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Awesome find. I get that it's been adopted for streetwear, but I would feel weird wearing something with Navy lettering on it unless I had been a sailor. YMMV (and maybe you were in the Navy).
White resentment will become even more of a crutch. They aren't going to win by convincing working class whites. They'll try to increase Hispanic and black turnout, and it will be attempted in typical identity politics fashion. They are incapable of doing anything else.
The collar pictured is not the soft ivy, it's the button down II (and yes it's me in the photo). The only reason I question the measurements playing a big role is that I've had this issue throughout my sizing process, which has included a range of chest/yoke measurements. I think that photo also exaggerates the extra material, but the shirt is not extremely tight fitting either. However, if you've not had this issue with any shirts, then perhaps you're correct. Are...
Looking for suggestions from people who have successfully remedied the collapsing collar issue. The shirt pictured here has a standard front placket, which is supposed to help prevent this, but the side of the shirt without the placket still collapses. I've tried several collars - president spread II, president cutaway, soft roma cutaway, button down - and I can't seem to fix the issue. My super heavy flannel shirts (the heaviest fabric PC offers) do not have this...
Unless you support unfettered illegal and legal immigration (from all places in the world) and a pathway to citizenship, you're a racist bigot. That will always be how the left sees Trump, regardless of how much he believes in man made climate change. So to answer your question, yes, he is still objectionable to a very large portion of the country.
Makes sense. Too tactically dull to have the common sense to setup an ambush, but tactically savvy enough to pick up Morse code on the fly via blinks during a high stress situation when it's the last thing he would have been thinking about.
Trump is proposing something like a trillion dollar stimulus program. It will be interesting to see how it differs from Obama's stimulus, and how a republican congress handles this. Certainly part of Bannon's plan. Maybe they can buy their way in.http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/18/politics/steve-bannon-donald-trump-hollywood-reporter-interview/
I grew up with a lot of poor kids who had access to guns. Nobody I knew was murdered for their tennis shoes. I'm not even sure the economic factor should be at play in this specific crime, but I'm willing to include it. He didn't kill the kid over a loaf of bread to feed his little sister. It was a pair of tennis shoes.It takes a complete lack of parenting and widespread cultural problems to produce a 15 year old kid that is willing to murder another human for a pair...
This story is a microcosm of everything wrong with the approach to gun violence in cities. The grandson of an Illinois congressman was murdered over a pair of sneakers (hello 1990). I read the original story yesterday, and a follow up story came out this morning featuring the grandfather calling for a change in culture. When I saw the headline I thought wow, a liberal congressman finally addressing the cultural contribution to gun violence in black neighborhoods. Just...
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