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My "small" order that arrived today from ammunition depot. Hope the driver didn't get a hernia carrying it to the door.
Ever notice how every woman at eBay customer support has the exact same voice? It's like they're using some kind of voice software.
I should have clarified - by field strip I'm not necessarily implying that I would be taking it apart in my car, or somewhere on-the-go. I simply meant that when I'm cleaning my firearm it's annoying to have to use a tool to get the slide off.Having said that, I'm a collector and I plan on building my collection over the years, especially as we have access to outdoor shooting on our own property.Hoping to shoot it this weekend. I was surprised that Glock released a...
I like the PM9 overall, but I don't like the field stripping method. The pin that pops out requires the use of something - be it a key or some other small metal object that can pry it out. It's too tight to extract with my fingers. I'd rather be able to field strip my carry gun without using anything other than my hands. I liked the way the G43 felt. It fit my hands better than the PM9. It is slightly larger so that explains why. If and when she learns to shoot,...
If he showed consistent emotion for loss of life, I'd believe it. Unfortunately his crying seems to be conveniently aligned with his politics.
It's important to weigh these heinous acts against the vast cultural and economic benefits of bringing these people into the country...
They have some awesome offerings. I wish the ties were a little longer and slightly wider. I think they would be too skinny in the knot area for me.
If you live in or near Nashville PM me.
I'm not receiving email notifications when a private message is received (I checked my spam folder). It looks like my account is setup correctly for these notifications. Also, I tried to change my email address from my gmail to my hotmail and received an error saying "We're sorry, but there's been an error in our system, and we can't complete your request."
Both CNN and Huffington are running pieces calling it terrorism. They aren't alone, I'm sure. I don't recall any of the looters, rioters or violent criminals in Ferguson getting the terrorism label - including the family member of Michael Brown who stood on a car shouting "let's burn this bitch down."
New Posts  All Forums: