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Huffington Post, i.e., the far left.
I think they're starting to realize his chances of winning are better than they thought.
Just the other day I was thinking we needed to replace our couch. Found a custom order $7,500 pottery barn set with performance tweed fabric. Manufacturing date of 4/28/16. A designer bought it and the client didn't like it, so they gave it away. Picked it up for 75% off retail
Immigration and Syrian refugees would be an example of how they differ on policy. Hillary is guaranteed to do all of the things you mentioned. Trump might do some of them. As far as not voting in order to protest our choices, that's not going to do me any good if Hillary gets into office. Breaking away from the current system could take a generation or longer. We don't have that much time.
The way Ivanka framed it was unpaid maternity leave.Trump isn't my first choice but I couldn't imagine sitting home. I don't view the election as an opportunity to satisfy my personal beliefs. If I had to get either a finger cut off or an arm, I wouldn't say well they both suck so just do whatever. I'd rather have Trump than 8 years of Hillary with her appointing multiple justices.
Practically channeling Glenn Beck here. I'm guessing he is not acceptable by CE standards, but these are his thoughts verbatim.
Trump strongman good.
There's go the opportunity to call "hands up don't shoot" a myth.
It wasn't the best forum for Newt's speech, but he essentially said what I was saying in the terrorist thread yesterday - unless there's a change Islamic terrorism will be tolerated until there's an attack of unprecedented size.Do you live in a black neighborhood?
Is she funny? If someone could link an SNL skit or something else she's done that's good, I'd be interested in seeing it.
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