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I tend to think this way too. I suppose the counter argument is that when a charge occurs, you're only going to get 1 shot anyway, so it might as well be a big one. That's not always the case, though, if you watch videos of people being charged in the African bush there are plenty of instances where multiple shots occur.
Looking forward to this. I played my PS4 for a few weeks after launch day and haven't touched it since. Hoping this game will fill that void.
A few years ago I was watching YouTube reviews of leather briefcases. I came across a video that made me fall asleep every time I watched it. Not only did I fall asleep, but I felt sort of euphoric while watching it. After doing some research I found out this is referred to as 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,' and it's triggered by certain things occurring in that video. There are endless videos that cater to this - one such video features someone untangling and...
Yeah, was gonna say, I hope you checked the pants. That was probably a cashmere suit.
Mint, no idea how old it is.
Can't say I agree. There are plenty of major features that don't do this, and certainly not to the degree that it's obnoxious.
A 2-hour Mercedes commercial with no characters. The product placement conflicts with the storyline. The park can't figure out how to reduce costs, but every single park vehicle is a Mercedes (complete with sweeping shots of the grille emblem every time a benz is shown, which is about every 5 minutes). What does the average person drink while working on their motorcycle in a desolate forest? Why, an ice cold glass bottle of Coca-Cola, of course. There's actually a...
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