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In the last few years I've worn a bow tie to the office maybe 3 times. I wouldn't do it on a regular basis, but it depends on your culture. I work in a small office at a private company.
Agreed, and call me crazy, but posting active auctions here seems counter intuitive to me.
Not true. I've been fairly close to his height/weight before (190 at 5'11) and had a 12" drop. It's extraordinary difficult to find OTR shirts/suits that fit someone with a large neck and a 12" drop - trust me.To the OP, depending on your measurements, you might try Zegna or Ralph Lauren Black Label.
Do you wear suits to work? If not, get whatever the hell color/pattern you want. You've already got a navy for job interviews, weddings and funerals.
cherry pop (n/a)
Congratulations, Snoogz.
Anonymous cord vests
Great stuff Wes and HandsderHund. I don't always find mint ISAIA suits that are a wool/cashmere blend in my size with working cuffs. But when I do, I grab a couple of BB squares with that bitch. (all are N/A).
That really sucks. The inherent problem with eBay customer service is that they are following a script and have very little, if any, autonomy to make rational decisions when needed. At a minimum, they should have removed the portion of the feedback that said you refused to offer a return. Then, once the return has been processed, the rest of it should have been removed.
Looks like a slinky to me.
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