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The same 60 min segment said the fire department has to be escorted when they enter the neighborhood(s) to put out a fire.
that tight ass > ample medical professional Denise was annoying. Good riddance.
I'll still buy an older, unvented Canali if the price is right and it's in excellent condition. It's still an easy $40-50 profit. I've never had a problem unloading them, though it may take a while.
My great grandfather's Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun. This was most likely a bank guard's gun. Had it restored, it was in rough shape. Very pleased with the results.
The rules of engagement was the important part, but okay. Based on the response from military personnel I assume you agree with that part. He, and others like him, are in various stages of denial about the threat of Islam, be it cultural or physical violence. It's just a bunch of isolated incidents that in no way represent a larger trend. It's a teeny tiny fraction. No harm in bringing them in by the millions. In fact, he probably thinks it would make us "stronger,"...
His administration has been scrutinized for implementing questionable rules of engagement. Also, simply acknowledging the threat would be a nice start, even it it's just symbolic, though one could argue that someone who can't utter the words is not the person you want as commander in chief.
If there were a 'Fathers of the Movement' maybe there wouldn't be a need for this movement in the first place. Is it still racist to assume that so many fatherless homes contribute to problems in the black community? It's really unfortunate to see a entire race of people manipulated for no other reason than to keep them voting as a bloc. I guess white privilege means that politicians have to at least attempt to make a case to me rather than "vote for me because you're...
Ignoring its lack of substance, it will probably be an extremely effective ad. You'll remember it, so will everyone else who sees it. Some of those people are persuaded by this stuff.
An outlet here had 2-3 pieces of this a few months ago.
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