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Ranger - aka Bub, aka Tank, aka Hoss, and so on
Fair enough, but I thought their comments were attempts at baiting him, which is why I thought it was appropriate to respond. Perhaps I should have let it go.
Just to be clear - the two off-topic, passive aggressive responses to his completely legitimate question was not considered an attempt at derailing the thread, but me calling them out for this gets your attention?
I figured that was coming, and I completely agree, it's not a subject for this thread which is why I called out the two passive aggressive responses that tried to take the thread off topic.
Knowing the IRS, I wouldn't. If you get audited I doubt it would bode well for your treatment.Can you guys tell me part of the country you live in where crime only happens in certain, determinable areas? I need to more there asap. I've been living under the apparent ridiculous assumption that crime happens everywhere 1)
Outlet find, most likely for personal use. 100% Silk [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of Brioni... (that black stuff is mink) The details on this were so over the top. Leather lining under the collar and in several other places. Each cuff had the same black leather strap with gold buckle that you see on the back. It had a removable vest and the mink collar was removable. The blue fabric was a cashmere/wool/silk blend, I think. If it had been about $500 cheaper I would have picked it up. Could have still flipped it, but after fees and taxes I...
SOLD This was my wedding suit and has only been worn one time. I paid $2,000 for this suit at the Ralph Lauren store on Palm Beach Island. This was a limited edition color, not something that Ralph Lauren offers on a regular basis. It has been stored on a proper suit hanger and in a garment bag. The suit is fully canvassed and made in Italy. I am open to reasonable offers. I have attached a photo of me wearing the suit in a wedding shot, so you didn't think I picked...
Beautiful cashmere. Mint condition, looks unworn. This jacket does NOT have working cuffs, so you can easily tailor the sleeves to your liking. The client tag is still attached (shown in photos). The color is best described as Beige/Orange with a tiny bit of Blue mixed in. Shipping to CONUS: $11.60 PayPal Only Measurements: Pit to Pit: 22.75" Jacket Waist: 21.5" Sleeve Length: 25.25" (1.5" extra available) Shoulders: 18.5" Length (BOC): 30.5" Vents: ...
If you can, invest in a new mannequin. If the jacket looks bad in the photos it can and will hurt your margins and sometimes cost you sales altogether.Nice.
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