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How will they highlight the targeting of gays without specifically incriminating the culture of Islam? Contradictions within the hierarchy of political correctness are typically not at odds with one another in such an obvious way.
Considering what just happened in Orlando, I wonder what Trump's poll numbers are going to look like in a week. Hillary wants 65,000 more "refugees."
Initial report of 20+ dead in Orlando night club shooting. Early reporting from the FBI indicates shooter might have had ties to terrorist organizations. The shooter was killed.
That's because the government will inevitably inject its own agenda into "fairness." Considering that one has little recourse against the government, it makes sense to limit their power to prevent this very thing from happening.I could argue that stealing money from someone is nearly universally accepted as being inherently wrong. You'd have a much harder time arguing that a private citizen is inherently wrong because they choose not to do business with someone who...
So I heard someone pronounce the beginning of the word ISAIA like you would pronounce "is" - as in "the sky is blue." It was like is-ē-uh. I've always pronounced it like i-zay-uh. Which is correct?
This needs repeating:It's not possible for a government to be limited, constitutional and just, but at the same time vengeful and exhibit such control over its people that it can loot a private citizens bank account in Oregon because they didn't give a lesbian couple a wedding cake.We'll see.In other Trump news:http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2016/06/08/ann-coulter-stunning-new-development-media-calls-trump-racist/
Different world. We disagree on a philosophical level. I see the world in a different way. I'm okay with private business having the right to discriminate because I predict that the long term effects of social engineering will be far worse. A vengeful, corrupt and all powerful government who wages war, literally and figuratively, against its own citizens is exponentially more dangerous than someone being turned away by a bakery. The side effects of my plan are easily...
The public shaming that would result from widespread discrimination would force those places out of business rather quickly. If they stayed in business, you are provided the ability to determine who is worthy of your hard earned dollars. Equality has little to do with forcing unwilling parties to enter into a business transaction.We aren't choosing between two ideals. You either stick with a system that respects private property and the rights of individual business...
Let the people and market determine which businesses survive. One thing we know for certain - nothing bad could ever come from a piece of legislation designed to strong arm lenders into loaning money to people who are not creditworthy.You make it sound as though the only people potentially discriminated against would be black people.See below.1) Yes, assuming that country is worthy of patriotism. The rest of the world is not obligated to recognize any country as the...
New Posts  All Forums: