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Thoughts/experience on/with these? https://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/product/Harrington_Beige_Raglan http://www.endclothing.com/brands/fred-perry/fred-perry-harrington-jacket-74923.html http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=73EH Time to add a beige to my collection, though I don't want to look like GHWB on the golf course.
Still looking at the beige and the olive Harringtons. I owned one of the earlier pattern JtG Harringtons and liked it, except for the rough lining and the cut (too short, too loose around the waist and arms). Would welcome any input on the new cut and the fabric weight. Also wondering about the colour of the beige - I'd really like a darker, more khaki, look rather than the pale Ben Sherman stone harrington look.
Is the fabric on the olive raglan harrington different to the older jackets you were selling? Is it the same rough tartan lining? Thanks.
Not terribly authentic and probably fits like most of their stuff - loose for active wear.Orvis also do a blue and stone coloured Harry that looks nice - but would probably fit like a 90s G9.I'm looking for a slim fitting mid/dark tan to khaki version, preferably under $100. I already have a FP maroon and Merc blue and sold my JtG Harrington.
Has anyone seen the Dockers harrington? It looks nice on the Amazon pics, but I'd be worried about fit and lining. Baracuta closed their on-line store, Mercs have doubled in price. Options are getting slim!
Or an issue bayonet to use as a tentpeg or TP roll holder and a pocket knife you stole from some Engineering Corp sapper.
I'm slowly selling off a lot of my firearm and buying ammo. I never planned to be a collector and would rather shoot what I have more and really master a handful of different firearms than own a dozen that sit in the safe all the time. I'll have two auto handguns, a .22 pisol, a black powder revolver, four rifles (old.22, SMLE, AUG and SBR krink) and one shotgun (if my NFA tax stamp comes through before any new restrictions!).
I thought the President's response today was very appropriate and moving. I do hope we can do more to keep firearms our of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals. I also think it's worth questioning why all these shooter rampages occur in designated 'gun free zones'. Beyond that, I think we should leave the politics to the CESSpool.
New P238 and new C&S safety on my HP:
Thanks for the fast reply Crane! I think I'll take them elsewhere for the job.
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