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I missed the fact that the buyer had paid for the item.
Many people persuaded by political artistry refuse to think, especially when the persuader has no consistent history. Maybe we are arguing about two different things, or I missed some of the backstory behind this argument. Are we really disagreeing on whether or not Trump is a persuasive person?
Trump is persuasive. He poses the IQ challenge because there's absolutely no way it could work against him. First, whoever he challenges won't take the bait. Even if they did, the test couldn't be conducted in a fair manner. Trump could have someone take it for him, so could the other guy. Unless the two of them meet in a room somewhere and they take a hard copy version, administered by an impartial 3rd party, the results would be meaningless. IQ doesn't = automatic...
If you want to ding him, you could let some time pass so he gets hit with an unpaid item case."Because the movement was disclosed in the auction, and given the high selling price of this item, I believe it's only fair that an unpaid item claim be recorded. You will not be forced to pay for the watch, but after x days, an unpaid item claim will be opened by eBay, and then automatically closed a few days later if payment is not received. It's my opinion that the unpaid...
Quindici found at Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago. I had to stitch part of the keeper back on and finally got around to taking pics.
Megyn Kelly's exchange with a leader of BLM over the Nero verdict was typical of what you'd expect from a hate group. She kept asking him "what did he do wrong, what crime did he commit?" He couldn't answer, of course, but his position was quite obviously "he's white!"
I sold a jacket to a Purple Heart recipient. Needless to say, he got a freebie in the box.
Yes. I watched the first season as it aired, watching season 2 now. Season 1 was the real opportunity to grab $500K. It will be much harder to win this time around, or at least it should be. Participants have the luxury of seeing the mistakes/strategies during season 1, and there's more experience among them. Each season should, in theory, be more difficult to win - assuming skill levels remain the same and it stays on Vancouver Island.I'd like to see a change of...
Better than the X6. The interior looks nice. It's too small for my liking, though.
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