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I don't think (and this is personal opinion only) that she offers level of experience / service Foo wants.I am her customer, so I know what to expect. I haven't met with Foo, but everyone who spent a couple of years on sf.net knows Foo's personality very well. Andrey
I don't think Mary Frittolini would be a good choice for foo.Andrey
Do you have a link to the video? Would be interesting to watch...Andrey
Ahem... I bought some stuff at your shop, and I'm a Russian... OK, not a CEO.Andrey
A series of videos detailing how bespoke tailoring works at Berluti (nee Arnys): http://www.berluti.com/en/sur-mesure/grande-mesure-tailleur ...and for bespoke shoemaking: http://www.berluti.com/en/sur-mesure/sur-mesure-bottier Andrey P.S.: Not sure this hasn't been posted before; sorry for possible duplication.
Not a shirt, but pocket square (apparently, made by Mary from leftover shirting) that amazed me. Have you seen hand rolling of this quality before? Not me... Andrey
The brand is very well known in Russia; there are several shops in Moscow and other cities. As sartys said (putting political comment aside), this is a Russian brand, with "italian" name invented by marketing. General consensus among Russian iGents is that the shoes are way overpriced for what they are. Glued, and most likely Chinese made -- though obviously, being an invented brand, they may change suppliers and introduce new lines from time to time. Andrey
Interesting... I wonder who is going to replace him as A&S' head cutter?I heard that Lesley Haines (ex head cutter at Douglas Hayward ("real" one, before Kilgour boys came in)) joined A&S as a cutter.Andrey
I bought their trousers then and now -- they seem to be the same as always. Andrey
I wrote a short review of Mary Frittolini's shirts a few months ago: http://bespokeetc.blogspot.ru/2013/08/blog-post.html (yeah, I know -- the text is in Russian, but pictures speak on universal language). Also, a couple of pics of my finished shirt: As can be seen, buttonholes are sown by hand. Buttons also attached by hand; and the monogram, of course, hand-made as well. Machine-made seams are incredibly tiny and neat. Collars and cuffs are fused. Andrey
New Posts  All Forums: