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You joined the forum to copy the text of my post?
And that would be a tragedy and those officers should be in prison. I'm not disagreeing with you on the idea that there needs to be more accountability and restraint if at all possible. Anyone who honestly believes in less government would have to want more accountability and less force from police, unless absolutely necessary. I'm in that boat.I just disagree with your premature assessment that compares the deaths in Dallas to Louisiana and Minnesota.
Yes, I asked if you were certain that neither one of them deserved to be shot. Which part of that was unclear? Hypothetically speaking, if it turns out that the guy in Louisiana was trying to pull his gun out of his pocket with his right hand, does one not deserve to be shot in that situation? If we find out the shooting was unjustified, then your comparison is valid as neither the officers in Dallas or the suspect in Louisiana would have been deserving of their...
The five murdered officers in Dallas were unquestionably innocent. Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those other two guys did not deserve to be shot? As far as I know, new evidence has not been released and the investigations have just begun. The tapes look bad, but if experience tells us anything it's to wait for things to play out.
This definitely happens. I've seen it, and I've seen it from people who claim we should always wait for the facts. As soon as questionable sources started reporting that the guy in Minnesota looked like a robbery suspect, they immediately took it as gospel.The suspect's past isn't as relevant as the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but if the media lies and portrays the person as an angel, it's only fair that someone counter that by giving the other side to the...
So you don't think she's using subtleties to blame white people in order to pander to black lives matter/black voters?
Did you expect her to phrase it like this "white people are to blame for everything that's wrong in black communities." Based on her tweet she either believes that white people not being good listeners is the root cause of problems in the black community, or she's saying that to win their vote. Either way it's dangerous and pathetic.
As far as I know blm doesn't require a membership fee and registration form.
Congrats! It's shipping tomorrow morning.
https://mobile.twitter.com/HillaryClinton?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Could her pandering be more obvious and fake? Apparently white people are entirely to blame for all of this. I can't imagine what race relations will look like if this vile witch gets 8 years.
New Posts  All Forums: