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This is very informative, thanks. I guess I'm an exception to the rule because I wear the same size in F and U and it's the F that squeezes my left pinky toe. Based on everyone's responses perhaps I just have a pair of Fs that are a bit irregular.
Interesting discussion. I have a slim build but work in a conservative field so almost all my ties are 3 inches. Just my opinion, but I feel like this is a sweet spot and will never be too conspicuous or go totally out of style. If I had a larger build I think the same would apply for a 3.25 inch tie.
I'm sorry but I'd really prefer suede. thanks for reaching out though!
Anyone seen a Vass Osloer in suede? Think it sounds good but can't find any pictures of one.
Thanks for the summary!
I might be interested, depending on the model. Are you guys close to reaching a consensus? Also, is this direct through Carmina?
These have been worn about 5 times and are in good condition. On the sleek but comfortable 199 last. Like these shoes a lot but I'm trying to pair down a bit. They are size uk9 and fit true to size. Box and shoe bags are included, but not shoe trees.
I agree. I ordered the 905s in Cordovan and it took something like 35 days for them to ship
My modest collection: Crockett Jones Hallam in Black Calf Crockett Jones Hallam in Dark Brown Calf Crockett Jones Audley in Dark Brown Calf (selling these) Crockett Jones Lowndes Brown Calf Crockett Jones Merton Brown Calf Crockett Jones Merton Brown Suede Crockett Jones Drummond Brown Calf Septieme Larguer Brown Suede Balmoral Captoe Carmina 905 Chukka in Burgundy Cordovan Carmina Balmoral Austerity Brogue Boot in Oxblood Cordovan Carmina 732 Captoe in Burgundy...
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