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Never tried their MTM service, but at least this is an option to consider: http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/made-to-measure/ Andrey
I don't think you can find a proper bespoke (forget MTM) shirt in London for less than 150 quids. Andrey
Kiton b-holes look to be the worst of them all... weird. My addition: Andrey
Just back from Barcelona.The price is 700 and something (730 for the model I looked at; obviously, exact price depends on the model) euros.The shoes are stampled with "Edward Green for Bel y Cia" -- I guess some models are availale only there. And yes, they are in F width, as opposed to standard E.Andrey
Shirtmaven, superb shirt! Pattern matching executed well where it should be... and great style/design overall. Andrey
???http://www.styleforum.net/t/155780/drakes-of-londonOh yes -- it is not started by a DH member, so worthless in this brave new world...Andrey
Sorry, my fault.Here is the pic:Good luck!Andrey
As for Emma.. never been her customer (for bespoke), so take this for what it is worth. I once visited the shop for some accessories; Emma was busy with a customer for bespoke shirts, I waited for her attention, so was able to see the whole process. Let me just say that I'm very unimpressed. The whole thing had much more "commercial" and sterile feeling than with both Lachter and O'Flynn. Maybe this is even good for end result? -- what do I know! Andrey
I'm a customer of Stephen Lachter. A few thoughts: 1) Almost all of my shirts are semi-formal, with a couple of casual ones thrown in. Never had a problem with Stephen WRT style, collars, cloth selection, etc. He definitely knows what he is doing. 2) Delivery time varies *a lot* -- from a couple of months to several months. 3) Shirts are made in London, in an outside workshop (not owned by Lachter). Needlework is good, while not stellar -- same level as O'Flynn, Budd,...
Put a single order several years ago. They did a very good job (good fit, good needlework), but... communication part left much to be desired. It was as if they tried to get rid of me as soon as possible each time I called them. And no e-mail (back then). English is not my native language (as everyone here already noticed ), so this was very troubling for me.Apart of communication issue (supposedly fixed by Huntsman), nothing to really complain about with Budd.Andrey
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