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Haven't bought anything from Brooks for a while, and I just noticed that the "3 shirts for $xxx" discount doesn't appear to be on the website. Anyone know if this is a permanent change, or does the multi-buy discount come and go?
102% Authentic or DOUBLE Money BackHmmmmm....
So, you have to tell us what you were searching for in order to find that listing....
Just got my MTO on Thursday, so I took a few pictures to share with you guys today. I know some of you got your custom orders in 4 weeks or so, but these took longer than expected - 10 weeks. Ordered them right around Memorial Day, so I've been waiting on these for pretty much the whole summer. AE Leeds in brown burnished calf, w/ poron insoles and titan rubber soles: You can see from pics that the shoes are just about same color and styles but if u look very close only then you can determine that the shoes are of slightly different styles. You can not tell on the feet that the shoes are not identical because the similarity is amazing.
That's the distressed MacNeil. AE *really* needs to do more dark brown shoes with natural welts.
It's somewhat odd that some people seem to be rolling in the MTOs, and others are having trouble even making contact with someone.I am now into the 9th week since my (non-shell) MTO Leeds order. Emailed Allison last week to ask about their status, since I was originally told it would be 8 weeks. I did get a reply right away saying that they were on schedule and would be ready by the end of last week or beginning of this week, but I'm still waiting and have not received...
I wouldn't put too much stock in the insole photos on the AE website. The new Badlands shoe clearly says "Wilbert" on the insole.Since the other Strands have the regular leather insole, plus the fact that an AE employee has confirmed it, I am pretty sure the non-poron leather insole is what it will have.
Some new stuff showed up on the website, including a brown suede strand: a PTB Wilbert alternative: a PTB in football leather. I'm not fond of this one, but I don't really like grain leathers in general: and a wholecut oxford:
A few people in a thread over on Reddit said they called JAB and were told the orders were being cancelled. Other people are saying they are honoring orders already placed.
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