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Trump has a much better chance of improving his image. Clinton isn't going to get more popular. Those polls should worry her.
Maybe the police will apologize for triggering the attack.http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/05/10/police-apologise-fake-suicide-bomber-shouts-allahu-akbar-training-exercise/A Muslim suicide bomber is just an unfounded stereotype.
I used to ship ties first class but now ship everything priority (I'm extremely impatient and I assume others are as well). I charge $6.00 for shipping and ship ties in USPS small flat rate boxes.
Target has family oriented, unisex bathrooms in all of its stores. If they felt the need to make a statement, the sensible thing would have been to highlight the fact that their unisex bathrooms are available for anyone who feels uncomfortable using the men's room or women's room.The fascinating takeaway here is how easily the far left evolves the definition of bigotry in the eyes of the casual democratic voter. Most of these people, who now embrace this newly defined...
On vacation (short road trip). Got skunked here last time. This will pay for the trip plus extra.
It's not that difficult. But yeah, I assume their country of origin would be part of the screening process. I don't work for immigration or NASA, but my conservative, unenlightened logic tells me that figuring out how to stop mass Muslim immigration should be within reach of the country that put a man on the moon before the rest of the world.
I have a bunch of awesome cards my uncle gave me - several Mickey Mantle. Unfortunately the value of most baseball cards from that era is nil unless they're in superb condition. I had them looked at by several shops/collectors and the sentimental value is much more than what they were willing to offer.
Barack Obama, who was unimaginably unqualified to be president, was elected twice. The first time on soundbites, the second time on...soundbites.I'm not sure what your point is. Surely you aren't claiming the democrat debates were substantive by comparison.Yes, Hillary's understanding of the world is what we need. After 8 years of this "enlightened" liberal philosophy, we're clearly on the right path.
Zegna shirt haul from a few weeks ago. All were mint, several were current label NWOT.
Well, if anything has been underestimated during this cycle, it's Trump's ability to appeal to different people. I think diagnosing it as an ability that only applies to voters within the republican party is the wrong way to look at it.
New Posts  All Forums: