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For good! Andrey
Suspenders or braces? Pants or trousers? Andrey
Tailored clothing sold there are definitely not SF-approved. But the accessories (primarily pocket squares and ties) are were unique. I don't know where else one can find a print like this: Yes, for some this is hideous. But I'm glad I bought the tie when I could. Andrey
This is old news, discussed here before. Arny's web-site finally got transformed into a farewell letter: http://www.arnys.com/. It's interesting that they still mention "Ateliers de Grande Mesure Arnys". Is it a separate company now, still under Grimbeut's ownership? It is a common wisdom that RTW always subsidises bespoke -- would be interesting to check validity of it for Arny's. Andrey
RSS, Glad you are back! Sherwoods' books (both "Savile Row" and recently published "Perfect Gentleman") are just glorified collections of press releases. Very boring stuff. Nice pictures, though. A&S book is excellent. But I heard it's sold out and difficult to find these days... unless Darren Beaman would send you a copy. :-) Andrey
Gentlemen, What is your opinion on current offerings in Holland & Sherry's "Dakota" book? I'm looking for a new pair of whipcord trousers, and this range seems to fit the bill (English made, with weights up to 16 oz), but H&S has a mixed repute on the forumland. Is this cloth bespoke-worthy? Andrey
Slewfoot, a superb suit. While I also prefer the navy one, this is actually a choice among two good options. Andrey
I suspect this is just a stunt to attract some publicity...Here is what RA itself says (http://www.richardandersonltd.com/index.php/Blog/, bottom of the page):But this coat is terrible -- RA or not. Andrey
Speaking on asymmetric coats... This one is from Richard Anderson. Andrey
They have a new label... but old habits (of sewing customer's initials under the label -- a wonderfully useless thing!) remain. AndreyP.S.: I'm sure this was raised a million times before, but just my humble +1: I'm pretty much bored with all these photos from ebay stores... I frankly don't understand -- what's the purpose of posting all this crap?
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