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First Brioni for personal use. Most of the Brioni I find is 44-46+. I hardly ever see it in a 40-42R and the few times I have something has always killed the deal. It was either dated, had really short sleeves with working cuffs, etc. I'm normally a 42R but I find that Brioni is cut a little full for me, so this 40R was perfect. Not true thrift, about 5% of retail. Wool/Silk blend. When I saw the lining on this jacket I thought Kiton, and the next thing that...
Very unfortunate, but I don't blame people like Medwed, I blame criminality within black culture that ruins it for law abiding black Americans who suffer because they're painted with a broad brush. As long as there's a movement to blame white people, this is never going to end.Idiots like Colin Kaepernick make black youth feel as though every obstacle they face is the result of some white person lurking in the shadows, holding them back. People don't succeed in that...
I don't disagree. While it could be done effectively, I'm skeptical of Trump's approach.
The women accusing Bill of sexual assault (and in at least one case, rape) have also claimed that Hillary intimidated them, sometimes in person, as a way of protecting and hiding the misconduct. I suppose they could all by lying, but I kind of doubt it - and just imagine the headlines if we claimed that a string of women accusing Trump of sexual assault and rape were just making it up.In the context of Hillary claiming that Trump is a sexist who mistreats women, Trump was...
Which part of my post was disingenuous? I am not defending Trump as much as I'm pointing out that Hillary's criticism here is laughable.He has a pattern of insulting people. The left pretends any insult against a woman is sexist. It's the opposite of equality. Calling a woman ugly is sexist but calling a man ugly isn't. That doesn't sound like equality to me, it sounds like protected class nonsense.Hillary isn't in a position to criticize Trump here, at least not...
Correction on my part with regard to the Kiton I posted a couple pages back. I missed the folders as they were higher up.
Ascot Chang orange seersucker. Definitely an unusual combo - peak lapel seersucker with patch pockets, but it fits so perfectly it might as well have been tailored for me. Just wish I would have found it at the beginning of summer.
It became fair game when Hillary made her part of the campaign. But let's pretend it's not relevant. Trump allegedly called someone fat 20 years ago. This is horrific because none of us have ever called anyone fat. A couple weeks ago Hillary called 50% of Trump's supporters "deplorable." Which is worse, allegedly insulting someone 20 years ago, or insulting tens of millions of people on video?
I think we can put political BS aside and admit that it's not a good idea for a presidential candidate to showcase a person involved in a murder.I'm not denying that Trump insults people. I don't think Trump is some wonderful candidate, I just think he's better than Hillary. I did my best in the primary.
This one is not a 7-fold - edit, my bad, the folders were higher up and I missed them. [[SPOILER]]
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