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Fair enough, but I thought their comments were attempts at baiting him, which is why I thought it was appropriate to respond. Perhaps I should have let it go.
He won the primary based on his debate performances, however terrible they were, and channeling the anger of his core supporters. Yes, Trump would have easily won the primary regardless of how the media handled him. And again, it's not how the media treats him that's causing the problem, it's how they treat Hillary.
Just to be clear - the two off-topic, passive aggressive responses to his completely legitimate question was not considered an attempt at derailing the thread, but me calling them out for this gets your attention?
Let's establish a few assumptions:1) Trump is receiving unprecedented scrutiny from the media. Whether it's justified or not is irrelevant in this analysis, because the key point here is that a fair media couldn't hurt him anymore than he's already been hurt. It couldn't get any worse for Trump.2) The media is not giving the same attention to Hillary's flaws. It doesn't matter if you think her flaws are less newsworthy, key point is that she's getting favorable...
The video is from Newt's appearance on ABC yesterday. "I think that without the unending one sided assault from the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary by 15 points." That Newt Gingrich fella has it figured out.
I figured that was coming, and I completely agree, it's not a subject for this thread which is why I called out the two passive aggressive responses that tried to take the thread off topic.
Knowing the IRS, I wouldn't. If you get audited I doubt it would bode well for your treatment.Can you guys tell me part of the country you live in where crime only happens in certain, determinable areas? I need to more there asap. I've been living under the apparent ridiculous assumption that crime happens everywhere 1)
She will work toward open borders by building on Obama's executive order, through court nominations, and by flooding the country with as many people as possible to further establish a group of voters who will go along with it.I think you meant supporting contraception paid for by other people. Why should I pay for their contraception? Because it's a public service? Where does that end? If history is any indication, it never ends. Today it's contraception, tomorrow...
Outlet find, most likely for personal use. 100% Silk [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: