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About 30 seconds after grabbing it another flipper (whom I've had conversations with) came into the men's section. Makes you wonder how much awesome shit you've missed out on by minutes or merely seconds.
so this happened…
Thank you for this - and you were correct
I still show 8 days being the shortest option on my settings... edit: looks like you need to have your combined payment options setup differently than I do, otherwise you won't be able to select anything shorter than an 8 day period for the unpaid item assistant...
8 days is still the fastest you can open an unpaid item case via the automatic system. I just checked because I was going to change mine to 5 days if the policy had changed.
Atlanta finds. Didn't too well in terms of volume. Hit 13 stores. Had 24 on my list but cut it short. This will at least pay for expenses. ($116) Shirt for me Tie for me That's it. Traffic is a bitch.
But a VC firm would still be capable of doing a DCF valuation. The way it was phrased was "most VCs can't do that math."
I hadn't watched until this past weekend. Watched both seasons, enjoyed it very much. I liked the potato gun scene. "Maybe they're developing it as a non-lethal method of crowd control" "I actually think it could kill someone." I don't know much about the tech world so I wouldn't notice most mishaps, but did notice in ep2 Jared prepared a DCF valuation and said "most VCs can't do that math."
Moving from the Midwest to Florida I quickly learned that I can't appreciate one season without the others. The 4 seasons are a condensed life cycle that everyone experiences as they age, and I think it gives you a subconscious perspective that I would have missed out on if I had grown up somewhere like Florida. We got married in Beaver Creek, CO in September of last year and one night on the way to dinner we were walking through Vail and passed a storefront window that...
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