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I'm assuming "open trade and open borders" means exactly what it says, open trade and open borders.
So you're in favor of completely eliminating any border the U.S. has?
With all of the partisanship here, this is probably the most nonsensical post I've read in a while. And no, I don't think the media is "fabricating" these allegations about Trump. They should cover Trump. They've been doing a good job of covering Trump, the problem is the way they've covered Hillary. Fox cannot compete with ABC/NBC/CBS, Hollywood, almost every educational institution, etc. It's not possible. Your presumption is that "well Fox talks about Hillary so...
Are you really claiming there's not a concerted effort on behalf of the largest networks and newspapers to downplay this stuff about Hillary? And you don't think that's influencing people's opinions? You can't be serious.
He's done. His ego won't let him step down, and of course by doing so he would be admitting something. Given the timing, I have no idea if the allegations are true but at this point it doesn't really matter.
Very empowering and non-sexist message. "If you're a woman and don't think like me, you must be too dumb to think for yourself."If these allegations against Trump gain momentum, it's over. I know many of you thought that a long time ago, but before the tape leak Trump still had a shot and was on the brink of surpassing her in the polls, and that was before the 2nd debate.
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I did see that, but after I made the post. I think that's a unicorn scenario - the only reason Breitbart ran that headline is because they despise Glenn Beck. CNN obviously ran it because they want people to think Glenn Beck was saying that voting for Hillary is the right thing to do.
He's been polling within or close to the margin of error during most of the election, sometimes beating her in more than half the swing states. When you consider that the media has mounted an unprecedented attack on him as a presidential candidate, claiming that Trump would likely be beating Hillary if she received honest treatment from the media is not delusional at all.I don't think Trump or Hillary is "qualified" in the context of what I would want from a president,...
New Posts  All Forums: