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I got an amazing deal on a brand new Hudson and returned it. It's more of a show piece than something you cuddle up with. It didn't live up to the hype. YMMV, but finding one at a thrift is super cool.
Sorry, but that's unequivocally false.
Glock releases their long awaited single stack 9mm. http://youtu.be/O6E7qRJsE2Y
Thrift find. Keeping as of right now. I saw a couple of Zegna ties at Marshalls, but I think they were $59.Saw a fake Birkin at a thrift, so my wife wanted to go to Hermes to look at bags. The leather on the real Birkin was incredible. I've never felt anything so supple used for a bag. She almost walked out with one of their cheaper bags (cheaper used lightly), but wisdom prevailed and she resisted, for now.
Couple of thangs. The seersucker jacket is BB, front zip, lightweight. The Belvest is an orphan but came in super cheap, and somebody always eventually buys them.
Check the front of that tie carefully, pretty sure there's a stain
I'm always shocked by this. Why would someone buy second hand gym clothing that's been sweated in repeatedly by another person - especially at close to retail prices?
Shout out to @kbadgley84 for putting me onto a 4th pair of Sid Masburn pants from the same donor that fit me perfectly.
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