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Is she funny? If someone could link an SNL skit or something else she's done that's good, I'd be interested in seeing it.
^You'd be correct if terminology were the only difference. When Fort Hood was labeled "workplace violence" I think there's more going on than an unwillingness to use a certain phrase.We will continue to suffer from and tolerate periodic attacks until they pull off something very large. 2,400 dead in Pearl Harbor - 3,000 killed on 9/11 which sort of triggered a response but not enough to get the job done, obviously. We're all pussies now, so factor in the generational...
As of right now she is definitely scheduled to speak. She's part of a group of moms that give speeches - this includes Trayvon Martin's mother. Michael Brown's mother was standing next to his step dad as he shouted "burn this bitch down!" following the decision not to indict Darren Wilson.I'm not saying the repubs are guilt free, but can anyone draw a serious comparison here?
Willie RobertsonScott BaioMother of a marine who died in combatI'm not sure I see where you're going here. Which of those is comparable to Michael Brown? As far as I know none of those people are aggravated felons who had to be shot by a cop in a life or death struggle.
War is hell. A lot of civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not many Kamikaze pilots around these days. If we're going to avoid conflicts that result in loss of civilian life, we might as well just admit we're never going to defeat radical Islam.
The mother of Michael Brown will be speaking at the DNC convention. Completely appropriate - Hillary has superb judgement. RNC gives the stage to Marcus Luttrell, the DNC brings up the mother of a guy who robs a store, roughs up the clerk then goes on to assault a cop while trying to steal his weapon, all of which was confirmed by Eric Holder's DOJ and a half dozen black witnesses. I wonder if she'll walk out with her hands up?
So a couple people got hacked on a train. Big whoop. Compare and contrast that to the enrichment Germany is getting and I think any reasonable person would conclude that it's a net positive.
Strikingly similar speeches, except I doubt we'll hear Melania say something like this:
Caught some of Hillary's speech to the NAACP during lunch. Very awkward. As she was speaking she ramped up her voice in anticipation for applause, and the room was completely silent. These points all centered around there being no justification for murdering police officers. Nothing from the crowd. This went on for several minutes, it was embarrassing. As soon as she got to the part about rooting out bias among police and mentioned the shootings in Minnesota and...
New Posts  All Forums: