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I've had 5 pairs of AE over the years. Haven't bought anything recently, and had a terrible experience with my last pair. They are a stretch at full retail in terms of quality control and styling. Most of the styles appear blocky and lifeless, IMO. I was surprised to see they're charging $385 now.I have two pairs of shoes from Kent Wang - one benchgrade and one handgrade. I'd take them all day over any pair of AE I've owned.
Vintage Oscar de la Renta linen/cotton slubby suit. [[SPOILER]]
I haven't been on AE's website in a long time until today when I checked on a pair of park avenues for my dad. When did they start charging $385?
I have cheap friends and acquaintances. Most of the videos I see are accompanied by something like "post your video or donate."
Post your man puss or donate $100 #prostateawareness
A handful of ice cubes and maybe 1 cup of water.
Judging by the number of them I've seen, $0 has been raised for ALS. One person challenges 5 others and they all post videos. Between the 6 of them they couldn't muster a single donation.
I'm thinking about getting these in brown. I'm a big fan of leather, like pebble grain, that has 'natural' creases in it. How are you liking them so far?
Thanks. According to customer service they are 58% linen.
Anyone have one of the cotton/linen blend shirts? Thinking about ordering one of these, but I'm concerned about excessive wrinkling. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/shirts/light-blue-shirt/H4249.html?start=56&cgid=Shirts&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Spring%2FSummer
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