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Looks like a lot of fun! Though it is partially funded by the US Government and everal parts are supposed to be made here, the IMI Tavor can't be imported whole to the US. Instead, we are waiting to see if Charles Daily will successfully produce barrels, receivers and other 922R parts so that it can be sold as a domestically produced firearm.Obviously, I am very biased towards the AUG platform, but I do like what I have read about the TAVOR. Pity it doesn't have the AUG's...
I feel your pain, D. In fact, I have been feeling it since we brought our son home from the hospital nearly 23 months ago. I plan to sleep when I am dead ..... though that may be overly optimistic.
I picked-up a new carry handgun today. The fixed sights on my S&W 6906 were waaaay off and impractical to fix and I am booked to requalify for my CHL next weekend. So, I have finally succumb to the tupperware firearm craze. I did shoot one at the range a couple of years ago with Southern Nupe. Like all my other handguns, it has a slide-mounted 'up tp shoot' safety/decocker. It's not pretty, but I hope it will be functional. The adjustable backstrap is a nifty... Tactical Tankard!
If you prefer IMI 55gr 5.56, this works out at about 26c a round, equal to the Remmington deal I linked above: $318 for 1200rds plus shipping.
You're welcome.I doubt you'll find a better deal than that - even with shipping it is way cheaper than a trip to AmmotoGo in Brenham which will also hit you with sales tax. In fact, I'm think I should probably buy a few more boxes at that price.
I bought 2,000rds of this last month:
Correct - it's a semi-auto Steyr AUG, which is very similar to the F88C Austeyr that was entering service in the ADF just as I was leaving.
Re-united with an old friend at last. One more pic for sizing reference: OAL is a smidge over 27" with the 16" barrel attached.
Sounds like you really want a handgun, though I would suggest starting on a rimfire rifle.Start here: also maybe this: 99% of what you read on the Internet until you have some basic experience with which to view other people's opinions with a critical eye...
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