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Nope, I'm just aware that he's not here to understand anything, he's just trolling.
If the concept of needing to cut something is foreign to you, I doubt an explanation is going to help. If you aren't going to contribute, start your own thread.Anyway, a daily carry knife should be utilitarian, not elegant. I carry a Dragonfly 2 by Spyderco. It's very small and easily opened with one hand.
I issued a return for a customer on eBay, and the guy was really nice about the whole thing, so much so that it stood out from any return I had in the past. Anyway, I refunded his original shipping which I normally don't do, and he responded by saying that "every bit helps," and sent a video clip of his personal story. He was in a wheelchair, and it apparently it happened through some sort of freak spinal condition that materialized during church camp. He said it...
My 2nd order. Wish I would have tried Hober years ago.
My experience has only gotten worse since then. After placing my most recent order, I emailed customer service within minutes to inform them that I wanted to make a chance to the half-bicep measurement. I wanted to change it to 7.75 inches. They replied and said they would inform the tailor. A second email from them said that they had checked with the tailor and he had indeed made my cuffs 7.75" as requested. I responded and informed them that I said half-bicep, not...
I use BINOBO almost exclusively. It's a guaranteed way to get maximum value. The only unknown is how long it has to sit. I just sold a used BB tie for $42. I'd get slaughtered if I auctioned off stuff like that.Occasionally bidding wars drive up a price, but that's not the norm.
I found one, nwt, but sold it because it had a small jet stitched onto the blade of the tie. It could be removed, but doing so without messing up the fabric wasn't something I wanted to risk and end up with a worthless tie.
Did you have the airplane stitching removed?
We had our fair share, it just wasn't a big ordeal. And it's not limited to the storm being played up from a climate change perspective, it's every news outlet. The headlines are quite literally what you'd expect to see if Miami was getting 2 feet of snow.
Can't it just fucking snow anymore? I remember snow storms 25 years ago, before the 24 hour news cycle, and a heavy snow wasn't the end of the goddamn world.
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