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If I intended to buy suits for daily wear on that budget, I'd go to Saks Off 5th (Saks outlet) and buy their house brand.
During the after Christmas sale I bought a pair of Peal & Co and Harry's of London. I received 25% off, plus another 15% off. They had to order the Harry's from another store to get my size. I received them in the mail and saw I only received 15% off. I spoke with the manager and apparently the SA was not supposed to quote me the 25% on the Harry's, but they honored it since it was their mistake. She said that Harry's is never discounted that deep. Does anyone know if...
Turnbull & Asser in my experience. I've never seen an attractive shirt in a thrift (or even at NMLC) made by them. They all have oddly shaped collars and ugly contrasting features. I have picked up several charvet shirts and ties in good condition, but they are few and far between.
Beautiful.Cricketeer 3-Piece Suits
It fits like a 9D
8E in UK.
Still waiting on my first shell (and Kiton anything). These will do for now (headed to the bay)… [[SPOILER]]
On a more positive note, this month was my best month ever, with $6,100 in sales with 1.5 days left in the month. Wanted to recommend this shelf from Home Depot. Each shelf is rated for 600lbs, or 3,600lbs total and it assembles in 5 minutes with no tools. It also has optional wheels (the wheels were on the shelf next to it). The ability to move it around your office or home without having to take everything off is a big convenience. I'm also currently using it as a...
Pretty much. I issued him a refund (minus original shipping), but even if the guy left me negative feedback just to be a dick, eBay won't remove it. Buyer sends back damaged item, I issue a refund anyway, guy leaves me negative feedback, eBay concludes this is fair. Unbelievable.
If you like the way it looks then good for you, but if you would have been patient and taken some advice, you could have ended up with something higher quality than Hugo Boss.
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