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There aren't any parameters that define it, but I'd imagine the left would define the alt-right as anyone who questions whether or not the rapid, unprecedented shift in demographics of the U.S. has actually helped or hurt the country. Asking a question like that is clearly bigotry/tin foil hat stuff. Everyone knows that intelligent, enlightened people don't ask those questions, want specifics, or analyze anything below the surface. That kind of stuff is for rubes. More...
I don't know how many speeches he will give. I don't see it as a waste of time. If my prediction is wrong then in terms of his campaign it might be a waste of time, but in a general sense I think hearing an opposing point of view is a good thing for black communities. What they've been hearing in the past hasn't worked out so well.Just out of curiosity, do you believe white people are the only group that contains some "angry people"?
10% assuming he implements his plan to go into black neighborhoods and give speeches.Which specific remarks are you referring to?
Okay, can you clarify your position here? When I asked, you said racism causes a black teenager to get pregnant. So if I understand you correctly, black teenagers don't have sex for the same reason all humans and animals do, as a result of a basic biological survival mechanism, but they have sex because of...racism?Does this apply to everything else as well? Can you name anything that a black human being might do in America that would cause you to place the...
If I had to guess right now, 10% is reasonable. I'd have a much better guess after he gives the first of these speeches.That's a cynical way of looking at it, and of course it's what we'd expect to hear. No republican could genuinely try to do some outreach.If Trump doesn't make an attempt, he's racist. If he makes an attempt, he's racist because it's not real. When the idea of a border between two countries has become racist, that argument loses its potency.
Yes, assuming he goes into these communities and has a significant amount of attendees. Isn't it kind of condescending to assume that black people are incapable of hearing an opposing opinion and considering whether or not voting democrat has been beneficial?
Winning a considerably larger percentage than previous republican candidates.
Before Trump won the primary I predicted here that he would do surprisingly well with the black vote. That prediction is falling flat right now, but when I made the prediction I thought Trump would do this a long time ago:http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/08/28/trump-will-go-into-african-american-communities-to-win-minority-vote-aide-says.htmlIf Trump starts giving speeches to black audiences (this assumes they show up), I think he could pull off something unexpected.
Then that would make this electorate completely normal. Most aren't looking for nuance whether they're voting for Hillary or Trump. I always laugh when I hear commentators claim Trump is too vague, as if that's rare among politicians. This election, and as are all elections, will be about about ideology for many people. Trump's is unclear, Hillary's isn't. As I've said before, I'll take the unknown over Hillary. Trump might do something bad on an issue I care about,...
I track my macros daily and that's more sugar than I consume in an entire week (with exceptions when I have a cheat day twice a month) I love Mountain Dew though. Used to drink it all the time when I was a kid.
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