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Reading the article, I simply can't believe how low the standard of "style experts" fell. "Savile Row tailoring for under £300" is priceless... The only one of the trio who knows what he is speaking about is Stephen Doig. Andrey
An enjoyable reading, indeed. Thanks for posting!Andrey
The film is finished and has been posted today for all to see. Watch it only if you are interested in the history of Savile Row... It shows exactly what is says on the package: "oral history". BBC's Savile Row documentary it is not. Also, I found the general mood to be quite depressing... Much more depressing than actual Row is. Andrey
Fair enough.You forget on Fosters logo -- that also features a boot. Lobb, Maxwell, Fosters and many others started as boot-makers -- hence a boot on their signs. I wonder how many boots they make nowdays? -- probably not many, definitely much less than number of shoes -- boots are mostly a nod to their origins. All three signs are stylistically quite different, though. Similarity of the boot on your's logo to the one's on your former employer's -- whatever it is...
The logo looks like a direct lift up from Lobb's famous lamp on St James' street. This is... amusing.Andrey
Are your Drake's squares UK-made? These have hand-rolled edges. Italian-made Drakes are indistiguishable (rolling-wise) from a Roda square I have. Same machine? ...Or even same factory?Andrey
The documentary will be completed in June (or so they promise), but a lot of interesting material is already available. Andrey
Ah! -- shirts' buttonholes got accepted. How about this one? Still not sure if I like it or not quite... Andrey
Would love to know what Mr Grimbert said...Also, is he still associated with [Berluti-owned] Arnys?Andrey
1) This move is a huge mistake. Just one man's opinion. 2) Decision to dump old blog and made archives unaccessible is a complete lack of class. Again, just one man's opinion. ...and now I'm back to instapapering RJMan's posts. Andrey
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