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Ok, why not. Bulk is going pretty good — up around 11 pounds over the last 16 weeks or so. My partitioning sucks as I tend to store most of my fat in my lower stomach/love handles, so I usually stop bulks before I hit my goal weight, but we'll see. I'm hoping to go another 8 weeks or so. I didn't start super lean, but I'd guess I'm around 14% here. 5'11, 177 pounds. [[SPOILER]]
One of my friends grew up in the 80's and has never seen The Goonies. That's worse than being molested by your uncle.
And sometimes, although it's not advised, if one buyer is asking for a deal on 3 suits you can invoice them and avoid eBay fees - if one were so inclined. That'll boost the hell out of your true profit. I have an Oxxford pure cashmere overcoat that I paid $5 for. I'm thinking it could be a contender for my biggest single item but I'd have to hold out until the fall. The fact that it's black will probably hurt me quite a bit.
Counting this as one item since the same buyer bought both items at the same time. This was just last week - and a relatively short flip.RLPL sport coat - $10 costRLPL Suit - $150 costTotal combined sale price: $1,000At some point there's a wall you're going to hit because, minus absolute grail items like that vicuna Brioni (or NWT items), people are only willing to pay so much for a used suit or sport coat. I think the $600 profit range is pretty close to that wall.
Amen, but a small distinction - memorial day is for people who died in battle. Veterans day is for people that simply served.
Given the price for shirts on the used market, are you guys actually going to all this trouble to clean a dress shirt?
Awesome info, thank you.
Thanks guys.
Need a authenticity check on this: The tag says "real leather" but the material under the collar looks like snake skin. I don't see leather anywhere. I assume leather is sometimes used generically to refer to any animal skin?
first cashco (n/a)
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