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Saw this awesome Hugo Boss brown leather jacket at an outlet. My concern is that the leather (goat), which probably isn't the highest quality, will bleed onto my clothing/leather car seats if the jacket gets damp or wet. Have any of you experienced this? I haven't owned a leather jacket in a very long time.
I will be in Atlanta next weekend. Pretty pumped.
I don't sell jeans or street wear so this might not be applicable to you, but I went the other direction and eliminated international shipping a long time ago. It wasn't worth the hassle and it made up such an infinitely small portion of my business, it made more sense to eliminate it. YMMV.
Do you have a photo editing program? Most of mine are edited in iPhoto, which works well for me and it's very simple to use. It would be much faster if I didn't have to edit my photos, but most items don't require a ton of editing.
@GMMcLThat's the same brown ISAIA cotton grenadine I found at the outlet.
"The food is great, it's all you can eat." That's usually how the food is described on cruise ships. Is this really a concern when dining out? Portions here are huge. I can't remember a single meal I've eaten at the end of which I was still hungry. There's a french restaurant near us that we've been to a couple times. Maybe there, if you hadn't eaten much all day and ordered something light. I also hate buffets and those seem to be a big cruise selling point.
Who will thrift the 30K hoodie? How many of these things do they actually sell? http://www.loropiana.com/en/eshop/knitwear-bomber-cappuccio-bomber-zip-vicuna-baby-cashmere-mink/p-FAE6554
I thought there was an eBay policy against using profanity in listing titles, or in this case, words that could be considered vulgar. Either way it was good for a laugh.
Neiman Marcus.
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