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The ability to dimple a tie is dependent on several things, one being the width of the tie in the spot where you knot it. If it's too skinny, you won't get a dimple. My Hober ties dimple nicely (I use custom measurements).
Some better pics of a few choice items (n/a) Oxxford Cord Canali Awesome Sulka
I say under $30. I can't imagine anyone conscious enough to know JL would buy Velcro dress shoes.
Ties. N/A
My first corduroy oxxford (n/a) Sulka, unstructured, dual vent, patch pockets, etc (n/a)
3 piece Daks tweed with all the fixins (n/a)
I wish this aired an hour earlier. The last episode gets extra points for mentioning mother of pearl and high armholes. I find it distracting to watch people performing physically strenuous movements while wearing nice clothing. In episode 3 when he started running away from the phone booth after calling Nacho, I found myself immediately thinking 'how is he running in those shoes? No way I could do that in the shoes I had on today. Maybe the balmorals, though. I'd...
I had a really awkward tie experience the other day. At the register the cashier is making small talk and she asks me if I resell this stuff online, and I of course say no (do people really say yes to this question?). I checkout and leave. I'm halfway to my car and she runs out and tells me she has a bunch of Ferragamo ties, "just in case you want to sell them." I turn around and head back in, telling her that I wear a tie 5 days a week, which I do. She produces a tub...
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