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Good work! Keep it up. Andrey
There is a nice slide-show on Lanvin's web-site describing their bespoke (yes, by all accounts, this is a real thing) process. http://www.lanvin.com/#/en/lanvin-today/ateliers/sur-mesure Andrey
I'm a customer for both shirts and tailored clothing (coats and trousers). I have shirts from Budd and Sean O'Flynn, and needlework-wise Lachter's shirts are in the same league. That is -- single-needle stitching, MOP buttons, non-fused collars, and... machined buttons, sometimes sloppy stitching, especially in non-visible areas like bottom hem. I don't have any tailored clothing from other SR houses, so can't really compare. But they are at least on par (if not better)...
As an alternative (though mostly sold out): http://gunandriflemakers.williamandson.com/collections/menswear/products/shawl-collar-jumper Andrey
That's interesting. I wonder who will replace him.Andrey
Probably too late, but nevertheless. Andrey
Two new shirts from Stephen Lachter (left is Alumo's cotton + cashmere; right is Thomas Mason's end-on-end). Both pockets and plackets are present. Andrey
My shirt has two darts on the back, no pleats. As I understand, Mary adheres to Pierre Duboin's school of thought on this matter:Andrey
When you connect green and red arrows' tips, that's where seams are placed on Mary's shirt. As I said, "stitching" part of one seam connects with "folding" part of another. I don't know if it is any better or worse (or matters at all) than the approach used in NOBD's example. Andrey
That's puzzling.On the one hand, her written English is excellent -- better than mine. Never had a mis-communication issue in several e-mails (all written in English).On the other, she has great problems with spoken English. She seems to understand what you say well, but can't express what she wants to say. When we met, Pieree Duboin (who speaks a workable English) was present, and we communicated with his help.Is this what you mean?Sorry for the crap picture -- but...
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