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Thanks. Luckily my wife bought me a Hermes from Hermes last xmas, so I have something for comparison when it comes to recent Hermes ties. After some searching I found a lot of Ferragamo ties with the smaller font, so maybe they changed it at some point.
Pretty ecstatic about these 4, which I found over the last few weeks (and decided to keep). Finding good ties is a rare occurrence for me. All four are insanely mint, and three look to be NWOT. At the store I had an inclination that the horseshoe Ferragamo might be fake, as I instantly noticed the smaller font on the keeper. Thoughts?
Congratulations on the new venture and good luck!
^so many sweeeeet
The other one (n/a)
Found two of these, excellent shape. I've handled a lot of their shirts and purchased one brand new for myself, and I must say that my experience has been god awful when it comes to ironing them. The fabric on the shirts I have handled is nearly impossible to work with. I sold the new Borrelli I bought after wearing it twice, I think. Kilgour, French and Stanbury Tweed
46L is a leech to me. I've had my cashmere Attolini for a year.
I used to be a 44/32. You're going to need a custom made garment.
From a few weeks ago, the Caruso is a cherry pop.
Received a returned package, unopened, with a big sticker with the letters "IA" on it, covering up the address I sent it to. I'm assuming this means the address was incorrect? Edit - just saw the tracking number shows that it was delivered yesterday…to my house.
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