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Put a single order several years ago. They did a very good job (good fit, good needlework), but... communication part left much to be desired. It was as if they tried to get rid of me as soon as possible each time I called them. And no e-mail (back then). English is not my native language (as everyone here already noticed ), so this was very troubling for me.Apart of communication issue (supposedly fixed by Huntsman), nothing to really complain about with Budd.Andrey
Now I understand why Vox is not dubiously honored. On general note, the very idea that someone apart of moderators able to edit others' posts is troubling, to say the least.Moderators = absolute power (edit others' posts, ban people), but heavy responsibility.Dubiously honored members = much power (edit others' posts, what else?), but... but what?Andrey
Julian, it is funny how my experience almost 100% matches yours. I ordered shirts back in April, got them only in August -- so, almost exactly five months.When I approached Sean with "lido collar" request, he didn't have a sample for this type of collar. He cut one before my next visit -- and I didn't quite liked it. We agreed to make some changes for the shirt I eventually received. I wonder if he showed you any samples for "lido"?I usually use services of Stephen Lachter...
It is amusing that sometimes Ambrosi is writing in not so good English and sometimes his language knowledge is close to be perfect. Trips in and out of a bar? Andrey
I don't want to derail your thread to DT. So, this is my last post on the topic. "It tended to be eastern European and Russian sounding workers that were rude or aloof" is not an "interesting observation". You simply *don't know* who they are. Observations like these say more on yourself than on London workers. You either understand this or not. Your Taiwanese observations are not relevant at all. Andrey
I'm pretty sure you understood me quite well.Think for a moment... perhaps those rude people (that sounded Russian or eastern European) were rude to you because to them you looked Chinese or eastern Asian? I'm not sure how your and those rude people's prejudice towards some other nations are different.OK, whatever.Andrey
Differentiation by race (=racism) is bad, but differentiation by nation (=you guessed it) is good. Other than this, a nice report.Andrey
It seems that LVMH is trying to transform Berluti into a "bespoke superbrand", with Arnys handling tailoring side and now Delos handling shoemaking. One wonders, though, why existing Berluti bespoke craftsmen are not enough? Andrey
This is a "lido" (aka "camp", "capri", "italian", etc) collar.Will see how it looks on my neck...Andrey
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