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^ha. Sometime in the middle of the night a buyer with zero feedback offered $10.00 on a nwt Tom Ford tie. No idea how my automatic decline didn't kick it. I've noticed that it occasionally gets turned off somehow. I have to think people do this to be intentionally annoying. I declined it and added him to my block list. Better to be proactive about problem buyers than deal with a situation after a sale has occurred.
Well, those pee stained Bijan pants sold for $0.99
I've never encountered a gun shop, including Gander, that won't match prices. I would support the smaller stores, but if Gander is the most convenient just get prices from the area and they will call to confirm the price, and match it.
These shirts were a recent order of mine and the fit is not right for me, so I have decided to sell them and recoup some of the cost. You don't need to worry about shrinkage because part of my fitting process was washing all of the shirts twice to remove shrinkage (hang dry). These shirts were over $100 per shirt and I had to wait 7 weeks - you get them in 2 days. They are slim fit and will fit someone with an athletic build. Approximate size is a 16.75" collar with a...
Wes, that red polo blazer is awesome. Did someone outbid me on that brown plaid RLPL shirt 30 min ago?
+1. I purchased a Saddleback belt just for this. Consider the width of the belt. 1.75" is probably too wide for most holster clips.
Crossbreedhttp://www.crossbreedholsters.com/I have the mini-tuck. Extremely comfortable and it distributes the weight effectively.Good overview of inside the waistband holstershttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSUWWw14XqE
AE (n/a) Zegna (n/a) First Gitman tie (n/a)
The building I used to work in had toilets separated by actual drywall. Your own tiny room with a real door so if the mood strikes, you had the option of rubbing one out while standing, which is much less dangerous from a stain perspective. Somehow our small office is burning through air freshner in the men's room at a rate of 1 bottle per day. I mentioned it to a friend only to find out that on 2 separate occasions he knocked it in the toilet and had to throw it away. ...
New Posts  All Forums: