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I purchased two pairs of the Delray, one in Dark Chili and another in Black. I love the Chili, but for some reason the black doesn't seem to work as well. They remind me of Kenneth Cole or some other cheap brand. I'm thinking about exchanging them - anyone experience something similar with black Delray?
Our lives would be much better if only they had went along with everything democrats wanted.
Even my most liberal friends/family seem to have caved to the idea that this isn't working out as they expected.
The "that's saying a lot" part of my post that was cut from your quote was meant to imply that Republicans only have morals to brag about when compared to how low democrats have stooped to win this election.If either one of you have evidence that draws a valid comparison between the tactics used during this election, please present it. Some dumb comment uttered by Trump doesn't count.
Just thinking here - maybe it's because the process always involves taking more of my money. It's going to be hard to sell me on your solution when it hinges on robbing me. And yes, I am implying that taxation becomes theft when it reaches a certain percentage.
I really doubt voter fraud will take place on a level that could swing a presidential election. The rigging, so to speak, was the narrative shaped from the beginning that included planting people at Trump rallies to start violence, a politically driven decision to ignore Hillary's misdeeds, and a corrupt media that colluded with the campaign in a number of well documented ways.When you have all of that going for you, you don't need voter fraud. I'm beginning to think...
Or if a neighboring island was populated by 10 people, 8 of whom thought that death was an adequate punishment for disavowing their way life, and you demanded that we bring some of them to our island. When I kept asking why, you simply replied "because." Even though I was skeptical of the outcome I compromised and agreed to bring people from other surrounding islands, the islands that didn't want to kill us, but this still didn't satisfy you. And then finally after...
Is it possible to be irritated already? 20 minutes in, nothing has happened. Really dragging out the reveal.
I didn't imagine it, it used to be the actual system. I didn't say we should go back to that system - you can't go back once you've gone down this path. As you pointed out, it would be difficult if not impossible to implement at this point. The founders didn't set it up that way because they were ignorant, they did it because they favored sustainability and common sense over being inclusive. I suspect you will disagree with that and play contrarian even though you know...
New Posts  All Forums: