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Custom title suggestion for Meister: 'Romnoid'
This is an interesting read:
I rather like Mr Camp's writing on the M1935 Hi Power, his primary field of expertise. I was actually planning to meet-up with him at one point, to discuss a possible writing project. That never happened and, sadly, he passed away last year.
Here is the BEFORE pic: 1990 FN Hi Power (Mk2.5) from the Israeli border guards. I'm going to switch to a no-bite ring hammer, some Novak sights, give in a trigger a tune, throat and polish the feed ramp and then parkerized refinish. I sold my AKS74 to fund this project - which was supposed to be purely a range/target pistol (I don't like SA for carry and try to stay with just 2 carry pistols with identical controls). Not planning to buy a holster for it.
^ Agreed, though ankle holsters are pretty good when seated (at a desk or driving).
If untucked shirts is an option, then inside the waistband carry will definitely work, though I agree that a pocket .380 is also a good thing to have as well.
It's like a better Piratebay, right? If so, then I would really appreciate an invite!
^ Check out the Crossbreed Supertuck with J-hooks
Cheers!From what I can make-out without seeing it, I think this pistol is from a border security unit or police and not regular IDF. The yellow tape on the barrel is supposedly to help identify plainclothes 'friendlies' in a firefight.There were some for sale that were Nazi occupation models (possibly once carried by Waffen SS?) and others with the Syrian coat of arms as well as Israeli stampings, but I opted for a 1985 production model.I shot a few worn-out FN HPs in the...
Thanks. I just 'pulled the trigger', if you'll forgive the metaphor, on a nicely holster-worn Israeli contract FN HP.I'll do some before and after pics and will probably have some questions for GT in the next few days, too!
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