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Awesome suits.Matt - congrats on the interviews!
Almost every employee I've talked to at various stores has told me that they put items out at different (and sometimes random) intervals throughout the day. I've witnessed this first hand at most of these stores. It's not as if people are showing up at 10am, cleaning out the racks, and nothing else is put out all day long.I've never "hung out" at any store, although some people do. As far as finding the time, if they are a "pro" then they probably do this full time, or...
Before I knew anything about thrifting, or even knew outlets like NMLC existed, I needed a suit relatively fast and paid full retail for an Armani at Saks (not the outlet). I still cringe thinking about it. Still have the suit, too.
2x BB Cashmere
I met with Giovanni and @330CK today. They were both gentlemen and kind enough to come to my office for some alternations, and even agreed to turnaround modifications to a blazer and pair of pants in 1 day so I could wear them to a company event.
If you have photo editing software, just decrease the saturation a little bit, and it should match better. However, the difference certainly isn't enough to justify a return.
I purposely start it low to draw views to other listings, but rarely does something sell that low. I guess there's so much HF out there, stuff slips through the cracks.
Well, that's the last time I auction off anything Hickey Freeman. $11 for a navy blue cashmere/wool blazer in a 42R in excellent condition.
Mint, fit like a glove so keeping. I've never seen this 'Full Canvas' tag on BB before. The Madison is even a size smaller to compensate for the fuller fit.
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