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Amen, but a small distinction - memorial day is for people who died in battle. Veterans day is for people that simply served.
Given the price for shirts on the used market, are you guys actually going to all this trouble to clean a dress shirt?
Awesome info, thank you.
Thanks guys.
Need a authenticity check on this: The tag says "real leather" but the material under the collar looks like snake skin. I don't see leather anywhere. I assume leather is sometimes used generically to refer to any animal skin?
first cashco (n/a)
Hugo Boss, mint. Finding a recent full suit around here is pretty rare, so I was excited about this. n/a
Agreed, with one caveat. I will fuck with certain pinstripe orphans. If it's recent + great brand + mint + super super cheap + normal size, I'll buy it. I've sold a Zegna orphan for $85. I've gotta recent Belvest orphan that I've been meaning to list and expect to get $50-65 for it. Somebody always buys the "good" orphans. Given that Etro is a "flashy" kind of brand that could attract someone who would wear that thing, under the right circumstances he could do decent...
Joan has a weird ass. Maybe it's the clothing.
The Sopranos had a much more vivid rape scene. If Twitter had existed in 2001 I wonder if we would have seen this idiocy, or maybe over the last 15 years the capacity of any given person to be offended has increased exponentially.
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