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Then that would make this electorate completely normal. Most aren't looking for nuance whether they're voting for Hillary or Trump. I always laugh when I hear commentators claim Trump is too vague, as if that's rare among politicians. This election, and as are all elections, will be about about ideology for many people. Trump's is unclear, Hillary's isn't. As I've said before, I'll take the unknown over Hillary. Trump might do something bad on an issue I care about,...
I track my macros daily and that's more sugar than I consume in an entire week (with exceptions when I have a cheat day twice a month) I love Mountain Dew though. Used to drink it all the time when I was a kid.
The NMLC here has great deals on ties. Off Saks is $99. I once bought over a dozen Drake's from the Bloomingdales outlet for an average around $15, but they usually have junk.
Off Saks had a beautiful Borrelli grenadine. Passed as it was $99, but it was the first Borrelli gren I've seen.
Racism causes a 16-year-old to drop out of high school or get pregnant? Can you name anything wrong with the current state of black culture that would cause you to place some blame on the individual or on left wing policy? If we both agree that racism is a part of any multi-cultural society, by extension of your logic black Americans are destined to be in the same place a century from now because it's impossible to completely irradiate racism.Let's break this down...
They are going to 2-day ship another pair, this time from the vendor and not a Nordstrom store.
I received my replacement pair from Nordstrom. There is some scuffing on the tongue, but not nearly as bad as the previous pair. There is a noticeable difference in the color of the leather from boot to the other, and depending on the light it's either really noticeable or not so noticeable. [[SPOILER]]
We've had these discussions before, and I still pose the same hypothetical. Let's pretend I concede to your point. Now what? We have welfare, affirmative action and have made racial discrimination illegal. If you think racism is the problem, what would you do about it?The left tried sorting this out for decades by blaming racism and the single parent household rate is like 73%. I think they've had a long enough run. Can we make any conclusions yet? How long does...
I put this in my personal closet over a year ago and reluctantly decided to sell it. I kept a corduroy jacket once before and just never got a lot of use out of it. Found a bunch of Zegna shirts. I think they're all from the same guy. Two different hauls (one was a few months ago, one recently). Almost 40 shirts in total, all mint.
Yes, it was obviously the cause of problems at some point. I was called insensitive for claiming that we shouldn't be blaming slavery in 2016. Just checking, when will it be alright to claim slavery is no longer causing these problems? That's a serious question. Another 150 years? 300? If anyone cares about fixing it, and it seems like most people don't, you'll never solve the problem until it becomes okay to acknowledge it and admit that maybe blaming slavery hasn't...
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