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Those look great, thank you, Mike!
Does any have any photos of their black shells? I'm thinking of getting a pair of black shell oxfords. I looked in the thread but couldn't find very many pics. I prefer the look of burgundy and brown, typically, but I'd be buying the black pair more for their durability than their patina. Still, if anyone has any photos, I'd love to see how they age.
^ I think you'd get the most use out of a suede chelsea
Quality shop has a nice snuff suede version too
I put in a request for the Austerity Brogue in Cognac Cordovan on the website. That, or maybe the 910 wholecut. Probably won't happen but can't hurt to try.
That's very nice! I'd really like to get a pair of the cognac shell though. I guess I'll think about the 922 or the 80092
Thanks for the info, I'll delete
Oh, thanks. Disappointing.
Is anyone else interested in a Austerity Wingtip in Cognac Shell? If so, I have a thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/497236/carmina-austerity-wingtip-in-cognac-shell-cordovan
UPDATE: I GUESS CARMINA DOESN'T DO GMTO FOR SHELL. SORRY. Would anyone be interested in a GMTO of a Carmina Austerity Wingtip 80270 in Cognac Cordovan? I was thinking either a Simpson or a Rain last with Rendenbach soles. So, it would be this style: In this color shell Anyone else interested?
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