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lol. This game rocked. There's an app available that lets you play it on your phone. They need a video like that for Age of Empires II.
[[SPOILER]] Okay, so get ready for a laugh. On the 2nd to last day of my honeymoon I turned off my vacation settings from my iPad at the hotel, or so I thought. Apparently it didn't work. On top of that, apparently there's a checkbox on the vacation settings that says "hide my fixed price listings when on vacation." This must have been checked automatically. Because I couldn't see any of my listings, I wasn't aware my store was still in vacation mode because my eBay...
SO PISSED RIGHT NOW My sales slowed down dramatically this month (last month was $3,400, this month is $799 to date), and I didn't think anything of it because I had my store closed while I was on my honeymoon, etc. Anyway, I decided to generate sales on my BINOBO items (basically everything I have listed) by auctioning off some nice items at $9.99 with no reserve. I start the auctions, some 10-day and some 7-day. 5 days later and I've received NO offers on any of my...
First -- are you using the slide release to chamber the first round? Kahr recommends this, and you are setting yourself up for failures if you chamber the first round by racking the slide with your hand. Shoot another 100-150 rounds through it - ideally using whatever ammo you plan on carrying. I have a P380 and it was flawless out of the box (as was my PM9), but other people have experienced a break-in period with failures.
Certainly repairable, just not sure if the average buyer wants to mess with that. Either way, if I tried to swing that suit with a hole I would definitely go BINOBO. I've had a DB Paul Stuart suit listed forever and haven't been able to get rid of it. That being said, most of the blazers seem to move pretty fast. I pass on PS shirts unless they're absolutely mint and attractive pattern/color and dirt cheap.
Looks like it has a hole in it, no? Plus pleated trousers. Doesn't seem all that crazy IMO.
ISAIA Slubby x2. (n/a) Finance novelty tie (n/a)
Also received the 40% off coupon today. One for womens, one for mens.
Entered day 19 of my beard. I itch.
I would strongly encourage anyone wanting to carry a 642 to shoot one first. I hated mine and sold it. My carrying philosophy is headed in the opposite direction, in the sense that I'm sizing up, not down. I'm going to start carrying my glock 26, plus an extra mag, instead of my Kahr pm9. Just waiting on my crossbreed to get here. There won't be enough extra room IWB to carry the additional mag in that manner, so I'm going with one of...
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