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I suspect Trump's supporters have many different reasons for liking him. A lot of it is emotion, but despite all of his pandering and vagueness he does have some good ideas. They are not unique to him, though. Other candidates feel the same way, but I'm not sure if we would be talking about some of this stuff without Trump.
I would agree - my Kahr definitely has a stiffer spring than my Glocks. I never liked the appearance of the LC9, and the trigger was horrible on the original model. I'm sure they improved it a lot on the new version, though. I also prefer a striker fired gun. It's a hard sell to people who are new to carrying, but I think an external safety on a carry gun is a bad idea.
On a more serious note, I was home during Christmas and spent some time with my grandmother. The presidential race came up and she asked me who I liked the most. She mentioned Trump and said something like "he just makes sense to me." Beneath all the sarcasm I think there's something to that, and it's not because people like my grandmother come from a time and a place where certain people were lesser than. Maybe it's because Trump talks plainly, but I think it's...
Is that calculation starting after the release of the 43? If so, that's really surprising. I suppose it's a difficult comparison because they weren't released at the exact same time, which would be the only scenario that would give a true answer in terms of demand.I never understood the design of the 42. For example, it's bigger than a Kahr PM9 and shoots an inferior, more expensive round. I suppose for someone looking to buy their first subcompact they might be drawn...
I put it inside during lunch so it was only sitting outside for a very short amount of time. 77lbs total. No markings on the packages.
Buy it while it's relatively cheap. If Hillary wins I wouldn't want to be buying ammunition the next day.
My "small" order that arrived today from ammunition depot. Hope the driver didn't get a hernia carrying it to the door.
Ever notice how every woman at eBay customer support has the exact same voice? It's like they're using some kind of voice software.
I should have clarified - by field strip I'm not necessarily implying that I would be taking it apart in my car, or somewhere on-the-go. I simply meant that when I'm cleaning my firearm it's annoying to have to use a tool to get the slide off.Having said that, I'm a collector and I plan on building my collection over the years, especially as we have access to outdoor shooting on our own property.Hoping to shoot it this weekend. I was surprised that Glock released a...
I like the PM9 overall, but I don't like the field stripping method. The pin that pops out requires the use of something - be it a key or some other small metal object that can pry it out. It's too tight to extract with my fingers. I'd rather be able to field strip my carry gun without using anything other than my hands. I liked the way the G43 felt. It fit my hands better than the PM9. It is slightly larger so that explains why. If and when she learns to shoot,...
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