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Consignment pricing, but still a no brainer for a flip. I got cornered by this old lady who runs the store - kept me there for at least 30 minutes. She's really nice, but I kind of dread and sometimes avoid going in there because I know I'll get stuck and feel bad if I cut off the conversation abruptly. Luckily, it's usually my last stop of the day.
It should be considered a good thing to garner support from a group of people who are overwhelmingly law abiding tax payers who own homes. But...white people!
$10 is ridiculous.I also use plastic Ziplocs - heavy duty ones that are designed to hold machine parts and tools. I've found uses for them around the house as well.But I suppose this isn't necessarily a good comparison, because you're contrasting a free option against a cost. A better comparison might be a $2.50 shipping charge versus a $5.90 shipping charge, with the latter resulting in much faster delivery. The overall satisfaction of the customer is going to vary...
http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/13/report-obama-administration-to-tell-public-schools-to-let-transgender-students-use-bathrooms-their-choice.html?intcmp=hpbt1Glad to see the feds improving the educational system, as usual.
Yeah, and I also think "not voting" is mostly a bluff.I don't think a mainstream candidate can beat Hillary in 2016, and wouldn't be able to oust her when she's an incumbent. Trump isn't my ideal choice but he has the best chance of beating Hillary. Romney couldn't beat Obama, neither could McCain. Rubio and Kasich would probably take an approach similar to what was tried against Obama. Kasich is more personable than Romney bot, but too nice to beat Hillary. In the...
South FL I suppose if I were the buyer, in an ideal world I would have the option of either paying a lower rate for first class, or a higher rate for priority. But the ease of shipping everything in a small flat rate box is worth it for me. I assume if a buyer were concerned about a few extra dollars in shipping, they would just lower their offer by the difference, but I might be giving them too much credit, ha. Obviously buyer behavior can be irrational and manipulated...
They're full of shit.
Some of them won't even vote. Once Trump changes his message, and he's already doing that on things like the minimum wage, I think you're going to be surprised. Trump, the staunch conservative, is complete fiction. As long as he stands his ground on immigration, the base will turnout, and the establishment will too because they've got no choice. Trump has been underestimated this entire campaign. His ability to woo some Bernie supporters is, in all likelihood, being...
Trump has a much better chance of improving his image. Clinton isn't going to get more popular. Those polls should worry her.
Maybe the police will apologize for triggering the attack.http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/05/10/police-apologise-fake-suicide-bomber-shouts-allahu-akbar-training-exercise/A Muslim suicide bomber is just an unfounded stereotype.
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