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Republicans likely keeping the senate.
The market will be fine. It's too soon to worry if you voted against Trump. She's not winning in a landslide, but Trump still needs a miracle of sorts.
I wouldn't take any pleasure in seeing people here disappointed if Trump won, and that includes the people who called me a racist.
Trump still needs a perfect night. Hillary just needs to not horribly fuck up.
Protests if Trump loses. Possible riots if he wins. In any event, FL passed medical pot
Open borders should be defined by immigration numbers, not whatever policy happens to be inked. The policy is meaningless if it's ignored. To be fair, you're correct in that most countries have a border, but borders don't work unless they are enforced.Was it from the middle east and north Africa? I don't know if there's a gold standard, but I do think we can look at a place like Sweden and determine what will happen if we repeat their mistakes. I predict the migration...
Weren't you the same person that pretended to not know what American culture was and asked me to define it...but you really knew what I was talking about and were just being obtuse? Now we are pretending that there's no migration crisis. Ok.
The truth can be shocking when you're used to being lied to. Applied anywhere else in life, it would be considered common sense to understand that a rapid and massive dilution of any object cannot happen while maintaining the integrity of the host object. It's fascinating that you can understand such a simple concept when applied everywhere else in life, but so passionately reject it when applied to immigration. It's a fundamental idea, and it doesn't go away just...
Assimilation and mass immigration are mutually exclusive. Our government's job is not to "broker allegiances" with different ethnic groups - it is to abide by the constitution. I did not describe every individual within an ethic group, I stated facts about certain areas of the world. Your race baiting is predictable and pathetic. It's all the left really has at this point, so I can't blame you. I mean, what are you going to do, point to all those areas of the world...
Hispanics are never going to vote in majorities for republicans, and it has very little to do with white trash racists. Part of it is the left working 24/7 to convince Hispanics that the timeless concept of borders is racist.We keep hearing this over and over. "Hispanics are actually really conservative!" Based on what, exactly? The flourishing free market capitalism, low-crime, limited corruption and small government elements inherent in all Hispanic countries? If...
New Posts  All Forums: