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I have two custom made sport coats that have 15.75" shoulders. Three people have purchased them so far and I messaged each buyer to make sure they reviewed the measurements before I ship. None of them did, and I had to cancel the sale each time. There are 3 separate reminders in the auction to look at the measurements, including one in giant letters in the description that mentions the fact that it's a custom made coat with very small shoulders. Makes me wonder how...
I had Isaia as one of the selected brands but did not see those. $35 for Drake's is definitely resale territory.
Thank you for the heads up. Picked up 5 Drake's for $177
Ridiculous Cucinelli cashmere/wool suit. Peak lapels. Charvet tie, ISAIA 7 fold and a Canali tie. Grand total? $453 Thank you Orlando. The outlet actually sucked for the most part, minus that fucking gem of a suit. Will post some better pics of the suit later.
I used to write measurements down but changed after a couple months of selling. My computer is on the same desk I use to measure. Saves a lot of time. I take a couple measurements then take 1 step to the right and enter them into my auction template.I set the auction up first. Drag the photos in, enter the title, price, etc., then the measurements are last. Actually, my photo setup, measurement area and computer are all located on the same desk.
SF member @330CK has a MTM program with some nice Holland & Sherry tweeds available. I've seen photos of the swatches and there are some really nice patterns. I've met him several times and can vouch for him being a nice guy and a pleasure to deal with.
Now he has opened a return request for both items, claiming the measurements are "way off." This guy is a bumbling idiot. Yes, coincidentally the measurements are wrong (on two different sport coats, mind you) after eBay removes his negative feedback. In 3.5 years I think I have only had 1 buyer claim my measurements were wrong and return something, only to find out upon receiving the return that he didn't know how to measure.
We had Dillards in Ohio as well. Ours was a slightly more upscale version of Macy's, but certainly nothing like Nordstrom.
Regardless of their sexuality, I don't care about either of those characters. Can't imagine anyone else does.The redundancy in the dialogue has been distracting and sometimes frustrating as a viewer. In the most recent episode, Maggie told that guy on 4 separate occasions that he didn't need to go with her - once in the armory, once when they opened the gate into the sewer, and twice more while in the sewer. It's like they couldn't come up with anything else for them to...
New Posts  All Forums: