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2x BB Cashmere
I met with Giovanni and @330CK today. They were both gentlemen and kind enough to come to my office for some alternations, and even agreed to turnaround modifications to a blazer and pair of pants in 1 day so I could wear them to a company event.
If you have photo editing software, just decrease the saturation a little bit, and it should match better. However, the difference certainly isn't enough to justify a return.
I purposely start it low to draw views to other listings, but rarely does something sell that low. I guess there's so much HF out there, stuff slips through the cracks.
Well, that's the last time I auction off anything Hickey Freeman. $11 for a navy blue cashmere/wool blazer in a 42R in excellent condition.
Mint, fit like a glove so keeping. I've never seen this 'Full Canvas' tag on BB before. The Madison is even a size smaller to compensate for the fuller fit.
Is content really only 1/3 of my page now, or is my browser fucked?
A first for me
No label anywhere. Hand stitching, dual vent, ticket pocket, working cuffs. [[SPOILER]]
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