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Man, I wish Sig didn't have so much hate for Southpaws! I was planning to get a Kimber Solo when they become a little more available, so I can have a simple slip-in-the-pocket handgun for when I jog, walk the dog or mow the lawn or whatever and can't be arsed strapping-on the 6906 holster. However, my dad (who recently moved to CA) is offering to sell me back my Keltec P3AT (which runs like a sewing machine). Not as sexy as the Solo, but I can't really justify buying...
My 1967 38R arrived earlier this week (pics when I get time). P2P is 20.5. I assumed the variation within labelled sizes was just bad measuring by sellers, but now I'm inclined to think the various contractors were allowed some latitude in sizing specs.I'm really glad I went for vintage GI over the new Sterlingwears (which are very nice). Half the price and the Kersey wool is definitely superior.
^ Sarco is selling Sig 229s for $275 right now. I'm still very happy with my S&W 6269 trade-in, for a cheap compact DA 9mm.
THread ready for closure item now on eBay. Thanks for looking.
Price Dropped to $60 shipped
At my old house, I shot a LOT of water snakes with CCI shotshells in my .45 (Ruger P90) - functioned flawlessly and always cycled the next round. This surprised me as I had previously heard that shotshells often won't cycle an automatic. Fun times. Lately I've been feeling a need for an FN Hi-Power .... even though I didn't really liked the thing when we used it in the amy. The Belgian-made, IMI-refinished Israeli HPs look good - has anyone inspected one in person?
If anyone is interested, Amazon is doing a lightning deal right now - CK melton blend peacoat for $99.
Final bump before it's off to eBay.
Final bump before it's off to eBay.
Great info, thanks Peacoat! Now I am on the hunt for an as-new pre-1980 ex-GI peacoat in my size. Sometime down the track I may experiment with dying it black, but for now I'll be happy to snag a quality coat for the coming winter.
New Posts  All Forums: