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Pop for this line.
Shipping is $5.00 to CONUS.All ties are subject to best offer.PayPal only.HermesSOLDLength: 60.5"Width: 3 5/8"[/SIZE] [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers, I have multiples of certain ties. $29 All are 3.25" width and between 57-59" in length. Message me if you need exact measurements for a tie.Charvet - orange and blueLength: 58"Width: 3.5"$99Chocolate Brooks Brothers. $29Length: 60"Width: 3.5"Brooks BrothersLength: 60"Width: 3.25"$29Paul StuartLength: 60"Width: ...
Has anyone tried to get eBay to change how they categorize ties based on width? A 3.25" tie, for example, shouldn't be considered skinny.
Agree with the point above. I would not pay to see a rematch.
I hardly ever buy shirts these days (and have never bought Hackett, although I don't see them very often). The condition, color, pattern and styling is rarely in line to a degree that yields a worthwhile profit. Most shirts have it sit on BINOBO for quite a while.
you bold son-of-a-bitch!
How is that not a violation of privacy on behalf of eBay?
Mint condition. Hanger included. Custom made garment. Photos speak for themselves (scroll down). PayPal only. Shipping is free to CONUS. Pit to Pit: 26" Waist: 28" (measured at the button) Sleeve Length: 25.5" Shoulders: 20.5" Length (BOC): 33.5" Button Style: Single Button Shoulder Pads: Light (Categories are: Extremely Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) Vent Style: Unvented
Someone should try adding "just like the celebrities!" to an auction title UNBELIEVABLE Corneliani Pinstripe Sport Coat Blazer ~ Just Like the Celebrities!
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