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I assume this is 80's - 90's era. n/a Disappointed when I found out the pants to this PRL Corn 3-piece were destroyed beyond repair. Those buttons BB 3-piece
The bulk of my ties are Sam Hober, Brioni and Tom Ford with a couple of Hermes / ISAIA mixed in as well as a few randoms I've come across.
About 30 seconds after grabbing it another flipper (whom I've had conversations with) came into the men's section. Makes you wonder how much awesome shit you've missed out on by minutes or merely seconds.
so this happened…
Thank you for this - and you were correct
I still show 8 days being the shortest option on my settings... edit: looks like you need to have your combined payment options setup differently than I do, otherwise you won't be able to select anything shorter than an 8 day period for the unpaid item assistant...
8 days is still the fastest you can open an unpaid item case via the automatic system. I just checked because I was going to change mine to 5 days if the policy had changed.
New Posts  All Forums: