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The brand is very well known in Russia; there are several shops in Moscow and other cities. As sartys said (putting political comment aside), this is a Russian brand, with "italian" name invented by marketing. General consensus among Russian iGents is that the shoes are way overpriced for what they are. Glued, and most likely Chinese made -- though obviously, being an invented brand, they may change suppliers and introduce new lines from time to time. Andrey
Interesting... I wonder who is going to replace him as A&S' head cutter?I heard that Lesley Haines (ex head cutter at Douglas Hayward ("real" one, before Kilgour boys came in)) joined A&S as a cutter.Andrey
I bought their trousers then and now -- they seem to be the same as always. Andrey
I wrote a short review of Mary Frittolini's shirts a few months ago: http://bespokeetc.blogspot.ru/2013/08/blog-post.html (yeah, I know -- the text is in Russian, but pictures speak on universal language). Also, a couple of pics of my finished shirt: As can be seen, buttonholes are sown by hand. Buttons also attached by hand; and the monogram, of course, hand-made as well. Machine-made seams are incredibly tiny and neat. Collars and cuffs are fused. Andrey
Seems to be a truly great exhibition. Hopefully, they will publish an accompanying book. Andrey
It seems that Elizabeth Radcliffe now works for Levi's -- making bespoke jeans. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/10465485/How-good-can-a-pair-of-500-made-to-measure-jeans-be.html Andrey
Last time I discussed this with him (admittedly, a year ago) he offered some Neapolitan MTM shirts (Emanuele Maffeis?)Andrey
FosterandSon, thank you! -- very interesting. Andrey
FosterandSon, could you elaborate a bit on what lasts Mr Astaire prefered? Does he always chose the "squarish" last used for the correspondents? Andrey
Dempsy444, a wonderful review indeed.Regarding the "muscular" look, here is what Brian Lishak (now, of course, working at Richard Anderson, but the style is essentially the same):Andrey
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