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Don't make a major commitment like that because you are freaking-out about a pending court case. Wait till the dust settles and see how you feel and if any service will take you. Yes, it sucks that you are about to be punished by the court, but keep in mind the defense force is is far more strict in punishing thieves and the unofficial punishment you can expect from your sectionmates if you steal from them will make you wince. Something to think about.
Houston Heights here (was living around Tanglewood & Chimney Rock Rd before that). I've been here for nearly 3 years now and I'm still trying to convince myself that there are some redeeming features.
It would be funnier still if I didn't relate so much to it!I'm still working on how I can hide an AUG purchase from the missus and saying I should find time to shoot the rifles already in the safe.
Man, I wish Sig didn't have so much hate for Southpaws! I was planning to get a Kimber Solo when they become a little more available, so I can have a simple slip-in-the-pocket handgun for when I jog, walk the dog or mow the lawn or whatever and can't be arsed strapping-on the 6906 holster. However, my dad (who recently moved to CA) is offering to sell me back my Keltec P3AT (which runs like a sewing machine). Not as sexy as the Solo, but I can't really justify buying...
My 1967 38R arrived earlier this week (pics when I get time). P2P is 20.5. I assumed the variation within labelled sizes was just bad measuring by sellers, but now I'm inclined to think the various contractors were allowed some latitude in sizing specs.I'm really glad I went for vintage GI over the new Sterlingwears (which are very nice). Half the price and the Kersey wool is definitely superior.
^ Sarco is selling Sig 229s for $275 right now. I'm still very happy with my S&W 6269 trade-in, for a cheap compact DA 9mm.
THread ready for closure item now on eBay. Thanks for looking.
Price Dropped to $60 shipped
At my old house, I shot a LOT of water snakes with CCI shotshells in my .45 (Ruger P90) - functioned flawlessly and always cycled the next round. This surprised me as I had previously heard that shotshells often won't cycle an automatic. Fun times. Lately I've been feeling a need for an FN Hi-Power .... even though I didn't really liked the thing when we used it in the amy. The Belgian-made, IMI-refinished Israeli HPs look good - has anyone inspected one in person?
New Posts  All Forums: