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I'm pretty sure you understood me quite well.Think for a moment... perhaps those rude people (that sounded Russian or eastern European) were rude to you because to them you looked Chinese or eastern Asian? I'm not sure how your and those rude people's prejudice towards some other nations are different.OK, whatever.Andrey
Differentiation by race (=racism) is bad, but differentiation by nation (=you guessed it) is good. Other than this, a nice report.Andrey
It seems that LVMH is trying to transform Berluti into a "bespoke superbrand", with Arnys handling tailoring side and now Delos handling shoemaking. One wonders, though, why existing Berluti bespoke craftsmen are not enough? Andrey
This is a "lido" (aka "camp", "capri", "italian", etc) collar.Will see how it looks on my neck...Andrey
PH fares very well in countries from the former USSR. Catering for nouveau riche here and there. Would be interesting to see for how long they'll survive in London. Andrey
Lachter's trademark "flowerpot" cuff. Andrey
I wonder if BF is wearing a coat made by A&S and a shirt made by Sean O'Flynn. Andrey
Almost forget -- Udeshi's shop is worth visiting, too. Again, in your case mostly for accessories. Andrey
Anderson & Sheppard and Kent, Haste & Lachter also sell Drake's ties -- cheaper than Drake's shop. Both ateliers worth popping in for accessories. Stephen Lachter at KHL knows his stuff.Also, Turnbull & Asser and Emma Willis for accessories.Longmire for stunning cufflinks -- but they are very expensive.Cordings just to see a fine (perhaps the finest) example of a shop selling proper English countrywear.Trumper's and DR Harris for English-style parfumery and toiletries.HR...
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