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Again, yes. The kind of divisiveness we've been talking about in this thread is almost exclusively coming from the left. What would their platform be without it? They used to point to Europe as evidence of this ideology succeeding. They're running out of case studies.If this thing with the judge happened during the primary, the motivation would have been obvious, but now that he's won the nomination it doesn't make sense. I suppose he could really believe it, or his...
Yes. What's happening is most certainly a phenomenon of the left. There's no comparison. Tea Party rallies didn't feature flag burning, cop car torching, destruction of property, rioting, violence, etc.If their improved version is completely different, then it's pretty clear they despised the previous version. Obama wanted to "fundamentally transform" America. Nobody has ever wanted to fundamentally transform something they like.True, but they're not making it better....
Thanks.Managed to get zero listings done this weekend. I had high hopes but came down with a cold late last week.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/MINT-U-S-Made-ZERO-KING-Tweed-Herringbone-42R-Faux-Fur-Car-Coat-Jacket-/331873486743?hash=item4d45338797 I took an unusual approach here
It's partly the illegal and to some extent legal immigration thing, but what sort of duty or patriotism does the average 19 year old white liberal have to their country? Probably none, from their perspective. A lot of the people throwing hissy fits on college campuses are white. Being born here automatically places you in the top couple percent of the global population. Some of these babies are throwing tantrums from the best universities in the world. You don't grow...
At some point we are no longer correctly referred to as a nation. Maybe you could have said that even though we are divided, we are at least a nation in the sense that we are defined by borders. That might not be true any longer, depending on what happens over the next 8 years. There's a lot at stake here, including people's lives. Not just in the context of wars overseas, but rapidly increasing the refugee program will almost certainly have disastrous results. Look...
Any thread members in Salt Lake City?
Why a Jacket Costs $42,000http://www.bloomberg.com/news/photo-essays/2016-05-30/loro-piana-fashion-mixes-best-quality-with-tradition [[SPOILER]]
You illustrate my point, thanks. There's no context that would satisfy progressives. Based on your posting history here, I wouldn't be surprised to see you fall into that category.
The Swedes have been taught that they have no culture worth preserving, or, to be generous, that their culture should halt to the advancement of other cultures - cultures that are by any measure inferior to theirs. This sounds awfully familiar. Just mention the phrase "American Culture" around any progressive and you'll immediately be mocked. It's not by accident. They've been taught to think that way.
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