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Millions of people lost their insurance (and access to their doctor of choice) because of the ACA, but nobody on the left seemed to care at the time. I have little confidence in Trump replacing it with something I'd like. He's repeatedly voiced support for healthcare ideas conservatives would cringe at.
Speaking of quaaludes and stories, without being too specific, someone in my immediate family works for a former quaalude aficionado who was portrayed in a movie about a wolf on wall street.As far as passing something with zero support from Democrats, I certainly hope he passes many things that have zero support from the democratic party. I don't agree with equating zero support from republicans with zero support from democrats. It assumes both parties are equally crazy,...
Trump is president elect. He hasn't passed any laws or issued an executive order. I assume he's made a promise to create a better environment for business, which he's been saying for over a year. I've always supported his plan to make the business environment more friendly to avoid the outsourcing of capital and production, to the extent that it can be avoided or reduced. I'm failing to see the 180 on my part.
Does anyone else listen/watch to the Gritty Bowmen podcast?
I don't know, but I doubt the reason matters to one of the 1,000 people whose job was saved.
"Air conditioning company Carrier said Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with President-elect Donald Trump that would keep 1,000 jobs in Indianapolis." http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/29/carrier-says-it-has-deal-with-trump-to-keep-jobs-in-indiana.html
Not at all. Republicans don't target working class whites by telling them to vote for me because you're white. Pitches designed to appeal to working class whites should also appeal to the majority of people in the country who are of legal status. Putting the interests of American citizens first is not a policy that should only appeal to working class white people. If we assume that its appeal is limited to working class whites, it would have nothing to do with the...
We already have enough problems with overly medicated/crazy kids shooting up schools. Do we need more people from terrorist breeding grounds like Somalia hacking college students with butcher's knives? Cue soon-to-be former president lecturing us on how the vast majority of Somalian refugees are an essential part of America.
Early reports saying that a refugee from Somalia is responsible for the butcher knife attack on the OSU campus today. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/11/28/developing-active-shooter-alert-at-ohio-state.html
New Posts  All Forums: