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So you don't think she's using subtleties to blame white people in order to pander to black lives matter/black voters?
Did you expect her to phrase it like this "white people are to blame for everything that's wrong in black communities." Based on her tweet she either believes that white people not being good listeners is the root cause of problems in the black community, or she's saying that to win their vote. Either way it's dangerous and pathetic.
As far as I know blm doesn't require a membership fee and registration form.
Congrats! It's shipping tomorrow morning.
https://mobile.twitter.com/HillaryClinton?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Could her pandering be more obvious and fake? Apparently white people are entirely to blame for all of this. I can't imagine what race relations will look like if this vile witch gets 8 years.
Someone who went through basic training would have more skill than the average citizen, but it doesn't take extraordinary skill to ambush people using superior firepower. Without knowing the circumstances of how each officer was killed, it's hard to say how much was skill versus the element of surprise. I believe the robot bomb was used because they thought he was surrounded by IEDs, not because he was such a skilled marksman that couldn't be gotten any other way.
Looks like you got a taillight out, Simpson. Where? Right there. If you pull someone over for a broken taillight, what's so difficult about walking up to their window, telling them to fix the light and then leaving? Does every stop need to involve identifying the driver and other people in the car?
Loretta Lynch calling the Louisana and Minnesota shootings "tragic" before the DOJ's investigation has even begun. Blames guns. Gives a shout out to BLM. I'm shocked.
It will be difficult for those stats to change until cops stop viewing black men as more dangerous than white men. It's unreasonable to expect cops to defy human nature, so until black men are not so disproportionately represented in violent crime stats, I wouldn't expect a big change. There are some people (including cops) who are just racist, and that will never change.
And in some states you're required to by law.
New Posts  All Forums: