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I'm slowly selling off a lot of my firearm and buying ammo. I never planned to be a collector and would rather shoot what I have more and really master a handful of different firearms than own a dozen that sit in the safe all the time. I'll have two auto handguns, a .22 pisol, a black powder revolver, four rifles (old.22, SMLE, AUG and SBR krink) and one shotgun (if my NFA tax stamp comes through before any new restrictions!).
The Texas governor advocated something similar in a speech last night. I wouldn't trust my son's current teacher with a handgun in the classroom, though I would be happy if his principal kept one locked in her office. I also think its a little unnecessary that all of the parents lucensed to carry concealed have to leave their handguns in the vehicle while we drop-off and collect our kids every day.
Interesting case where school administrator shot back: http://www.allamericanblogger.com/24718/flashback-asst-principal-stops-school-shooting-with-personal-gun/
We should ban all alcohol to stop sober people from drink driving!
I thought this was an interesting story of a CHL holder preventing further violance in an shooting rampage event - while choosing not to shoot for fear of hitting a third party: http://www.kgw.com/news/Clackamas-man-armed-confronts-mall-shooter-183593571.html
I thought the President's response today was very appropriate and moving. I do hope we can do more to keep firearms our of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals. I also think it's worth questioning why all these shooter rampages occur in designated 'gun free zones'. Beyond that, I think we should leave the politics to the CESSpool.
New P238 and new C&S safety on my HP:
Thanks for the fast reply Crane! I think I'll take them elsewhere for the job.
I dropped by my local cobbler to enquirer about getting a half sole added to my 1,000M boots. I want a sole similar to the RW GT commando half sole on the leather full sole. The cobbler told me he could remove the leather sole and replace it with a full Vibram sole, but could not stitch a half sole on and gluing would come off in a week or two. I didn't have time to discuss it with him in any depth, though I don't understand why he couldn't securely add a half sole. Has...
The CZ Kadet is a great .22 trainer and the Ruger mkII/III is a great target pistol. The Weight and feel of all the .22 1911s I've felt has been pretty off. I love my SR22 - I got it a couple months ago for $270 shipped.
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