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The documentary will be completed in June (or so they promise), but a lot of interesting material is already available. http://www.tailoredstories.org.uk Andrey
Ah! -- shirts' buttonholes got accepted. How about this one? Still not sure if I like it or not quite... Andrey
Would love to know what Mr Grimbert said...Also, is he still associated with [Berluti-owned] Arnys?Andrey
1) This move is a huge mistake. Just one man's opinion. 2) Decision to dump old blog and made archives unaccessible is a complete lack of class. Again, just one man's opinion. ...and now I'm back to instapapering RJMan's posts. Andrey
Some nice news: Lanvin got recognized as a "Living Heritage Company" ("Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant") by the French government. And no, this is not for their rhinestones-clad sneakers; as Lanvin's news page says, it received the label "for its Made-to-Measure menswear department founded in 1926". Go to http://www.lanvin.com/#/en/news, then click one of rectangles (third from the left at the moment) to see the certificate. Andrey
I don't think (and this is personal opinion only) that she offers level of experience / service Foo wants.I am her customer, so I know what to expect. I haven't met with Foo, but everyone who spent a couple of years on sf.net knows Foo's personality very well. Andrey
I don't think Mary Frittolini would be a good choice for foo.Andrey
Do you have a link to the video? Would be interesting to watch...Andrey
Ahem... I bought some stuff at your shop, and I'm a Russian... OK, not a CEO.Andrey
A series of videos detailing how bespoke tailoring works at Berluti (nee Arnys): http://www.berluti.com/en/sur-mesure/grande-mesure-tailleur ...and for bespoke shoemaking: http://www.berluti.com/en/sur-mesure/sur-mesure-bottier Andrey P.S.: Not sure this hasn't been posted before; sorry for possible duplication.
New Posts  All Forums: