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Had this and thought people might find it useful. Lobb 7000, Vass U, C & J 348, and J Fitzpatrick LPB
These Meermin 101540 Black calf Wholecuts in size UK 9 have only been worn twice. Come with shoe trees, 1 dust bag, and shoe box. These are on the Elton last. The soles are topied. Selling for 175 because of trees and condition. Plus, you're saving $35 on shipping. They're in great shape, I'm just selling because I got a pair of wholecuts I like better and don't really need two pairs. https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4630
Since you'd be in Dumbo, West Village would be good because you could take the A. I'd try to find something on one of the quiet streets. Real estate is limited and pricey there, as I'm sure you know, so both FiDi and Brooklyn Heights are good options. Both have great subway access, so you can really get most places quite quickly. If you want modern though, FiDi is definitely your best bet.
I live in Manhattan and work in Brooklyn. Judging by my commute in the morning, it's not common
This is so very helpful, thank you!
Anyone with experience buying Lobbs from Borghini? I ordered shoes on backorder and I'm curious how long it took
Does anyone have a recommendation for which Saphir Cream to use on Lobb Chestnut Misty calf? If there is no perfect match, I'd prefer to go slightly darker.
Although today isn't so bad, my least favorite part about this weather is it pretty much forces me to dress like a middle manager (dress shirt and chinos/light weight wool pants). Anything more is pretty intolerable.
Try the sale section and sorting by price, high to low. You'll see them on the 2nd and 3rd page. Not much in my size, unfortunately
Thanks! Got the Havana Brown Glen Plaid Check in wool and cotton
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