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My take on the whole Zombie craze - it's the PC version of a bad guy that Walter Mitty can shoot guilt-free. In the old days, they used to shoot silhouettes of invading Soviets soldiers or criminals and read 'survivalist' magazines. Now it's all 'prepping' for the coming apocalypse. Even though it might be tongue-in-cheek, zombies are the perfect nemesis for someone who doesn't fancy shooting living human, while still wanting to play some fantasy hero character out. I'm...
For fans of the 1911A!, Sarco just got some very interesting stuff in from Argentina: Ballista-Molinas, Colt Systemas and US-made Colts for the national police. Prices range from 3 to 7 hundred. I'm going to do some more practice parkerizing runs this weekend, before cooking my M1935 parts the following weekend.
Custom title suggestion for Meister: 'Romnoid'
This is an interesting read: http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/node/7866/
I rather like Mr Camp's writing on the M1935 Hi Power, his primary field of expertise. I was actually planning to meet-up with him at one point, to discuss a possible writing project. That never happened and, sadly, he passed away last year.
Here is the BEFORE pic: 1990 FN Hi Power (Mk2.5) from the Israeli border guards. I'm going to switch to a no-bite ring hammer, some Novak sights, give in a trigger a tune, throat and polish the feed ramp and then parkerized refinish. I sold my AKS74 to fund this project - which was supposed to be purely a range/target pistol (I don't like SA for carry and try to stay with just 2 carry pistols with identical controls). Not planning to buy a holster for it.
^ Agreed, though ankle holsters are pretty good when seated (at a desk or driving).
If untucked shirts is an option, then inside the waistband carry will definitely work, though I agree that a pocket .380 is also a good thing to have as well.
It's like a better Piratebay, right? If so, then I would really appreciate an invite!
^ Check out the Crossbreed Supertuck with J-hooks
New Posts  All Forums: