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I might be the only one, but I never read feedback buyers leave me.
Nice barrels, but I want this build to be more economical. I also have to invest in 6-8 magazines plus a significant amount of ammunition.
Beginning my first AR "build" this week. Below is a rough outline of what I'm looking at. Spike's Tactical Lower Kit (comes assembled - LPK, trigger, buffer, etc.) BCM Upper Receiver Group (16", 1/7, Key Mod rail) Spike's Tactical Nickel Boron BCG Magpul CTR BCM Charging Handle Despite what the internet says, I don't think I need a cold hammer forged barrel. I suppose you could say the same thing about the Nickel BCG, but the benefits of the nickel boron seem more...
Old but superb condition. Don't come across too many green striped suits. BB
I assume this is 80's - 90's era. n/a Disappointed when I found out the pants to this PRL Corn 3-piece were destroyed beyond repair. Those buttons BB 3-piece
The bulk of my ties are Sam Hober, Brioni and Tom Ford with a couple of Hermes / ISAIA mixed in as well as a few randoms I've come across.
About 30 seconds after grabbing it another flipper (whom I've had conversations with) came into the men's section. Makes you wonder how much awesome shit you've missed out on by minutes or merely seconds.
so this happened…
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