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I rarely discuss work outside of the office unless I'm asked. During dinner I like discussing just about anything other than the food. Talking about the food is fine but not when it becomes the only topic of discussion. It's like trying to watch a movie with someone who comments on everything that happens.We went out to eat this past weekend. About 3 hours after we left the restaurant we are lying in bed and my wife says "how was your steak?"
Every time we go to dinner as a group people seem to talk about the food from the moment it arrives until the goddamn check is signed. I like eating out, specifically the part when I'm able to enjoy my meal without answering a dozen questions about it. How's your steak? How are the potatoes? Is the sauce good? None of us work for a food magazine nor are we reviewing the restaurant. We are not food experts. Up until the moment the food arrives we are having a fine...
Priority shipping to CONUS is $6.00 for one shirt. Shipping for multiple shirts will depend on how many are ordered. PayPal only.Measurements for each shirt are included below the spoilered photos. If you need more photos please inquire through private message and include the style number so I know which shirt you are referring to.All shirts have barrel cuffs (most are mitered) and all shirts are 100% cotton. The tags are still attached to every shirt.Size 15 - Style...
Stoked about this puppy.
Excellent - like the abalone touch. She be Ferragamo, though.
At first glance I thought this was snail print, but now it looks like seashells. Thoughts?
Been going there for years and this is the first time I've ever seen it there. There were several other sport coats as well, probably a few more suits. Too expensive to flip. Unfortunately I had to pass on 3 Attolini ties because of price/condition. I made up for it, though. A couple of cherry pops - including a Hermes tie which was the first I've seen at an outlet.
Outlet porn. suit was my size, did not buy :/
I was not able to print labels this morning.
I am wearing those exact same pants right now. If you want the official name I can PM you when I get home, I still have the tags. Found mine at a TJ Maxx.
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