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An amusing video... Rolf, thanks for the find! Andrey
You haven't seen real shame yet... *This* is the shame (and as I understand, used to house a bespoke department many years ago as well).Andrey
Here is how Arnys' windows look right now: You can still see traces of "Arnys" name up there. Andrey
Maybe I missed something... But what about foo's burning experiments that supposedly *proved* that new SG is all cotton? Andrey
A fine video. Thanks! Andrey
To clarify my comment -- I'm not speaking on how posh / not posh the shop is. What I saw on the pictures looks like a very amateurish operation... just a couple of girls who decided to call themselves a camiceria. Granted, I'm not a shirtmaker myself, so what do I know? Andrey
The place was even worse than this? Seriously, not to rain on your parade -- and the final shirts might be fantastic -- but what I saw so far doesn't look too good... I'm not speaking on shirts (there are none), but on general approach.Andrey
Thanks for sharing, P-K-L. Andrey
As been reported already, the shop is fabulous. Audi Charles is absolutely friendly and charming. She said that an on-line shop is in the plans. Andrey
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