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Lower receiver group completed Spike's Tactical Lower/Enhanced Parts Kit - Calico Jack BCM Buffer Kit Magpul CTR Magpul Bad Lever
I would imagine it's a balancing between more exposure versus the impatient nature of the average consumer. A 10-day auction can increase exposure, but people want shit fast so if they see the auction doesn't end for 9 more days, they might be more apt to seek alternatives.I do recall a few people claiming better outcomes with 10-day auctions. Not sure how scientific that was, though.
Will message you with measurements.
this thing is nuts...and ugly
Really enjoyed looking at those pics, Spoo. Especially the military stuff.
That is correct.
They ruined the eBay app
(both sold)
Mine have been leeches. Passed on a handful more that have probably been marked down below $15 by now.
Sold a Southwick for $74 a couple weeks ago. I always buy Southwick as long as it's an actual sport coat. I'd probably pass on a solid gray suit jacket orphan.
New Posts  All Forums: