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Went through my inventory on Sunday. Some items have been sitting in backlog for almost 2 years. I flew through about 30 items and listed them at $9.99 with no reserve. I saved time by putting most of the jackets on a hanger instead of my mannequin. Basically it was all of the crap I didn't want to list because it was the basic shit you buy even though it's garbage but you know you can still make decent money on it. Ancient Hickey Freeman, old BB, a lot of shirts,...
Alan Couture Pure Cashmere
+1I'd be pissed if someone sent me a suit in a RR A box. Most of my suits go into medium flat rate boxes. I ship all my sport coats in 1095s unless they are going to CA or somewhere else on the west coast.I charge $11.30 for shipping on suits and sport coats (I do free shipping on very expensive items) so I am covered even if I have to ship medium flat rate.
This happens with all shows. Who likes the 6th season better than the first 3 seasons of any series? Characters die and their replacements are never as interesting. The new episode gave very little time to anyone I enjoy watching. I don't care about the new characters. The same thing happened with the sopranos. Richie and Ralph were never replaced, but their disposal was sort of necessary in order for them to be interesting in the first place, if that makes sense. ...
BCM upper receiver group with 18" barrel ordered along with BCM charging handle. Should be ready to shoot in 7-10 days
To quote a conspiracy theorist professor I had in college - "the rich and powerful, the power elites, the wealthy elites."
Starring: Shane rubbing his head.
Not sure what the market will yield, but I found a pure cashmere FU plaid sport coat by this maker: http://www.alancouture.com/gallery.html
Was glad to see Preston from Can't Hardly Wait get bit.
The Attolini. It is gorgeous (n/a and not true thrift) [[SPOILER]] For me:
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