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I have 3 pairs of Aldens for sale, all the same size. 2 pairs are in new or like new condition and the black pair is used. They do not come with boxes. Shipping is $11.00 in CONUS. Combined shipping available and will be determined based on your location and number of pairs purchased.I have lots of other photos, but because of the unique size of these shoes I am only uploading a few for each shoe. If you are interested please message me and I will gladly send you...
I was there a few months ago and ate at Juvia. It has a great view from the rooftop - one of the only nice rooftop restaurants that I know of in the area. The rose bar at the Delano is decent, but small. There's another near the pool that's also open at night. There are some high end shops in Bal Harbour, if you are looking for that sort of thing.
Well done! Snow birds cleaning out their closets.
+1 - feeling much better, though.
ha. Could also be the flooring of a hotel room, but it looks familiar. I'm actually hoping it's not one of my regular spots.
The worst part is, based on the little bit of flooring shown in the picture, I'm pretty sure I was at that store the day he found it. It's hard to say until I go back (how often do you stare at the floor), but carpet flooring eliminates a lot of stores.
And me. Been at it for 2 years and haven't found a single piece of Kiton.
Someone gave me a navy Jack Victor blazer in mint condition, so I auctioned it off and it sold for $1.60 or something. Prior to that I had never picked it up, and haven't since then either, until seeing this.40R.Paul Stuart cashmere nice and thick (n/a)Haven't seen one of these worth picking up in a while, but it was NWOT (n/a)
BB mainline suit, pleated Crazy ass jacket Usually pass on Jack Victor but it was NWT and 100% cashmere, plus I got a discount
Devs - developers? Sucks because it prevents me from listing anything. They haven't fixed it yet.edit - it's working now.
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