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Don't be obtuse. I realize that mocking the idea of "white culture" is easier than acknowledging what's going on. Any culture that is predominately white is not allowed to express a desire to maintain that culture. Yes, diversity can be great, assuming the people you take in are willing to assimilate and share your values. Some do, of course. There has been plenty of goodwill immigration for people who have no intention of assimilating. But progressives don't care...
Today's Trump protests deliver.
Asking "why do we need them" gets you blank stares because it never occurs to progressives to think this way. Self loathing doesn't allow questions pursuant to protecting your own culture. If you're white, wanting to preserve your culture is racist. Meanwhile, backwards and sometimes violent cultures at odds with liberal principles are applauded by the left.
Come on. By any reasonable standard it was a decent speech. It didn't have a lot of specifics and nuanced policy content? Since when are those things the hallmark of a good campaign speech? It's getting the usual CE cynicism but even more so because it came from Trump.
At least Trump has a new talking point. Cruz has a face you wanna punch, and his running mate looks like she's already taken a few.
It's nothing more than eBay putting the proverbial gun to the head of sellers. They know there's no other viable platform for most sellers to move to, so they take advantage of them. From eBay's standpoint, they couldn't care less about satisfying sellers because of the leverage they have, so they'll force this policy on people in an effort to be more competitive with other online shopping venues.I still don't offer returns. I'm okay with it potentially "costing" me...
Is joining ISIS a violent crime? They're currently leading the nation in that regard.
Pumped for season 3. The first two seasons are supremely re-watchable, hoping this one is too.
Found at lunch. This exact tie seems to do pretty well on eBay, but I'll probably keep it. A buyer convinced me to sell him the Borrelli tie on my mannequin (he bought three suits at once), so I replaced it with a Hilditch & Key tie I found just days before.
I couldn't care less where the article is featured. I've read noteworthy pieces on Huffington Post.
New Posts  All Forums: