3/Q5 and a couple others.
Inventory porn
Sweet. Probably going to keep it.Vintage GucciCorneliani. Dual vent.Zegna Su Misura
You missed a great opportunity to say "looks fake, $10 bill I have looks nothing like that."
First paper money found in a thrifted item. It ain't $600 but it beats lint.
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