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The 16.5" ESF are too baggy around the waist for me. The arms are also too baggy. If you have to size up to accommodate your neck/chest, it's highly unlikely they are going to fit you in the waist. If I were to size down to get something that fit better around the waist, it would be too tight in the chest and I wouldn't be able to button the neck. It really depends on how you're built. As far as non-iron, mentioned above, I prefer non-iron for work. It's just a hell...
Bumping this for a recommendation. I'll be traveling for my wedding and need to transport 1 suit and 1 sport coat. I don't want to put them in any checked luggage, for obvious reasons. Does anyone have either of these models? It seems silly to spend $400 (amazon) on a bag that I don't plan on using often. The discontinued model is cheaper, but is not designed as a true garment bag. I researched alternatives offered by Samsonite and didn't like what I found, although...
Shout out to hkbshin for an awesome tie!This pic is making me wanna go this weekend. I haven't been there in at least 6 months. Most of the TF ties I saw last time were too ugly to buy. It's always dangerous because I end up wanting to buy for myself.
Can't wait to see this - looks brand new from the condition of the interior.PRL cordsScottish Cashmere
Thanks guys. I almost missed the d'Avenza, didn't catch it until I went back to look at something else. Still bummed about the LP suits. When I got home I went in the bathroom and tried one of the orphans, looked in the mirror and said "fuck you." Fit like a glove, but then again I'm not big on pinstripes (even if the pants had been with 'em). Would have definitely preferred two awesome blazers instead.Hope that came in handy. I usually build a map like that if I'm...
Cherry pop. Going to hang onto these orphans for a couple weeks just in case the pants turn up. They fit great, the sleeves just need shortened 1/4" (one has working cuffs, one doesn't). Based on the way they were priced, the pants definitely didn't get separated after they were put out - so nobody bought the pants and left the jackets behind. ISAIA and St. Andrews for LP
2 Loro Piana (the real LP) suits in my size. No goddamn pants
I've got a spreadsheet on Naples thrifts. My experience has varied. Did great one time, damn near skunked the next time.
That looks like 295 to me. Did you mean you lifted 175lbs, or your body weight is 175lbs? Anyway, nice setup. You don't need much for a great home gym. I train at home, too.
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