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There's a new guy at work that's bugging everyone. He walks around the department asking everyone if they have any big plans for the night - on a daily basis. Unfailingly, Monday night he comes up to your door..."got any big plans for the night?" The next morning..."How was your evening?" 5 days a week. Every single person in our department is either married or engaged. I'm the only one without kids. We aren't singles living in NYC. I'm fairly productive at home...
I'm probably the only person who saw that haul and messaged him about one of the hangers
Good god.
Some NMLC tie buys (n/a): L to R: Drake's, Drake's, Brioni, Drake's, TF, TF, TF Paul Stuart
There are much better options at $1,000.
Check with your range. My range does not allow steel case pistol ammo. Steel case rifle ammo is allowed, though.I want to buy an AR every time I handle my AK. It's heavy and cumbersome.Regarding my previous post, I really wouldn't worry about optics unless you believe you'll need to use the rifle outdoors for defense someday, or if budget isn't a concern then by all means get a good optic. Nobody needs and probably wouldn't want optics for typical home defense scenarios. ...
The picture below represents a 42R that measures true to its tagged size. However, let's say the jacket is tagged a 42R but it measures a 40R. I will change the text in parenthesis to read "measures a 40R, please refer to measurements." I will also list it as a 40R in the title of the auction.
Also, factor in optics + ammunition + additional mags. Most people are presumably buying a rifle like this to have "just in case" and that means keeping 500-1,000 rounds for it at all times (of course some will argue for more than this). With today's prices, a decent ammo stockpile can run you half the cost of the goddamn rifle.
Thanks for the review.I have garment bags for hanging in a closet, but I don't have a piece of carry-on luggage that would work. In the past I have carried-on either a filson small duffel or my filson briefcase. The nearby TJmaxx has a good selection of luggage, and I could probably find a decent carry-on piece for under $70 that would hold a suit by simply folding it in half once. This is sounding like the best option so far.
Congrats. That must be a big relief with a baby on the way.
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