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I have just received the shirt today. Let me reserve my judgment for a later date, after wearing / washing the shirt at least a couple of times -- to be able to objectively compare it with my other bespoke shirts.If there is an interest, I can make and post a picture in MF thread.Andrey
My first shirt from Mary Frittolini. Cloth is Thomas Mason linen + cotton mix. Andrey
While definitely quality made, Duchamp ties are cut en masse and not hand sewn -- as this video attests.http://vimeo.com/36338124Andrey
According to their web-site, they relocated to NE London. Interesting. Andrey
Not sure this matters, but a few more bits on Len Logsdail's whereabouts, using his own words:Andrey
Rolf, the whole W-E shopping (and then dressing up in Moscow) segment is priceless! Andrey
An amusing video... Rolf, thanks for the find! Andrey
You haven't seen real shame yet... *This* is the shame (and as I understand, used to house a bespoke department many years ago as well).Andrey
Here is how Arnys' windows look right now: You can still see traces of "Arnys" name up there. Andrey
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