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I'm looking to get a dress boot for the winter. I prefer the Dalton to the 5th street but I'm wondering if the Dalton (bottom photo) would look good with a suit. Also, if anyone has any experience with either boot, or just has an opinion of which one to get, I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm a lawyer, but my firm isn't very stuff, to give you some context. Also, I live in New York, so I'll do a bit of walking in them and would wear overshoes on really bad days.
I own them. I agree with everyone else that it is best with jeans, but acceptable business casual on shitty days. I've worn them in some bad rain storms and been very happy with the leather and the sole.
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[quote=The Silverfox;3661067]If the problem is purely the practical one of dealing with the snow and cold, rather than a desire to wear boots for their own sake, have you considered simply wearing regular leather soled shoes with a rubber overshoe or overboot? Probably my best option, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ Trudge through the snow while wearing a worsted suit ? I have no experience with snow so I will shut up now. Well, it's not ideal, but if you have to wear a suit when it snows...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del The Tetbury is too pointy as well. What size do you wear ? Why do you particularly need a boot ? Get the Prestwood, it has a dainite sole. Should work in almost all situations. UK9. I want a boot so I can trudge through the snow in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Tetbury. I read in one of the threads on here that the nubuck on the Tetbury soaks up water.
Quote: Originally Posted by rabiesinfrance Not if you are wearing a tweed suit. No, unfortunately mostly worsteds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Definitely. They're very big shoes in person. Just the response I needed. Thanks!
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