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I used to be all anti-tupperware, but these days I see the pro vrs. anti plastic/ form vrs function posturing as a bit silly. If I were into cars, I would want a vintage Italian sports car, a classic Brit 4WD Land Rover Defender and a modern, practical daily driver that is still fun to own. I like the aesthetics of a timeless classic, beautifully crafted blued steel and wood firearm. I also appreciate the ugly purity of function in some of today's new breed of handguns...
******SPF******** Size 9.5 Red Wing Gentlemen's Traveller in Black Cherry. Model 9011. I have had these for about a year and have worn them to work 2-3 times per week. Always well maintained. Please see pics - these are in very good condition and have many years of good life left to give. Price is $125 shipped to the the lower 48 states in the original box. Payment by USPS MO or PayPal gift or add 3%. Feel free to ask any questions or if there are specific pics...
I wanted to order order pair of brown 1000m's from Revolve for the 30% new customer rebate, but they don't stock wide and won't get them in even with an up-front payment. Luckily, On the Fly have my size in stock and were willing to match Revolve's discounted price (though without their usually free trees). As much as I love my Red Wing GT's, the narrow last just doesn't agree with my feet for any more than an hour or two. Happy Father's Day to me!
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FWIW, I would go with a JHP 155gr doing at least 1200fps, or the 165gr Speer Gold Dots or Winchester Rangers. But that's based primarily on ballistics and lab tests, as I don't own a .40 these days.
Always a good idea, but essential if you are carrying concealed:http://www.chl-plus.com/Ethics_and_Concealed_Carry.htm
Good find!I buy all my ammo in bulk and usually from SG (there are some good deals at ammotogo but I pay state sales tax there, I get Russian 7n6 5.45 from USAARmorpycorp and Widners sometimes has cheap IMI 5.56).Last time I ordered from SG they had some cool super-cheap 15G slugs. I bought 150rds and wish I'd got more as it is all gone. They also stock RIO, which is a great budget brand, but these slugs I got were incredibly cheap.
Do you want one? Are you free of any felony convictions and a safe, mature and responsible adult willing to learn and practice firearms safety along with the other shooting skills?
Been there, done that:
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