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Rick, and possibly Daryl, are Tony Soprano. Killing them off before the end of series wouldn't work well.
I haven't seen behavior from Rick that concerns me. Taking the gun off the dead body, which seemed to shock the group, should be common sense. Maybe I misread the scene but it doesn't make sense to use that as a way to characterize Rick's devolving state. The preview of the 6th season clearly showed Rick's direction and how it might be "dangerous," but I'm not seeing that in anything he has done at this point in the season.
I assume you are referring to the friendly fire scene. The guy who wrote the goodbye letter to his wife could have been attacked at any moment during the fight. Instead they decided to wait until the fight was over and everyone was addressing the black guy's gunshot wound to the calf. There was a dead silence, 5-6 sets of eyes are looking around, and out of nowhere a zombie appears on his back and bites him in the shoulder.
That's a unicorn if from NMLC. I have yet to see a hermes tie there.
They could have spent more time discussing leaving / not leaving people behind. I like to see at least 25 minutes of that. Zombies are coming down both sides of the street and there are infinite directions to run minus those two ways, so let's hem ourselves up in this alley with a dumpster.
Thank you.For the time being the Magpul will be it. There's a chance we could be buying a home in the mountains in the next ~2 years, and if that happens I will certainly be looking into long range shooting and thus upgrading the optics.
you devil dog
They also smell like they've been dead for a week. I caught and cleaned a big snapper with my grandpa when I was 10. One of the worst experiences of my life and the last time I ever ate turtle soup.
Final additions will include Magpul MBUS Pro sights and a sling (probably from SOE). Weight right now, unloaded, is about 6.8lbs. Not too shabby for an 18" barrel and 15" handguard. edit:
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