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I always keep telling myself that I'm done auctioning things off with no reserve, but occasionally I do it to increase traffic. Just had a RLPL shirt, Zegna shirt and a nice BB sweater all sell for $9.99 each I would have normally sold the shirts for $35 - 55.
These are minor details, but I liked the shots used in the courtroom when they were waiting on Saul. As I was watching it, I was thinking every person in that room has a miserable existence and lives in some unimaginable shit hole. I also liked the use of the TV in the opening scene. It's kind of hard to put into words, but whenever a character is watching TV and is indifferent to what they're watching, I get the feeling they're about to kill themselves.
Probably for the same reason he didn't think T Swift deserved the award.
The ability to open the knife quickly and easily with one hand is just as convenient when the blade is being used for a cutting tool. The thumb hole does not factor into self defense for me, because the blade I carry is not intended to be used as a weapon.Beautiful knife.
I've yet to run across someone who comes into a knife or firearm thread and asks "why do you carry this" without having the intention of derailing the thread. Your response about the desert island justifies my point. I think it's obvious why someone would carry a knife - they're either using it as a cutting tool, self defense, or both. What other reason were you looking for? I think it a daily carry blade should have a thumb hole, and I would assume that would kill the...
Nope, I'm just aware that he's not here to understand anything, he's just trolling.
If the concept of needing to cut something is foreign to you, I doubt an explanation is going to help. If you aren't going to contribute, start your own thread.Anyway, a daily carry knife should be utilitarian, not elegant. I carry a Dragonfly 2 by Spyderco. It's very small and easily opened with one hand.
I issued a return for a customer on eBay, and the guy was really nice about the whole thing, so much so that it stood out from any return I had in the past. Anyway, I refunded his original shipping which I normally don't do, and he responded by saying that "every bit helps," and sent a video clip of his personal story. He was in a wheelchair, and it apparently it happened through some sort of freak spinal condition that materialized during church camp. He said it...
My 2nd order. Wish I would have tried Hober years ago.
My experience has only gotten worse since then. After placing my most recent order, I emailed customer service within minutes to inform them that I wanted to make a chance to the half-bicep measurement. I wanted to change it to 7.75 inches. They replied and said they would inform the tailor. A second email from them said that they had checked with the tailor and he had indeed made my cuffs 7.75" as requested. I responded and informed them that I said half-bicep, not...
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