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That's something pretty unique! I sometimes think about doing the whole Mad Max SBS sawed-off side-by-side shotgun thing. If I still lived in the bush I probably would do it and justify it as my snake gun.
I took the G1935 FN-HP to the range yesterday lunchtime for their half-price Wednesday deal. It outshoots me and is a pure joy to shoot.
Ben Sherman.
I just ordered some caps, balls, patches and powder - decided to dust-off the repro Remington 1858 New Model Army for some fun black powder shooting before summer ends.
G'Day Jason. Just curious if you could add elbow and shoulder patches to a tweed sport coat? I've had a strange desire for an English country shooting jacket, but in a more TaT style/cut. Something like this:
I really like this Beretta St James jacket, though I certainly don't need it and can't justify spending over $500 for what would essentially be a whim. So, long-shot I know, if anyone has something like this for sale in 38-40 I'm interested! Thanks.
Nice! I love top-break revolvers. I've been on the look-out for a nice Enfield No.2 for a while now.Lee loader is usually the first step in reloading gear. Maybe this will help:
Finished! Here is a 1990 FN Hi-Power made in Belgium and sold to the Israeli Boarder Guards. Supposedly the yellow tape was used to identify under-cover friendlies from foes. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it's the the best explanation I have heard so far. Cocobolo checkered grips added, custom trigger job, mag safety removed, C&S 'no-bite' hammer installed, Novak lo-profile hi-viz sights added, barrel throated, feed ramp polished and then the whole thing was parkerized.
My take on the whole Zombie craze - it's the PC version of a bad guy that Walter Mitty can shoot guilt-free. In the old days, they used to shoot silhouettes of invading Soviets soldiers or criminals and read 'survivalist' magazines. Now it's all 'prepping' for the coming apocalypse. Even though it might be tongue-in-cheek, zombies are the perfect nemesis for someone who doesn't fancy shooting living human, while still wanting to play some fantasy hero character out. I'm...
For fans of the 1911A!, Sarco just got some very interesting stuff in from Argentina: Ballista-Molinas, Colt Systemas and US-made Colts for the national police. Prices range from 3 to 7 hundred. I'm going to do some more practice parkerizing runs this weekend, before cooking my M1935 parts the following weekend.
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