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Last week I saw a yellow 911 with a burgundy convertible top. I assume it was custom. It was an interesting combination of colors.
That's one way to look at it, and you might be correct, but you could also see this as being nothing more than the way Trump brands himself. His hotels are always the best, his rallies are the biggest, etc.
You don't think the inauguration of the first black president would drive a larger turnout at an event held in Washington DC?Men and women are wired differently. Speaking of fantasy land, the idea that men are ever going to stop seeing women in sexual ways is pure lunacy. It is a flat out denial of science. The protestors are complaining about equal rights, but cannot name a single right they are missing that someone else has. Just because I don't want to pay for their...
It's not surprising that more people tuned in to see the inauguration of the first black president.There's a common theme among all of these protests on the left. Liberalism, or at least the far reaches of it, seems to attract people with a certain personality trait. They are victims, but can't explain of what. They are being oppressed, but can't identify the culprit. They are members of the most privileged and successful culture the world has ever seen, but are...
One for the closet.
Based on the live coverage I saw on CNN, it appeared to be hundreds of thousands of women who gathered and unknowingly reinforced every stereotype of liberal women.
His dance with Melania looked awkward.
Terrorism is unfortunately a way of life in many places, and it's been creeping into the west. Mentioning it seemed appropriate. I'm not sure how mentioning the word "Islam" is partisan, or a play to the right or left. It's just a sterile, factual statement. The left's denial should not turn a factual statement into a conservative position.
There were lots of uncut videos of people being interviewed last night. They were having a hard time explaining why they were there. Most of them sounded like anarchists who hated life in general.
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