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Pumped for season 3. The first two seasons are supremely re-watchable, hoping this one is too.
Found at lunch. This exact tie seems to do pretty well on eBay, but I'll probably keep it. A buyer convinced me to sell him the Borrelli tie on my mannequin (he bought three suits at once), so I replaced it with a Hilditch & Key tie I found just days before.
I couldn't care less where the article is featured. I've read noteworthy pieces on Huffington Post.
http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/regardless-of-the-law-i-cant-allow-a-man-to-enter-a-bathroom-with-my-wife-or-daughter/I suppose believing in men and women as separate sexes/genders is now discrimination in the context of public restrooms.
Yeah. As you said, the prices were usually too high to flip, but I found a few things here and there that were resold for a decent profit. @330CK might be able to comment on the change in their buying patterns.
The TJ Maxx on PGA pulled most of their high-end inventory for men and no longer carry anything even approaching what they used to. It started declining 18-24 months ago. I still pop in once in a while but stopped going on a regular basis after inventory took a nose dive. The "runway" section that used to be stocked is now a couple of racks with True Religion jeans being the cream of the crop. I'm sure the occasional good stuff still hits the racks, but from a return...
Some guy asked me how old a dress shirt was, current label Canali. The auction title said "current label." If it's the current label and the auction has an abundance of photos and a description of the shirt's condition, why would it even matter how old it was? The age of the shirt has little bearing on its condition when contrasted with other factors such as how often it was worn, how it was cared for, did someone stain it, etc. I could have a suit from the 70's that's...
We were in Charlotte a few months ago. http://midwoodsmokehouse.com/ I'm not a BBQ connoisseur, but our food was incredible. We also ate at Fig Tree; it was very good. http://www.opentable.com/the-fig-tree-restaurant
No worries, just didn't want people to be confused.
You quoted the wrong person. You are referring to @Reosymes post, not mine. That was a screen shot from his auction. My post was about a completely unrelated experience.
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