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Did you have the airplane stitching removed?
We had our fair share, it just wasn't a big ordeal. And it's not limited to the storm being played up from a climate change perspective, it's every news outlet. The headlines are quite literally what you'd expect to see if Miami was getting 2 feet of snow.
Can't it just fucking snow anymore? I remember snow storms 25 years ago, before the 24 hour news cycle, and a heavy snow wasn't the end of the goddamn world.
If I don't buy anything, my average time in a GW is less than 5 minutes. Theres really only 1 store I go to that requires a lot of time. I never look at jeans, short sleeved shirts, and rarely look at belts. I skim the pants pretty quick.
Been a while since I posted finds - some backlog:
I'm devastated. He didn't use the phrase in a demeaning manner. The fact that you insist on infantilizing gays/lesbians and feel they need special treatment or need to be protected is condescending, and a hallmark of irony when it comes to political correctness. I think they should be treated like everyone else - but unfortunately some people are committed to making them a special class, which only perpetuates differences among us.
You did nothing wrong. The fact that he was overly sensitive and had no idea what the phrase meant or implied is not your fault.Anyway, PRL overcoat:
No, it's not the same thing. And he wasn't taking a literal stab at the gay community, c'mon. Let's not turn this thread into some vile place where people are offended by everything. I have two close relatives that are homosexual, and the remark didn't bother me one bit, but then again my priority during any given day isn't to appease people's precious little feelings.
So far my experience has been good - although customer service can be slow to respond to questions (one question never received a response). For daily wear I want a non-iron fabric and I've found one on their site I like very much - and it comes in several staple colors - so I'm sticking with them for now.
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