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Finished the mods on this Romanian SAR-1. Magpul CTR stock fitted via the Rifle Dynamics M4 to AK adaptor, Hogue pistol grip, Tapco trigger, Midwest Industries extended rail, Magpul angled fore grip. Range this weekend
Beautiful coat, do you use an undercoat rake on him?
I stopped offering international shipping a long time ago. For a seller like me, it was a great decision. It wasn't worth the hassle, however minor it might be. For those of you that are big timers I understand that it generates a material amount of revenue for you.
New Church's
When we purchased this down sofa, he immediately took to the pillows. He is now on a diet after clocking in at 22lbs during his most recent visit to the vet. He's been on Urinary SO food (to prevent any blockages) for a long time, and it's calorie rich. Royal Canin finally released a moderate calorie version. Hoping to get him down to 18lbs or so.
Thanks, Wes.
Is there a printing preference that needs changed to print correctly on these adhesive labels?
New without tags ISAIA velvet blazer in my size (sleeves/vents still basted shut). I paid just under $40, I believe. Rocked it last weekend at a nighttime wedding reception with a black bow tie and received a couple of compliments.
So that buyer finally received the tie...3 weeks later. He lives about an hour from me and it was sent priority - amazing. I have kindly asked him for a feedback revision and even refunded his shipping costs as a gesture. I have my fingers crossed. If he doesn't do it and I have to call eBay and they still refuse to remove the feedback, even after seeing that he closed the case and sent me a message saying that he received the tie, I'll be pretty pissed.
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