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Mint, no idea how old it is.
Can't say I agree. There are plenty of major features that don't do this, and certainly not to the degree that it's obnoxious.
A 2-hour Mercedes commercial with no characters. The product placement conflicts with the storyline. The park can't figure out how to reduce costs, but every single park vehicle is a Mercedes (complete with sweeping shots of the grille emblem every time a benz is shown, which is about every 5 minutes). What does the average person drink while working on their motorcycle in a desolate forest? Why, an ice cold glass bottle of Coca-Cola, of course. There's actually a...
The stitching around the collar/lapel is ugly and not something I'd want on any suit, especially for a job interview. I also don't like the jetted ticket pocket.
If you want to characterize our philosophical and fiscal disagreement as me "missing the point," then don't be surprised if I accuse you of fitting the stereotype of people who take your position on this topic. You're not enlightened.
I think it's a matter of choosing where you want your money to go, rather than more of it being taken from your paycheck and that decision being made for you by someone else. Also, I don't feel as though it's my responsibility to pay for the healthcare of people who contribute nothing to the system because they pay no income tax. And while I'm aware those of us in the U.S. share some of that cost burden when they show up to the ER, I'd prefer not to let them use that as...
It's not "free," and it's not "free" in other countries, unless you're aware of a country that has an entire field of medical professionals who all work for nothing.It's paid for through higher taxes and increases in other costs.
"Ralph Lauren Collection" used to be a great way to search her men's listings. RLPL was always listed under that name. I think she wised up a little since then.
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