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Dozo jetted pockets and low gorge tho.
Basically.I include a jazzy business card with every purchase that says "Thank you for shopping at Authentic Goods. We appreciate your business, and kindly request that you leave us positive feedback at your convenience." It also has my store address at the bottom.
It seems like my feedback percentage has taken a dive. It's roughly 53%. I leave every buyer positive feedback (minus a couple that were problem buyers). Sometimes I leave the feedback before they even receive the item, other times it's a week after they buy it. There's a disclaimer in my auction template under terms and conditions that says "We always leave positive feedback for our buyers. It might take a week or two, but we won't forget you."
I've got a spreadsheet and map on Naples. Hit me up.
Another SF member in the area?
Softest silk tie I've ever handled. Keeping. Sulka BB
Thanks, Wes.
Because of the success I had using @Stitches for my fiancé's engagement ring, I went through stitches for our wedding bands as well, and received them this week. For my ring - I showed him a photo of a gold ring with a matte finish and he provided several options at a great price. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results. Thanks again, stitchy.
Garage Sale issue - I recently started uploading auctions and hosting the photos on eBay as well as the garage sale photo service offered. I like the feature because people on the mobile app can scroll through the photos without having to go into the description, except the main photo is blurry. It becomes clear only after I click on the photo. Here's what it looks like when I first click on the auction using the eBay mobile app:
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