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I hop the workshirt train keeps running!! Khaki next? I've got four button downs now. Overall Im very happy with them. I just wish the shoulders were a touch wider in each size and that the collars were a little longer to get a better roll.
@joshgustin : what colour is the thread on the heavy black workshirt, this time around?
I'm feeling a little torn. Don't know if I should jump on the 12.5oz Cone Workshirt or wait in the hope of the #5 Heavy Black workshirt returning this year.
@joshgustin Any chance of a flannel tattersall this winter?
Black denim with contrast stitching please!
C'mon Gustin, bring back the workshirts!
Things I am now impatiently waiting to buy from Gustin: Black denim worksheet with contrast stitching Blue and maybe a pink or purple shade heavy oxford Duck canvas khaki chinoc Heavy olive twill chinos Yes, I know some of these were up just a month ago but I didn't have the money for them back then.
I woulda guessed 7.62x54R or 12g slug from a civilian shooter or 5.45 if it were military shooters.
I'm kicking myself for not getting the #7 desert duck canvas chinos when I had the chance! What are the odds of this making a speedy return?
I am currently waxing a new-to-me but used Barbour jacket with Fjallraven wax and a hair dryer. I think I may have put too much wax on - it scuffs with white wax marks at the lightest touch. Should I keep trying to melt it in deeper or try removing some excess wax?
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