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These, plus a couple of other paisley Brioni shirts that I haven't processed yet.
I've always been a Mayweather fan, but I'm indifferent here. I'm just excited to see this fight, don't necessarily care who wins. As far as the bar thing, best $100 bucks you can spend. I'd rather chew broken glass than watch a fight like this at a bar.
I hate to ask, cause it's such a sweet find, but did the previous owner have the jacket shortened? The pockets look low. Maybe it's just the angle. Either way, so nice, hopefully my Kiton day will come.
Hermes hoodie is awesome, but would definitely sell. The purpose of wearing a hoodie is to be comfortable and not give a fuck. Couldn't do that wearing a $2,500 hoodie. Cherry pop for me. Willis & Geiger Hemingway Safari Jacket. n/a
Received a returned item 46 days after it was delivered to the buyer. I did agree to the return, but this is excessive. I messaged them and asked about the delay. Doesn't eBay have some window that's technically longer than 14 days?
That jacket looks like shit on that model, IMO. Just not a fan of anything about the BB cut.
Very nice. As much as I think I'd like to own that, and as awesome as a lot of BB pieces are that I've found in my size, I always end up getting rid of them (even the ones I've had tailored). I don't know if it's the drape, the shoulder or the cut in general, but I've never put on a BB blazer and thought "wow." I have, however, put on a lot of PRL, Zegna and ISAIA and had the 'wow' reaction.
No argument there - my question was geared toward a hypothetical where the same person would be eating the same macros, with the only difference being the timing of their carbs.
Supposedly, if you're of the traditional/old school mindset, when carbohydrates are consumed can significantly affect fat loss and fat gain.https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/controlled-carb-bulking-strategy
Has anyone noticed real benefits from timing your carbohydrate intake? i.e., consuming most of your carbs in the morning and pre/post workout. There are varying schools of thought on this - some people say that carb timing is completely irrelevant, others swear by it. In the past I have never worried about timing, not because I was convinced it didn't matter, but mostly because I wanted to carbs whenever I felt like it.
New Posts  All Forums: