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Dempsy444, a wonderful review indeed.Regarding the "muscular" look, here is what Brian Lishak (now, of course, working at Richard Anderson, but the style is essentially the same):Andrey
Stephen Lachter. I posted some of my shirts in "Folded Up Shirt Porn" thread.Andrey
unbelragazzo, nice post. I use services of a different bespoke shirtmaker in London, but get my boxers at Budd. I used to get them at T&A, but after discovering Budd's ones (they are not on display, so their existence is not obvious), there is no way back -- Budd's are cheaper, from more varied types of cloth (including voile and "real" Sea Island), and the same (read: high, including covered waistband) standard of make. To my knowledge, the only other London shops...
Please do -- that would be very interesting.Andrey
I found that Westaway & Westaway are quite accomodating in sourcing what a customer wants. If Lockie makes size 40 at all, W&W will help you to obtain it.In general, W&W offer one of the best customer service I ever recieved -- in my whole life. Highly recommended.Andrey
There are many shops that sell country clothes in London -- and practically all of them sell tweed trousers. Though most (if not all) are more than 100 quids. Cordings, William & Son, Purdey are the names that come to mind. Andrey
Slewfoot, a lovely selection of suits and coats. Andrey
Sheer genius! Andrey
Welcome! -- you have a really great start! ...and a question, if you don't mind: do you make your leather goods yourself? Andrey
http://www.drapersonline.com/news/fung-capital-buys-kilgour/5052939.articleThey already own G&H and Hardy Amies, and...Andrey
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