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I always make sure I'm extremely polite to eBay reps. In this case there was no ambiguity about the situation. It wasn't a dispute over the condition of the item - the buyer assumed he was entitled to pay less than the advertised and agreed upon cost of his items, and his negative feedback was based on this and this alone, which is why they removed it.
So the guy responded and was borderline belligerent - so working with him was out of the question. He decided to try to ding me with negative feedback twice (once for each item), and eBay agreed to remove both of them They said it can take up to 24 hours for negative feedback to show as removed, and some feedback removals update every Thursday - but I am surprised that I didn't have to go back and forth with customer service. They made the decision almost immediately...
Well, you already had insurance. That's my point. Most insurance covers rentals, and even some credit card companies if you book with their card. Your insurance company giving you a hard time sucks, but that's not reason to buy rental insurance when it's a redundant service in the first place.
Saw my first Enzo. Sorry Spoo, no pic opportunity. It sounded lovely, though. Gun metal gray to boot.
@Cj52racersDon't buy car rental insurance broski.
It's been a while since I've had to argue a case with eBay. I have healed and time has restored my faith It was $10.65 (med flat rate).The buyer never responded to my first message. I have considered everyone's advice and if he keeps pushing the issue I am going to work with him, assuming he isn't overly hostile. We shall see.
Point taken, although I would disagree with you on the fact that he hasn't threatened to leave negative feedback. His implication is that unless I refund half of the shipping he will leave negative feedback. I could be wrong, but he has no ground to stand on. As a seller I have not violated any terms and he has implied that he will neg me unless I comply.
It's factored into my reasoning behind starting them off at $9.99 with no reserve - the shipping costs are a protection I build into the few auctions I run (I use BINOBO almost exclusively). If my auction template had mentioned combined shipping and I would have failed to offer that convenience because the auctions ended at $9.99, then I would agree with you, but that's not what happened here. My auctions do not mention combined shipping costs. FWIW, I do combine...
Just received this message:My response:He won both items for $9.99 and he's complaining - one was a Gieves & Hawkes sport coat and the other was an old Lanvin sport coat. He knew what shipping costs were, did not request combined shipping, and now he's calling me dishonest and threatening negative feedback. Oh, and it didn't cost me "less than 10 dollars" to ship them.If he would have worded his message differently he could have possibly persuaded me to see his point,...
It's not necessary, that's the frustrating part. There are certain moving objects that require self sacrifice if you want to push another person out of its pathway at the last moment. A speeding 18-wheeler comes to mind. A trundling zombie does not. I didn't enjoy an entire episode being spent on either one of those characters, and killing Eastman in the end with that ridiculous scene was borderline rude to the viewer. Halfway through I thought - this is Walking...
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