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I am unable to force my arm through the armhole, because the lining is twisted 360 degrees. The jacket is unwearable as is, though I'm hoping Gustin will get back to me today with return shipping info and that they can do a quick and quality repair.After hundreds of dollars and months of waiting, I was a little disappointed that this one left the factory as is.
My CXL8 jacket just arrived. QC missed the 360 degree spiral twist in the left sleeve lining! Back it goes.
Hey Josh, how about a Gustin polo? Something like Sunspel but US made and cheaper.
How about some popover OCBDs for a little variety?
If G did E sizing I'd have a closet full of their boots and shoes.
Have we seen an end to the work shirts for this year?
Oh man that olive twill woulda looked good as a workshirt!
I'm really tempted by the ITALIAN KHAKI STRIPE WORKSHIRT, but it's hard to get a sense of scale and what it will look like sewn-up. Just curious, do new fabrics always drop on the same three days each week? Monday, Thursday and Saturday?
I hop the workshirt train keeps running!! Khaki next? I've got four button downs now. Overall Im very happy with them. I just wish the shoulders were a touch wider in each size and that the collars were a little longer to get a better roll.
@joshgustin : what colour is the thread on the heavy black workshirt, this time around?
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