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I would stay with "former Sergeant Joe Blow ....." or simply "Joe blow was a Sergeant in the 2/3rd Remmington Raiders from 1988-1991 ..."To earn the use of Sgt. Joe Blow (ret) one must, not surprisingly, have retired from the service (usually 20 years time-in or early retirement due to a combat wound.+ 1I did overhear someone ask an American Marine when he was "discharged from the corpse" .
Thanks G-Man. Clearly I am not running on all cylinders today!
Yeh, I know - I'm on the Vestry of our local Episcopal Church and the board of the Episcopal School, etc. I just doing get the context of the usage here.Is he saying the discussion of how in the hell he got his custom title would be, like, totally episcopal? If so, what does this mean? Is it better than saying something is just soooooooo Presbyterian!Or is he asking for Episcopal as his custom title?
^ I look forward to seeing some pics. I know next-to-nothing about Vaqueros, new or old.
I know of a source for brand new still in the box late-1980s production AUG A1s for a bit under $3K. It's an amazing opportunity and price, but I like shooters and not collectors. For the same reason I wouldn't pay much over $2K for an HK91 (I actually prefer FMPs anyway). The AUG is a lot of fun to shoot - and it's been fun seeing how my 'muscle memory' didn't forget all the training so many years ago.
I passed on an amazing deal for a pair of Vaqueros in .44mag a couple of years ago ..... and still regretting it! The new Steyr AUG may get released this year after all. FN are currently producing barrels (14" with permafixed muzzle device, 16", 20" and a 24" with bipod), cold hammer forged and chrome-lined using imported Austrian blanks. FN will not be making the receivers - that is still a mystery. It dose sound like they will be a lot better than the last attempt by...
I needed a soft case to take my 16" barrel AUG (around 27" OAL) to and from the range. Looking around at the off-the-shelf options on-line I wasn't overly impressed. I was either looking at something too big or something covered in 9mm SMG mag pouches when all I needed is a simple carry bag with good padding and somewhere to keep a spare bolt (for right-handed friends). That's when I remembered Retro Tactical - I had been following Tony's work making molle 'tactical'...
No more O'Bang(e) in the CE??
Susanna Hoffs Hope Sandoval
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