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Kiton club. Only took 3.5 years. Both are orphans and the pants never turned up. The one jacket is the most frustrating thing I've ever tried to photograph. It's brown, but such a dark shade of brown that it can appear gray. I gave up trying to get the photos to come out good.One came with a souvenir that I'm keepingMint.Bunch of other cool stuff below. [[SPOILER]]
I said hop in.
I had someone message me once and say something like "will you take 150 for it, I ran out of offers." I asked him what the highest offer he made through the auction was (because it was automatically declined), and he said $150.
I overheard two old ladies talking about Bernie and Hillary at a thrift store today. The one said that her heart was with Bernie but her head was with Hillary. The other one said "Trump chanting 'America, America,' is a dangerous thing."
Will the belt be covered by a shirt?SOE makes some of the best nylon belts. Be prepared to wait a while for your order. They fill orders for deployed military and LE before civilians. I have a 1.5" Cobra belt and am waiting on one of their EDC belts (you can customize the colors).http://www.originalsoegear.com/collections/beltsMitch Rosen has some nice leather belts. They even carry cordovan. The 'dark brown' color seems to be the most subdued and tasteful. You could...
This couldn't be more true, and Rubio seems particularly flagrant compared to other candidates. Glenn Beck interviewed Rubio a few weeks ago. The interview took place in a new set The Blaze was building - a reproduction of the oval office. It started out lighthearted - Beck began by telling a charming story about a conversation he had with GW Bush. GW told Beck that on the day after the election, the president elect gets a call from the White House. The person on the...
Trump vs Hillary - it's a toss up for the black vote. I think Trump could win the majority of it.
I know things were sized to fit a little looser back in the day, and top coats are usually designed to accommodate a suit underneath, but this cashmere beauty is tagged a 42 and it has a pit to pit of 25 inches. I feel like this scenario always hurts the sale because it creates confusion for the buyer, regardless of what you say in the auction with regard to following the measurements. [[SPOILER]]
I'm not convinced that increasing subsidies for education is going to help. When people are paying for their own education they are willing to spend their money on worthless degrees that leave them stranded in their parents' basement without marketable job skills. I'd hate to see what they would major in if they weren't paying for it themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: