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Local man thrifts proverbial 'meaning of life' at Long Island Goodwill for $6.99.
I've had healthcare here in the U.S. since I was born 33 years ago
Never send any tie to the cleaners that you don't want destroyed. I never, ever dry clean any of my ties.
Kent Wang
This thing is bitchin' (n/a)
Well, at least if they open a case eBay will see that I attempted to communicate with them. I just issued a return a couple weeks ago, no questions asked, and based on the comments here it was clearly a case of buyer's remorse. I usually don't mind returns, especially on an item that moved pretty fast and wasn't a huge sale, but it's annoying that a buyer would try to pull something like this. Not even a note inside.
Item shows up at my doorstep as a return. Buyer never messaged me expressing any dissatisfaction with the item and never requested a return. IMO this is a blatant abuse of the agreed upon terms between the buyer and the seller, and the buyer damn well knows it. They're returning the item without warning in an attempt to force a breach of those terms. Taking a stand here. I requested that he/she pay return shipping so the item can be sent back to them as I do not...
Found this obvious ripoff of StyleForum today.
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