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Assuming this is the current or very recent label.
Guy I work with expressed interest in a couple for his nephew, but I feel obligated to sell them for less than what I'd get on eBay. Most of them are custom, so the sizing is awkward. That Barbera coat fits me really well, so it's staying in my closet until someone comes along with a pile of cash.
Thanks. Pear shaped dudes love oxxford. The one blazer (brown) has so much fabric pinned that each side is overlapping the other in the back.
your mom went to oxxford most everything is either n/a or already sold
big fat pop (n/a)
I never check women's stuff, but I took a short cut through that section on my way out and spotted something that looked soft (n/a)
Awesome suits.Matt - congrats on the interviews!
Almost every employee I've talked to at various stores has told me that they put items out at different (and sometimes random) intervals throughout the day. I've witnessed this first hand at most of these stores. It's not as if people are showing up at 10am, cleaning out the racks, and nothing else is put out all day long.I've never "hung out" at any store, although some people do. As far as finding the time, if they are a "pro" then they probably do this full time, or...
Before I knew anything about thrifting, or even knew outlets like NMLC existed, I needed a suit relatively fast and paid full retail for an Armani at Saks (not the outlet). I still cringe thinking about it. Still have the suit, too.
2x BB Cashmere
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