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I am in for anything related to real estate/finance/marketing/advertising.
You would love my uncle's garage. '69 COPO, Yenko, '59 Caddy, about 12 classics in total, some of which have never seen rain.
Wow. I missed the first post. True thrift?n/adual vent, leather lining under collar
Mint Hugo Boss coat for me.
Sort of a pop, all mint (n/a). I had found one Marinella a long time ago but it was too damaged to buy. Someone donated about 12 nice ties to this store (Brioni, Isaia, Borrelli, Canali, and the ties pictured below), and they were priced at $60 (yeah, 60) each. I spoke with an employee and told her that Brioni ties might retail online for $X, but I bought 3 Brioni ties at the local Saks outlet last Friday for $47 each, and $45-70 is what outlets typically sell them...
Unlike facebook, I could see all of his tweets without even having a Twitter account. As far as I know, that's the norm for Twitter. Very little privacy.A week before he started an email went out announcing his hire. I immediately googled his name + the university he attended and his Twitter account was the first link. It had references to adderall, "get off my dick hoe," and if you kept scrolling, talk of smoking blunts. I was shocked that he was hired without HR...
We had an intern fired on his first day because of his Twitter account. I am grateful social media was not prevalent when I was 20. I don't use Twitter, but based on my experience browsing others' pages, I don't think you can make your tweets private. Correct?
We have the exact same grill, same color and all. 40% off is a steal. Weber proprane grills don't go on sale often.
Anyone notice that eBay seems to have removed the measurements from the tie width categories? For example, "classic" width no longer necessitates a width of 3.5 to 3.75". I like this, as I thought it was silly to classify 3.25" width as skinny.
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