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My first corduroy oxxford (n/a) Sulka, unstructured, dual vent, patch pockets, etc (n/a)
3 piece Daks tweed with all the fixins (n/a)
I wish this aired an hour earlier. The last episode gets extra points for mentioning mother of pearl and high armholes. I find it distracting to watch people performing physically strenuous movements while wearing nice clothing. In episode 3 when he started running away from the phone booth after calling Nacho, I found myself immediately thinking 'how is he running in those shoes? No way I could do that in the shoes I had on today. Maybe the balmorals, though. I'd...
I had a really awkward tie experience the other day. At the register the cashier is making small talk and she asks me if I resell this stuff online, and I of course say no (do people really say yes to this question?). I checkout and leave. I'm halfway to my car and she runs out and tells me she has a bunch of Ferragamo ties, "just in case you want to sell them." I turn around and head back in, telling her that I wear a tie 5 days a week, which I do. She produces a tub...
What am I missing here?
Some oxxford and a dual vent, peak lapel navy scutum. Zegna in my size, keeping.
Yeah, this is true. The seller is responsible for the package even when it's in the hands of the post office. The only exception is when the tracking information shows it was delivered to the correct zip code. If it shows it being delivered, and the zip code matches, it's no longer your fault according to eBay's policy.
I doubt many (if anyone) here is familiar with them, but I scored a nwt Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II in multicam off the bay for $355 shipped. Not sure if I'm going to flip or keep.
I placed an order for 5 more shirts, and they agreed to give me a $15 credit for the mistake on the previous shirt, and a set of free MOP buttons since the shirt arrive with a broken button. I was satisfied with this. I'm a huge fan of their collar offerings, and the fabric (I've used the same fabric for all shirts thus far). My only gripe is that they advertise this fabric as non-iron, and it's certainly not a non-iron fabric. Light Blue Pinpoint No.: R67181-04
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