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Right now I'm at 1,835 calories - 175 P / 160 C / 55 FThinking of taking it up to 2,000 for the first week or two, roughly the same ratios. Thereafter I would bump up 100-150 calories a week, depending on how I'm progressing weight/composition wise. 1 pound a month is a little slower than the pace I had in mind, but I don't want to put on unnecessary fat. I was hoping it would average to around 2.5 pounds a month. Too much?I wish, but thank you anyway.As an aside, I...
This was about 18 months ago. Maybe 177lbs. I wasn't tracking my food and overall not happy with my bf. I believe I had a pump in this photo. [[SPOILER]]
Photo below [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for the insight. I was set on bulking a few days ago, but was going back and forth thinking about it. I'm not really cutting for any particular season/climate since we live in south FL. The only reason I was considering to continue the cut would be the possibility of having the additional fat loss be more concentrated from my stomach/lower back, but that could be largely dependent on genetics. Yes you're correct, the end result is decent mass and definition. ...
Need some advice here. I'm nearing the end of my first real cut. I've always been fairly lean by normal standards, so I've never dieted down much in the past and decided about 15 weeks ago that I wanted to lean out before doing a slow bulk. This is also the first time I've religiously tracked my macros on a daily basis. In approximately 15 weeks I went from 174.9 to 159.8 and lost between 2.8-3% body fat. A rough estimation is for every 1.0% reduction body fat I...
I purchased two pairs of the Delray, one in Dark Chili and another in Black. I love the Chili, but for some reason the black doesn't seem to work as well. They remind me of Kenneth Cole or some other cheap brand. I'm thinking about exchanging them - anyone experience something similar with black Delray?
Is it possible to be irritated already? 20 minutes in, nothing has happened. Really dragging out the reveal.
Ranger - aka Bub, aka Tank, aka Hoss, and so on
Fair enough, but I thought their comments were attempts at baiting him, which is why I thought it was appropriate to respond. Perhaps I should have let it go.
Just to be clear - the two off-topic, passive aggressive responses to his completely legitimate question was not considered an attempt at derailing the thread, but me calling them out for this gets your attention?
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