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It's important to put that into context. Comparing Fox to say, MSNBC, isn't exactly fair. To pretend there isn't a difference between Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow is absolute nonsense. I realize how uncouth it makes one within some circles to say that Fox might, gasp, have more journalistic integrity than some other networks, but there are a lot of brilliant and respected people who believe that.I stand by my position that removing her from the panel would have been a...
Removing Megyn as a moderator would have caused irreversible damage to the network's reputation, not to mention bolstering Trump's ego. Fox's entire schtick is claiming to be tougher/fairer/more balanced than the left leaning networks. They lose all credibility in making that claim if they change the debate panel because a candidate doesn't want to be asked tough questions.
He was made quasi famous among the general public by his interview with CNBC. When the president was mulling an assault weapons ban by executive action, he released a video on his youtube channel that got quite a bit of attention. It has since been removed from his channel, but it's still on youtube and it's featured in the CNBC interview. His CCW license has since been reinstated (and it's cancellation didn't prevent him from carrying a gun anyway because he's a...
There was a whole thing about it. The CEO made a video response to address the photo. It happened a while ago, as you can tell from this video back when Yeager was overweight. Bottom line, there's no way to justify having a person downrange like that. It's incredibly stupid. Just use a tripod if you want that shot.
My fear is that Trump shoves us in the opposite direction with no regard for the constitution, and even though this has been happening for quite some time it's been worse under Obama and could become much worse under Trump. We don't want a tug of war between parties to see who can be more authoritarian. At this point I'm not sure which direction we'd get shoved in. Trump isn't a constitutional conservative, that much we know. It's difficult to believe anything he says...
You won't find me defending that photo (who could?), which I've seen before.James Yeager did a three part video series on the subject. One of the 1911 brands he recommends is Wilson Combat, featured in part two.
1 sport coat, 6 orphans, 2 pairs of Henry Poole suit pants that didn't match any of the orphans. I'm hoping to find some more pants tomorrow or Monday. I'm skeptical of how well the orphans will do, but they were only $7.99 each.
I don't dislike her as a person, but she is horrible on a podium. Other than giving 70 year old men their first stiff shaft of the year, she didn't accomplish much up there. Megyn Kelly was quick to point out how odd it is for someone with a special needs child to support Trump after he mocked a disabled person during a speech, especially when there's an alternative like Cruz.
The design is beautiful. I'm not sure I'd want to be firing a super lightweight snubby .357 in a self defense scenario.
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