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I'm not surprised, as I knew the retail prices for most of those brands. But I think a lot of people aren't paying full retail for dress shirts.
$5.00 (n/a)
How many people actually pay those prices for those brands? I suppose some do, but I suspect that many people who wear those brands are not purchasing them at full retail.
Nice piece from HF, pale yellow Found a bunch of custom stuff for the same guy. All fully canvassed, Ascot Chang and a company called elevee that does a lot of work for professional athletes. I haven't been able to figure out who this guy is yet. They are all unvented and 46L (first one is a 48L).
Those two explain which things in society are drooled over, for the most part. I am interested in a lot of things that aren't necessarily expensive or rare, and a thrifted Kiton can buy lots of those things (so I'm told, still waiting on mine).
But again, I'm not using the sale price, or even a sale at all, as the sole means of judging the success of this strategy. If you listed an item and it had 85 watchers, there's a strong possibility that many of those people took a look at your other items, which is what I'm after
Based on the number of watchers I get on auctions without reserves versus auctions with reserves, that has not been the case. Keep in mind, when I auction off items my goal is to increase the views on my BINOBO items. Based on the data I've been tracking, that seems to work well, even when using a reserve price. When factoring in the fees associated with a reserve versus the potential loss in revenue, I'm coming out ahead.I'm not using auctions to specifically make a...
Because it won't have the same effect in terms of garnering views for my other items. People see something nice that's listed at $0.99 or $9.99 and they look at it, then browse your other items. That's less likely to happen if I start the auction at $60.00, for example.I think the reserve price is far less of a deterrent for buyers than I originally suspected.
Lately I've been auctioning a few items per week to attract more views to my BIN listings. More recently started putting reserves on the auctions to avoid losing money after getting screwed on a few items. I auctioned off an Oxxford blazer with a stain and the reserve price wasn't met. The next day I listed it as BINOBO and in less than 48 hours one of the bidders on the 7-day auction paid 3x what he was willing to bid. For those of us who primarily use BIN but have a...
New Posts  All Forums: