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I was not able to print labels this morning.
I am wearing those exact same pants right now. If you want the official name I can PM you when I get home, I still have the tags. Found mine at a TJ Maxx.
PRL Corneliani tweed sport coats sell faster than anything else I list. They always seem to go within 48 hours.
I'm aware of what the market is. The listing also says "or best offer," so I listed it at that price knowing it will inevitably sell for less. Some sellers are more concerned with turnaround time, others are willing to wait for the right buyer to come a long.There are certainly sellers on SF that are in a place where they can hook people up on big ticket items. I can and have hooked members up, but usually on smaller stuff. The last NWT item I sold to a SF member who...
I did very well on that suit. Understand that finding a Cucinelli suit for that price at an outlet here is extremely rare. In all likelihood it will never happen again, at least not to me. I've been hitting outlets for 4 years down here and Cucinelli is very hard to find at a massive discount.This post says it all. It's a rare score, but I will tell you that good scores at outlets here are not uncommon. I have a heavy tweed RLPL winter jacket in my closet that I paid...
Thanks fellas.
Why is the chubby chick guarding the armory? I liked last week's episode. This one was decent, but not sure how they didn't foresee that teetering steeple as a potential problem.
Shipping is $10 to CONUS. PayPal only. Measurements: Pit to Pit: 23.25" Jacket Waist: 22.25" Sleeve Length: 26.75" (1.5" extra available) Shoulders: 20.25" Length (BOC): 30" Vents: Dual Vent Shoulder Pads: Extremely Light Across Waist: 19.5" Inseam: Un-hemmed Rise: 13.75" Leg Opening: 8.25" Trouser Style: Flat Front
I have two custom made sport coats that have 15.75" shoulders. Three people have purchased them so far and I messaged each buyer to make sure they reviewed the measurements before I ship. None of them did, and I had to cancel the sale each time. There are 3 separate reminders in the auction to look at the measurements, including one in giant letters in the description that mentions the fact that it's a custom made coat with very small shoulders. Makes me wonder how...
I had Isaia as one of the selected brands but did not see those. $35 for Drake's is definitely resale territory.
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