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New without tags ISAIA velvet blazer in my size (sleeves/vents still basted shut). I paid just under $40, I believe. Rocked it last weekend at a nighttime wedding reception with a black bow tie and received a couple of compliments.
So that buyer finally received the tie...3 weeks later. He lives about an hour from me and it was sent priority - amazing. I have kindly asked him for a feedback revision and even refunded his shipping costs as a gesture. I have my fingers crossed. If he doesn't do it and I have to call eBay and they still refuse to remove the feedback, even after seeing that he closed the case and sent me a message saying that he received the tie, I'll be pretty pissed.
Cherry pop.
Dazedstate, that is one amazing haul.
Garage Sale is running slow as of late. The last two auctions I uploaded (one about 3-4 days ago and one today) took a solid minute (literally 60 seconds) to upload. For the past 2 years auctions have uploaded for me in less than 10 seconds.
^^Nice. PRL 3-Piece suit that is missing the pants. Fully canvassed, handwork, surgeon cuffs. Will still move pretty fast, but I might try to track down some pants before letting it go.
I sold a recent Zegna pinstripe orphan for $75.00.
Happy to hear someone had a positive experience with this kind of situation. Mine has yet to be resolved. Unfortunately my buyer was a complete asshole from the beginning.
I just changed my ship from address to my eBay store name rather than my first and last name. As long as my driver's license address matches the address on the package, I should have no problem picking up returned items from the post office that require signature, correct?
Pretty much. It's too bad they don't give some autonomy to the eBay reps who handle feedback disputes. In my case I was willing to issue a full refund (without ever getting the item returned back to me) simply because the post office didn't track it correctly, and they still refused to remove the feedback.Oh, by the way, the eBay customer service phone number is going to be discontinued this month (they have a recording that tells you this when you call in). It sounds...
New Posts  All Forums: