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Sunday at 8pm - GarageSale down for anyone else? Can't upload any auctions.
No clue, but props to him if he can flip that thing. I'm highly skeptical.
Anyone here twenty-ten-clothing on eBay? He bought a badly stained cashmere Oxxford from me to try and flip. Not sure why, though, as he paid $90 for it and I put in the listing that all stains should be considered permanent. It's unvented and a size 52.
Where'd you see the lion cub? I only ask because I use to volunteer at a big cat sanctuary. More often than not, a "sanctuary" (or some roadside attraction) that has cubs is always a huge red flag. True sanctuaries do not do any breeding whatsoever (they also don't let you take photos holding the animals). There is a huge problem in the u.s. with morons buying big cats and inevitably not being able to care for them when they reach adulthood. A lot of these animals are...
^Fuck.I was bummed when I found this because it's my size and the first current Canali I've found, but the pants were gone. I headed over to the pants section and my heart started pounding when I found the pants, only to find out that they were devastated. A hole in them, and as I shared with 330CK, the seat of the pants was soiled with some sort of clear liquid - what I presumed to be the result of a massive shart fueled by a hemorrhoid suppository. Still picked up the...
That Simone Abbarachi tie I found a few days ago. 4.3 ounces.
Their vanilla is really good and mixes well - I have been using that flavor for over a year and haven't gotten sick of it. Having said that, it's a very fine powder (probably why it mixes so well) which creates a huge protein cloud if you aren't gentle with it. The 25lb size comes in a large, thick plastic bag contained inside of a cardboard box. I have a plastic tea pitcher with a lid that I fill with the powder about once a month. I pour the powder from the pitcher...
This stuff shows up at outlets like Neiman Marcus Last Call all the time. Also, Tom Ford's website now sells certain types of clothing, just in case anyone's stupid enough or wealthy enough to pay $900 for a dress shirt.
Jompso- so many sweet in there. SO MANY SWEET.
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