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Hugo Boss, mint. Finding a recent full suit around here is pretty rare, so I was excited about this. n/a
Agreed, with one caveat. I will fuck with certain pinstripe orphans. If it's recent + great brand + mint + super super cheap + normal size, I'll buy it. I've sold a Zegna orphan for $85. I've gotta recent Belvest orphan that I've been meaning to list and expect to get $50-65 for it. Somebody always buys the "good" orphans. Given that Etro is a "flashy" kind of brand that could attract someone who would wear that thing, under the right circumstances he could do decent...
Joan has a weird ass. Maybe it's the clothing.
The Sopranos had a much more vivid rape scene. If Twitter had existed in 2001 I wonder if we would have seen this idiocy, or maybe over the last 15 years the capacity of any given person to be offended has increased exponentially.
It's a combination of your ability to give, how close you are to the bride/groom, and the venue. Regardless of how close someone was to my wife and I at the time, I wouldn't expect them to give us $200 if they could not afford to do so. I would feel bad if they did. $200 should be considered a nice gift in just about any situation. As far as the venue, it's a factor but I would not give $200-250 to a couple I hardly know just because they picked a nice venue.
After googling, he's supposed to join the cast sometime this season. I was in the kitchen during that part of the show and couldn't see very clearly, but it sure looked like him. Maybe it was a coincidence.
Really? It looked like him.
Adebisi in the house.
I think Peggy also said "you always come back" when she was on the phone with him. I could be wrong, but it ending with the commercial was what lead me to believe he went back.
I interpreted the ending as him going back to New York. His experience in California being the inspiration for the coke commercial.
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