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AE (n/a) Zegna (n/a) First Gitman tie (n/a)
The building I used to work in had toilets separated by actual drywall. Your own tiny room with a real door so if the mood strikes, you had the option of rubbing one out while standing, which is much less dangerous from a stain perspective. Somehow our small office is burning through air freshner in the men's room at a rate of 1 bottle per day. I mentioned it to a friend only to find out that on 2 separate occasions he knocked it in the toilet and had to throw it away. ...
Quindici = $. Found several at a consignment with the tags still on them and sold them for $180 - $239. $189 is a great fetch for one without the tags.
Beats the hell out of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, IMO. My best NMLC finds include a Zegna sport coat for $170 and a winter-weight RLPL tweed jacket that I kept which cost me around $375.
I received my first Suit Supply shirt today. I went with the extra slim fit in a 16.5L. What a great shirt. Truly pleased with the fit, and the presentation/packaging was a pleasant surprise. It is a true slim fit shirt, and makes BB extra slim fit feel like a garbage bag on me.
Eh, if I have to go out and buy something because the seller didn't disclose an imperfection, I would expect to be compensated for it.
I would ask to be compensated for the cost of the suede eraser.
Sounds like a great way to make sure the store realizes they're selling valuable clothing that could fetch higher prices. I'd rather chew broken glass than sit in the same thrift store for 7 hours.
There's a new guy at work that's bugging everyone. He walks around the department asking everyone if they have any big plans for the night - on a daily basis. Unfailingly, Monday night he comes up to your door..."got any big plans for the night?" The next morning..."How was your evening?" 5 days a week. Every single person in our department is either married or engaged. I'm the only one without kids. We aren't singles living in NYC. I'm fairly productive at home...
New Posts  All Forums: