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Correction on my part with regard to the Kiton I posted a couple pages back. I missed the folders as they were higher up.
Ascot Chang orange seersucker. Definitely an unusual combo - peak lapel seersucker with patch pockets, but it fits so perfectly it might as well have been tailored for me. Just wish I would have found it at the beginning of summer.
It became fair game when Hillary made her part of the campaign. But let's pretend it's not relevant. Trump allegedly called someone fat 20 years ago. This is horrific because none of us have ever called anyone fat. A couple weeks ago Hillary called 50% of Trump's supporters "deplorable." Which is worse, allegedly insulting someone 20 years ago, or insulting tens of millions of people on video?
I think we can put political BS aside and admit that it's not a good idea for a presidential candidate to showcase a person involved in a murder.I'm not denying that Trump insults people. I don't think Trump is some wonderful candidate, I just think he's better than Hillary. I did my best in the primary.
This one is not a 7-fold - edit, my bad, the folders were higher up and I missed them. [[SPOILER]]
If Hillary decides to showcase a person in the next debate, maybe it shouldn't be someone who was accused of driving the getaway car for a murder and then threatening to kill a judge who indicted her boyfriend for that murder. But hey, "everybody has their past." Apparently, according to Alicia Machado, allegedly making a comment that hurt her feelings is more of a relevant past than being part of a murder.
I've never focused on or really cared about her odd laugh or other mannerisms, but whatever the hell she did there was really, really weird.As far as your other point - Trump was referencing this:
Link me a time stamp that shows Trump displaying body language that is remotely as weird as what she did at 1:19:29.
What the hell is that at 1:19:29 (the link should open it at the correct time stamp)? Politics aside, is that not the strangest body language you've ever seen on a debate stage? She looked like a video game character that started glitching as she pretended to be somewhat affable. https://youtu.be/ZEHPrYUcoi0?t=4768
I assume you're referring to the judge thing, correct? We heard non-stop that every Hispanic in the country was going to hate Trump because he had the audacity to admit that some people who come here illegally commit horrible crimes like rape. So we're told that all Hispanics will hate Trump but apparently this one Hispanic judge was exempt from that, while also being exempt from something that affects every single human being on earth - person bias. Taking into...
New Posts  All Forums: