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No label anywhere. Hand stitching, dual vent, ticket pocket, working cuffs. [[SPOILER]]
The stores are dead. The broadening of sales plus a general backlash against the frenzy.
Head down to the LP outlet at Sawgrass tomorrow. Parking should be a breeze.
That light blue square.Keeping a couple of these (straight blade tips).
Damn. A lot of nice suits here.
Nice. I stopped going to NMLC because I would always buy for myself. I'm itching for a trip. Maybe before Christmas. 60% is fantastic for ties, especially Kiton. I rarely see Kiton ties dip below $70.
First time seeing this one-piece collar (n/a) hoping to find the pants for this
Some stuff from the last couple weeks (n/a). Paul Stuart 100% Cashmere Better pics of the Luciano Barbera. Fits great except I need to slim the waist down. Any idea how hard something like this is to tailor? It has seams in the back and it's unlined, so I'm thinking it's doable and probably fairly simple.
Disgusting. Mint. My size.
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