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And the buying frenzy has begun. There are lines way out the door at every gun and sporting shop in the city. Every idiot who has never owned a firearm is buying an assault rifle while he or she still can. Prohibition wins again!
You have a point? Perhaps you should state it then.
Cokeville Elementary?
True, though the worst school massacre was in 1928 at Bath Township Elementary.
I don't have an AR or any interest in owning one. I do have plenty of AUG factory mags though!
Interesting perspective: http://www.boston.com/community/blogs/crime_punishment/2012/08/no_increase_in_mass_shootings.html
Ruger has a better business model and structure.
Yup. Pre-ban stock-piling, just like the 1996-2006 Assault Weapons Ban.
The price gouging has begun - Cheaper than Dirt now wants $59 for a PMag.
New Posts  All Forums: