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Both Mormons and Community Organizers ...
They both door knock, preach at you and try to make you take their pamphlets.
G'Day Jason. Just curious if you could add elbow and shoulder patches to a tweed sport coat? I've had a strange desire for an English country shooting jacket, but in a more TaT style/cut. Something like this:
I really like this Beretta St James jacket, though I certainly don't need it and can't justify spending over $500 for what would essentially be a whim. So, long-shot I know, if anyone has something like this for sale in 38-40 I'm interested! Thanks.
Meh, I know there are many forms of anarchism and maybe these guys were some sort of non-collectivist/individualist anarcho-capitalists but I suspect they were not that ideological. More of an anti-government militia, I suspect.
Not sure why the press keeps calling them anarchists, though I suspect being a page-boy at the RNC would turn anyone to FEAR.
Bachman will tell us if it's an Act of God or not.
He got an 'F' rating from the Brady Campaign, so I guess if you want more restrictive firearms laws, Obama is not your man.
I imagine there will be a spike in media coverage of Ryan while the RNC is going on and a swing to Obama while the DNC is on. According to Pew, reportage will be negative for both of them.
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