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And I have like a dozen Barbera ties that I thought I checked as a comparison. I guess I missed that brand. Edit - E Marinella?
Can anyone kindly ID this tie? I've seen this label before and I checked all of my ties, but nothing matches. Perhaps it's an older label from a maker I'm familiar with, but has since been changed.
First Brioni for personal use. Most of the Brioni I find is 44-46+. I hardly ever see it in a 40-42R and the few times I have something has always killed the deal. It was either dated, had really short sleeves with working cuffs, etc. I'm normally a 42R but I find that Brioni is cut a little full for me, so this 40R was perfect. Not true thrift, about 5% of retail. Wool/Silk blend. When I saw the lining on this jacket I thought Kiton, and the next thing that...
Correction on my part with regard to the Kiton I posted a couple pages back. I missed the folders as they were higher up.
Ascot Chang orange seersucker. Definitely an unusual combo - peak lapel seersucker with patch pockets, but it fits so perfectly it might as well have been tailored for me. Just wish I would have found it at the beginning of summer.
This one is not a 7-fold - edit, my bad, the folders were higher up and I missed them. [[SPOILER]]
Fabric looks really nice, but I'm not a fan of the lapels. Seems like they're going for a Tom Ford lookalike, which I've never liked because I think the gorge is too low. I believe their 3-roll-2 Washington has a higher gorge and slightly more narrow lapel, which looks better IMO. I wish they'd stop putting working cuffs on their jackets from the factory.
To answer your question - I just sold a NWT puffer vest. The tag on mine was $2,495.
Those pics are incredible, Spoo. Such an accomplishment. Well done!
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