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I lean closer to GT now we are talking about negligence with a firearm. In my state it is a crime to allow an unsupervised minor access to a firearm - I agree with this and think it should be a felony in such cases of gross negligence as this example.
Brownells sells 3.5 years’ worth of magazines in 72 hours http://www.guns.com/2012/12/20/brownells-sells-3-5-years-worth-of-magazines-in-36-hours/
Deleted - tri burst post!
Deleted - semi-auto posting!
This pic has been doing the rounds, with a caption indicating it's a typical Israeli school with an armed parent or teacher. No idea on veracity.
I think mandatory testing is a good idea. To pass, you have to demonstrate maturity, a safe attitude, sound judgement and safety skills.
It's a cheap and ugly Harrington & Richards nickel plated .32. No idea how it would shoot - I pulled the firing pin and framed it along with the telegram order and a photo of him with it.Well, he didn't die on my relative's watch!
True story: my relative was an IRS agent in Nebraska. When Prwsident McKinley came to town all Federal employees were told to bring their guns to work that day and were deputized as his security team. This was long before the Secret Service. I have his pistol now.
The ranges I shoot at regularly offer discounted lane time for law enforcement, so you get a sub-set who enjoy shooting in their own time and conceal carry off-duty out of choice. When I've chatted with them at the coffee bar the thing I hear most is how inadequate their basic handgun training is. I'm sure there's a bit of bravado and self-aggrandizement T work since these guys are recreational shooters who wish their employer would subsidize their hobby (ammunition and...
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