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Isn't it the same coat?(from their "trips overseas" page)In this picture, it looks much less waisted. Though the angle is different.Andrey
Dopey, why you think so? I haven't seen this being mentioned anywhere.A side-note: for some reason, Huntsman stopped bespoke shirts offering (handled by O'Flynn, not Budd).Andrey
poorsod, I see that the buttons are [relatively] thin -- similar to those English shirtmakers use. Is this Charvet's standard? Andrey
Is this really an official affiliate thread? -- and someone from Sunspel actually reading it? If yes, I have a question: any chance to see boxers made to the quality standard of "Liberty Prints" ones, which were availble a couple of years ago? Not necessarily from Liberty cloth, but tunnelled waistband is a must. Andrey
And then it started all over again...Andrey
Actually, Vox is satisfied with all the makers he tried. Maybe he is just lucky... or not so picky. Or both. Andrey
Never tried their MTM service, but at least this is an option to consider: http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/made-to-measure/ Andrey
I don't think you can find a proper bespoke (forget MTM) shirt in London for less than 150 quids. Andrey
Kiton b-holes look to be the worst of them all... weird. My addition: Andrey
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