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^ Agreed, though ankle holsters are pretty good when seated (at a desk or driving).
If untucked shirts is an option, then inside the waistband carry will definitely work, though I agree that a pocket .380 is also a good thing to have as well.
It's like a better Piratebay, right? If so, then I would really appreciate an invite!
^ Check out the Crossbreed Supertuck with J-hooks
Cheers!From what I can make-out without seeing it, I think this pistol is from a border security unit or police and not regular IDF. The yellow tape on the barrel is supposedly to help identify plainclothes 'friendlies' in a firefight.There were some for sale that were Nazi occupation models (possibly once carried by Waffen SS?) and others with the Syrian coat of arms as well as Israeli stampings, but I opted for a 1985 production model.I shot a few worn-out FN HPs in the...
Thanks. I just 'pulled the trigger', if you'll forgive the metaphor, on a nicely holster-worn Israeli contract FN HP.I'll do some before and after pics and will probably have some questions for GT in the next few days, too!
Visiting relatives, family, training and changing jobs has kept me too busy to tinker in the garage with firearms lately - let alone shoot. I have had a little time this morning, and have started looking into the possibility of picking-up a cheap ex-Israeli FN Hi-Power as a base for a fun project. Something like this: I'd keep the over-all military aesthetic, while tuning and refinishing it.
Revolve will do 30% off and OTF will also match that deal.If you are ok with regular width, just see who is cheaper for international shipping.Remember to size down from US sizing.
Revolve don't stock wides and won't special order them for you. On The Fly will price-match them and have wides in stock (but you don't get the free trees at the discount price). That's what I did. Not sure about their international rates, though.Have a Sling for me!
New Posts  All Forums: