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I will not fear Pio as long as white, non-muslim men from Canada continue to be far less of a security risk than a military-aged male from Afghanistan.Now we're getting somewhere. I wish more liberals would admit this. The U.S. government has no obligation to save the life of someone living in Somalia. It has an explicit obligation to protect the lives of its own citizens. And in fact, any government official importing refugees under the twisted logic that 1,000 dead...
You could make that argument, but only because nobody was killed (which means it will be forgotten more quickly) and most people lack the attention span to connect the dots between immigration and terrorism.But I don't think that will be the case. It's too close to the first debate. This is a huge opportunity for Trump and he's not going to let it slip by.
It's a miracle nobody was killed with multiple attacks. This couldn't come at a worse time for Hillary, nor could the circumstances have been worse. No opportunity to blame an AR-15. Not even a handgun. A knife and a pressure cooker. Both suspects are foreign born, imported problems from areas that I think can be sold as questionable places to be taking immigrants from.
http://www.sctimes.com/story/news/local/2016/09/17/reports-several-hurt-crossroads-center-incident/90607870/"St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis identified that officer as Jason Falconer during a press conference Sunday.A short time earlier, St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan."
http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/09/18/minnesota-mall-attacker-referenced-allah-before-stabbing-rampage-police-chief-says.html Suspect shouting "Allah" stabs 8 at mall in Minnesota. The state has been enriched. Their Somalia resettlement program has catapulted the state to leading in such desirable stats as having the greatest number of people leaving to fight for ISIS, and the leading state for foiled terrorist plots.
The maifa represented the same threat level to the average person as Islamic terrorism? Even at its height in America the mafia wasn't a threat to Joe Smith buying a loaf of bread at the supermarket. The murders committed by the mafia, while sometimes involving innocent people, are not comparable to a global terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to kill as many innocent people as possible.
I think this was the first major speech by Trump that CNN and MSNBC didn't cover. I wonder why. If I'm watching one of his speeches I will usually flip to those two channels and see if they're running it, and last night they chose not to.And there's this:http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/14/did-trump-really-mock-reporters-disability-videos-could-back-him-up.htmlTrump on video, before he mocked the disabled reporter, using the same mannerisms and hand gestures to...
I think you meant Michael Moore
I didn't say we shouldn't have immigration. What I implied is that we did too much too fast. One party doesn't want to slow down at all and doesn't want to apply restrictions on the most dangerous places in the world.Our economic system is tied to our culture. There's nothing stopping most of these nations from starting from scratch and attempting to implement something that more closely resembles what the U.S. has. To deny that our culture is superior to that of most...
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