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Score. Mint Vineyard Vines 'Kegs and Eggs' (n/a)
CNN already calling for airlines to ban checking a firearm in your luggage. I would have been very disappointed had they waited more than a few hours to start with this. I mean, it's not like one could just drive up to the airport and take a gun out of their car, or walk up to an airport with a gun, or take a cab to an airport with a gun on them. Checking a gun in your luggage is the only way to get near an airport with a gun!
On day hikes I always take a two person SOL bivvy and one or two contractor bags. I've come across people miles into fairly challenging hikes who appeared to be carrying nothing but a water bottle.
We are headed to Utah in March. Just purchased sleeping bags for my wife and I and I'm about to pick up the sleeping pads. It's been a long time since I've camped and I miss it very much. I forgot how expensive quality lightweight gear is. We might be moving out west so I'm sure we are going to get a lot of use out of it.
I don't want Trump (or anyone else) giving incentives that only apply to individual companies. If it's done on a level playing field, that's something entirely different.
The by-product of this happening again and again, as the inevitable results reverberate through the economy, will be of more value than these 700 jobs. Have the never-Trumpers self deluded to the point of claiming that jobs are not a valuable part of an economic machine? What if this were 5,000 jobs? 20,000? How many jobs would need to be saved before you classify it as a success?
SOLD Incredible piece from LB. Details galore. Refer to photos for information on fabric/filling. Jacket is true to size; I am a 42 and it fits me. If you couldn't tell from the photos, this wears more like a piece of outerwear than a traditional sport coat, although you could pull it off indoors in a casual environment. PayPal Only Shipping is $12.00 to CONUS Pit to Pit: 23" Jacket Waist: 22" Sleeve Length: 26.25" (1.5" extra available) Shoulders: ...
Merry Christmas gents
We have hurricane glass so I'm not worried about someone breaking a window. If we didn't have hurricane glass, I'd probably have 3M security film on the windows. We use our alarm system religiously and never leave the house or go to bed at night without setting it. We have the interior motion detector turned off. I never liked them, and figured that if someone can gain entry given the measures we've taken, without setting off the alarm, that's a risk I'm willing to...
The attacks, and possible retaliation for those attacks, seems to be a perfect case against the idea that multiculturalism works no matter what cultures we're talking about. There's no way to avoid this without refusing to go down this road in the first place. Some cultures simply don't mix well with other cultures. Why some people are so desperate to force this experiment on the rest of us is bizarre, especially when we know how it ends.
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