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Anyone surprised?
If anyone has a better idea that's worth repeating, I'd like to hear it. I'm afraid people are going to be having this same conversation down the road when things are as bad in the U.S. as they are in parts of Europe.Some French police/investigators are providing new details on the Bataclan attack in Paris, including the torture of some of the hostages. It's being contested by...
The disenfranchised seem to identify with one group more than all the others. Erring on the side of caution is a great idea even when performing the most everyday mundane tasks like considering whether to put loctite on that screw, but somehow when it comes to the mass slaughter of innocent human life we can't err on the side of caution for fear of offending people or being accused of bigotry. Has anybody, here or in academia/media/news/politics been able to justify why...
I shan't disappoint.We expect attacks in countries populated with Islamic religious fanatics. We don't expect frequent attacks in places with evolved cultures. And yet we're forced to deal with them and throw our hands up as if we don't know what's changed over the last 60 years, and have to hear about them being "homegrown" problems. I remember that episode of Leave it to Beaver when Nidal Malik Hasan shouted Allah Akbar and opened fire. Islamic terrorism is as...
There's a video here. Warning, it's very graphic. https://mobile.twitter.com/NewsThisSecond/status/753708818119397377
I wouldn't have guessed that a truck could kill that many people. I guess if you were going fast enough and it was a dense crowd, there's no time for people to get out of the way.
The number killed is now 60. Wow.
30 dead in Nice, France. A truck plowed through a crowd. It's being reported as a terrorist attack.
Anyone who thinks Trump is a racist/crazy/whatever already believes it. It's unlikely that Trump's numbers get any worse (unless he has a huge blunder), but very likely he improves going forward. Hillary can only get worse from where she's at now. She will get pummeled in the debates. I don't see anything that she can do going forward that would improve her image.
I'm still sticking to my prediction that Trump crushes her. Unless he makes a serious mistake, this is now his to lose.
New Posts  All Forums: