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Sort of depends how you plan on using them. I see the gold museum as being slightly more casual. I have a pair of oxblood austerity wings that I only wear with suits.
Crockett & Jones Drummond Short Wingtip in Beechnut Brown. Size UK 9 which is roughly equal to US 10. These are on the sleek, elegant 348 last. Cared for with Saphir products. Shoes are in great condition and have a lot of life left. Come with shoe trees, dust bags and a shoe box. Please note: the box is Crockett & Jones but not the one for the Drummond. Box is a bit beat up but shoes are in great condition.
How about subtle glen plaids and windowpanes? By subtle I mean the pattern is close to the main color so the pattern is only apparent up close
Sorry for the delay. I normally wear a UK 9 (and on this C & J last too). I found out too late that loafers fit a bit large on me. They're not uncomfortable or slipping off or anything
Agree with the posters above. I basically dress like this (or at least attempt to) 3-4 days a week
I'd go with Dainite instead. Will be water proof, good for walking and a bit dressier. I have U last chukkas with dainite and Vass did a great job, so they look very nice and sleek
Thank you both! I'm leaning towards the bottle green on midnight
Does anyone have any pics of the Grenadine Grossa Pin Dots besides the white on midnight? I have that one and have seen a few photos from other members but I can't find any pics of the others.
I mostly follow this: https://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/polishing-shell-cordovan/
If you like Korean food, try:http://yokiyo.nl/
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