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http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/08/09/orlando-shooters-father-attends-hillary-rally-calls-gun-control/ Maybe instead of taking away our rights, we could have considered changing another policy that would have prevented his son from killing 49 people.
Is there a comparison photo of the button down II versus the old standard button down?
What we need to hear more of is how Europe just hasn't done a good job of assimilating them, and we'll do better. The natural response to not fitting in as a new member of a group is to systematically murder as many people as you can in a short amount of time. We can all relate to that, right? It's the fault of the Europeans for not assimilating them. What's amazing to watch is that many republicans also use this ridiculous assimilation argument. The U.S. hasn't done...
I pointed that out in my post.
If you don't count that time Muslims killed 3,000 people, the number is surprisingly low!Your position is so naive it's incomprehensible.
Yeah, pointing out facts about how many people have been needlessly slaughtered is alarmist. When one of these refugees or their offspring detonates a suicide vest at an airport or parade, we can hear about how it's "homegrown" terror. You know, just like Orlando. After all, the shooter was born here. The fact that his father came from Afghanistan isn't relevant (unless you're an alarmist).
But he hasn't communicated that to voters. He's let the media convince people that the sole reason republicans don't like him is because he's awful. He could do a better job of countering that, even if you think it's true.
I've wondered why he hasn't embraced the fact that some republicans don't like him. An easy response to why people in his own party are rebuking him would be that Americans are fed up with both parties and any candidate that's listening to the people should be getting flak from his own party.
Very compelling.Both Trump and McCain are wrong. It would be great if we could distinguish between Muslim immigrants and bring people like Khan's son into this country while excluding dangerous people, but we can't. The fact is that Muslim immigrants, and their children, have killed scores of people in terrorists attacks. Can we stop pretending for two fucking seconds here? This country would be far better off, and a lot of people would still be alive, if none of them...
New Posts  All Forums: