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He's not going to pay, and I agree with Wes, I'm not worried about negative feedback in the event that he does pay. Given the message history between us, it would be clear that he left the negative feedback just to be a dick.
Douche bag submits multiple offers on a $1,075 Brioni sport coat. We finally agree on a price and I accept his offer. 7 days later and he hasn't paid. I sent an invoice after 4 days, then a payment reminder on the 7th day. An unpaid item case is opened. He messages me on the 9th day and says "Apologies. Thought this was a 46. Can we cxl?" I respond: "Unfortunately, I don't feel that canceling the transaction is the right thing to do. If you had messaged me the day...
Anyone recognize this tag? Decided to keep this. There was another label on the inside but it was removed.
I think at the exact moment this tie was produced Zegna officially ran out of ideas for patterns. Why would you make a tie like this? Thinking about going with "crazy ass Zegna tie"
Believe I may have purchased a fake Ferragamo. I found the blue one first (which looks legit) and didn't look the red one over as well. The logo stitching on the red tie looks off, and the cursive writing has a space between the "L" and "V" in Salvatore.
It's $299, which is $100 more than what I would consider to be a good price for this jacket (personal wear, obviously). I'm not on the hunt for a leather jacket, this one just happened to fit like a glove and had a few features I liked.
Saw this awesome Hugo Boss brown leather jacket at an outlet. My concern is that the leather (goat), which probably isn't the highest quality, will bleed onto my clothing/leather car seats if the jacket gets damp or wet. Have any of you experienced this? I haven't owned a leather jacket in a very long time.
I will be in Atlanta next weekend. Pretty pumped.
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