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"The food is great, it's all you can eat." That's usually how the food is described on cruise ships. Is this really a concern when dining out? Portions here are huge. I can't remember a single meal I've eaten at the end of which I was still hungry. There's a french restaurant near us that we've been to a couple times. Maybe there, if you hadn't eaten much all day and ordered something light. I also hate buffets and those seem to be a big cruise selling point.
Who will thrift the 30K hoodie? How many of these things do they actually sell? http://www.loropiana.com/en/eshop/knitwear-bomber-cappuccio-bomber-zip-vicuna-baby-cashmere-mink/p-FAE6554
I thought there was an eBay policy against using profanity in listing titles, or in this case, words that could be considered vulgar. Either way it was good for a laugh.
Neiman Marcus.
Came across these:https://us.amara.com/products/flag-knit-navy-cushion-cover?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&amss=1s9&pdg=59952071657__56657878534_c_1o1&gclid=CJzv6fGvnccCFVcSHwodQiQG5Ahttp://tagsaledeals.blogspot.com/2013/06/ralph-lauren-american-flag-navy-knit.htmlhttp://www.ebay.ca/itm/RALPH-LAUREN-Pillow-American-Flag-KNIT-DOWN-20-X-20-Square-Sweater-/261868266277
Fit pic - don't think I'm going to let this one go. I wasn't sold on the button collar when I tried it on in the store, but it's growing on me and the way it wraps the neck makes it warm as shit. Table of Tom Ford shoes - mostly patent leather, few sneakers. Too pricey but was still neat to see at an outlet TF coat I managed not to buy.
Part of my outlet haul. Not pictured are 6 additional ISAIA shirts, 2 Cucinelli dress shirts (I paid $19.99 for one of them) and a Brioni shirt. Total haul was 13x ISAIA dress shirts, 2 meaty ISAIA cashmere sweaters, 1 Zegna dress shirt, 2 Cucinelli dress shirts, 1 Brioni dress shirt, plus about 13 ties, some of which are not pictured. Prices were tits. Best part about the haul (beside the fact that this weekend was a tax holiday for items under $100) - there was a...
The opening scene in Belly is almost as awesome as the NWT Cucinelli dress shirt I found today for $20. Pics later, time for dinner with the wife.
Better pic of this awesome PRL Real? I believe so, just old as shit.
One my stops had a sale today - as much clothing as you can fit into a grocery bag for $10.00, maximum of 4 bags per customer (they only charged me $35 instead of $40). Grabbed a ton of stuff - the per cost item probably worked out to be less than $3.00. You can fit 2 sport coats into a grocery bag no sweat. Nothing grail, but the $35 included an oxxford sc, zegna sc, hickey tux, paul stuart sc, Bernini by Brioni sc, 7 or 8 ties, a pocket square, few pairs of suspenders.
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