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Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Strength training / powerlifting Was joking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Training for aesthetics is not a very enjoyable endeavor. People train for other reasons? I'm confused....
Quote: Originally Posted by WildeMan Underwearer & plhoang, thanks. Consider my bubble burst. I suppose I need more Evian, and fewer of those 16-ounce steaks. And Hartmann, if it is a 10lb tumor, I guess my wife (widow) wins and the insurance company loses. Coverage guaranteed to age 75! No problem - my lifting partner burst my bubble the same way and in retrospect he was right on the muscle/fat composition of my gains. Think about...
Not to burst your bubble, but you'll notice 10 lbs of muscle pretty quickly. Think about taking 10 16-ounce lean steaks and slapping them on your upper body. That's 10 lbs of muscle. If I were to speculate, I'd guess you've added a couple of pounds of upper body muscle, and the rest is additional fat that is more evenly distributed on your body. Two words: "cut phase". Sorry. Quote: Originally Posted by WildeMan So, I'm a 44 year old guy,...
Hamburger Hill
After much study, the Mayo Clinic discovers that skinny fat people exist. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...DDLESecondNews
Am I a bad person for hoping this is a trend that actually has legs?
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm I can try to answer this. I have gained a little over 20 lbs in the past maybe 6 months. I am bigger than I used to be, but all in all I wear the same size in everything, although the same clothing is more snug around the shoulders and upper thigh. I believe the majority of that weight gain was replacing thigh and rear fat with muscle. I can now flex the muscles in my legs and glutes and it all hardens up, when...
Believe it or not, everyone I know who has taken the Circle Line raved about it. My wife took her parents when they were in town based on the recs, and was glad she did.
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