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What prices are you seeing right now for a used 26?I'm hoping to do my first elk hunt next year. I will be looking for a rifle this year and am heavily leaning toward a .300 win mag (not considering anything less powerful). It's economical to shoot compared to a .338 and is adequate for anything I might decide to hunt in the future.I was in the market for a large pack and decided to get something that could pack out an elk when the time comes. I decided on Kifaru which...
The only time I decline an offer without countering is if their offer is super low, which means my auto decline has been turned off through a bug in eBay's system. In that event, I sure as hell don't bother sending a response when I get low balled.
When I see stuff like this I can't help but think some people are just born stupid.
Assuming nothing is wrong with it, I wouldn't leave one of those unless it was priced well above $50. Based on the ones I've found, three-piece tweeds (random brands) consistently sell within a couple days for $175ish, depending on condition and all the usual factors.
I'm not surprised, as I knew the retail prices for most of those brands. But I think a lot of people aren't paying full retail for dress shirts.
$5.00 (n/a)
How many people actually pay those prices for those brands? I suppose some do, but I suspect that many people who wear those brands are not purchasing them at full retail.
Nice piece from HF, pale yellow Found a bunch of custom stuff for the same guy. All fully canvassed, Ascot Chang and a company called elevee that does a lot of work for professional athletes. I haven't been able to figure out who this guy is yet. They are all unvented and 46L (first one is a 48L).
Those two explain which things in society are drooled over, for the most part. I am interested in a lot of things that aren't necessarily expensive or rare, and a thrifted Kiton can buy lots of those things (so I'm told, still waiting on mine).
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