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Hmmm. I placed an order on March 10. Really hope I receive that soon
Budapest is fantastic. Excellent food and wine at reasonable prices. The Mangalica (it's a local kind of pork, I think) is worth a try. Palinka, a local liquor, is also worth a try, but will not be to everyone's taste. highly recommend this restaurant:
With your coloring, I think a traditional dark burgundy is the safer choice. I've never seen the bi-color Wang tie in person, so it's hard for me to speak to that. My hober is this one: shows as being solid unless you're close, but more resembles a deep purple than a deep burgundy. I wouldn't hesitate to wear it with a patterned suit or shirt.
A dark burgundy might be good thenYou could wear a silver tie with a grey suit and white shirt, I suppose, but I think navy is far better
thank you!not to derail you stook, but once you get your grenadine fix, you may want to check out Wang's silver wedding ties. they're quite nice too
I have a similar tie from Hober. It's versatile enough, sure. For your first grenadine navy or a more traditional dark burgundy would be more versatile though. Besides the colors you listed, brown and silver grenadines are quite useful.
Good suggestions above. The medium brown is nice too.
I've definitely seen the Chapel in Plum but not sure if they still make it or people had it made for them. There's also this one: used to make the Vale which is a beautiful shoe (maybe my favorite), but is sadly discontinued. If you're not opposed to buying used, I'd set up an ebay alert for your size because they occasionally pop up.I wear the same size in the 7000 last but find it a bit more forgiving. Hope this helps.
I like to wear a suede belt with suede shoes but I don't think it's necessary at all. Just a belt that is close in color would be fine
I own it and yeah, I'd say it's pretty formal for a brown suit. I wear it similarly to how one would wear a charcoal suit.
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