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I second Jermyn Street. St.James Street (with DR Harris, Swaine Adeney Brigg, Lobb, Lock, Berry Bros & Rudd and Truefitt & Hill) is at the end of Jermyn Street. Also, Piccadilly Arcade, at the middle of Jermyn Str, worth exploring, too. Cordings (on Piccadilly) is not too far away. Andrey
sartorialexecutive, very nice indeed. Andrey
Another suggestion that might be interesting for tourists: "Dymov N1" (http://eng.novikovgroup.ru/restaurants/dymov/) features terrific view on Kremlin. The food is edible, though nothing to write home about. The only branch with the view is the one on 34, Sofiyskaya naberegnaya. Andrey
Re: restaurants. Those owned by Arkadiy Novikov are generally quite good, but for the price. You can read breif descriptions, along with approximate prices, here: http://eng.novikovgroup.ru/ Personally, I think that "Barashka" (http://eng.novikovgroup.ru/restaurants/barashka/) has good price/quality ratio. If you want to try traditional soviet cuisine for rock-bottom prices, visit "Stolovaya 57" (http://www.gum.ru/en/shop/392) in GUM. The quality of food is...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker And before you get all over me about the monogramming.. I just had a baby girl 10 months ago, and sort of a combination of my dream to get a MTM done at Charvet, and something to pass on to my daughter, I decided on this. My daughter and I share the same initials, and being a girl, she is predestined to like pink, so I got this shirt to hopefully have her wear Daddys shirt long down the road after she sells the rest...
Quote: Originally Posted by Winot Sean O'Flynn uses very similar buttons. I suspect all English shirtmakers use exactly same kind of buttons. My Budd and Stephen Lachter shirts have the same. (And RTW T&A, too.) It is interesting if Whittaker really able to offer any different buttons. Andrey
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 T&A ties form large knots to fit in T&A collars. This chap might disagree with you. http://cache2.asset-cache.net/xc/888...0A760B0D811297 Andrey
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxler A small in-house shirtmaker should be able to make an unfinished trial shirt of a basic cloth in a few days. I doubt one can find such a shirtmaker in London. I'm under impression that given how little bespoke shirtmakers left in England, all of them are overloaded with demand. Andrey
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman 3. The store is now a Starbucks. Why it always ends with this? Andrey
Quote: Originally Posted by AThingForCashmere That's a question I wish someone could credibly answer. We're down to a handful of Scottish companies who're still in business, and nearly all of them have moved to Chinese yarns. The current story is that Johnston's of Elgin is the last fully vertical mill in Scotland, meaning they process from raw fiber all the way to finished garments, but the last several Johnstons sweaters I've seen have been clearly...
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