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I ended up getting Jacobean Laton, Lod Mosaic, Shah Jahan Shamsa, and Shinagawa. Happy with all of them
Those all look great. May I ask which ones you're wearing?
I'm looking for a Kent Wang pocket square to go with a deep burgundy tie. I'm thinking something with warm colors and earth tones. Any recommendations? This is the tie:
Gramercy Tavern is excellent overall. Also 2nd (or 3rd) the recommendations for the lunch at Jean Georges
I'd recommend Eleven Madison Park instead if you're really going to treat yourself. Le Bernardin and Jean Georges are also excellent and a bit more reasonable. There are a bunch of less established, but still excellent, restaurants too
If anyone is an 8.5 I'm in no way associated with that website, but I do own a pair of chapels and love them
I have that suit and could definitely see how that it would be likely to snag. That said, the reason I bought it is because it's extremely light weight and unlined and I don't love the look of linen.
I decided I don't really need anything but this looks great to me if anyone needs a flannel suit:
Thank you all for your responses! I'll give it a try and report back
Ah, thank you very much. I have a burnt orange tie from Chipp that should work like the 3rd one you posted.
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