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An enjoyable reading, indeed. Thanks for posting!Andrey
The film is finished and has been posted today for all to see. https://vimeo.com/125281607 Watch it only if you are interested in the history of Savile Row... It shows exactly what is says on the package: "oral history". BBC's Savile Row documentary it is not. Also, I found the general mood to be quite depressing... Much more depressing than actual Row is. Andrey
Fair enough.You forget on Fosters logo -- that also features a boot. Lobb, Maxwell, Fosters and many others started as boot-makers -- hence a boot on their signs. I wonder how many boots they make nowdays? -- probably not many, definitely much less than number of shoes -- boots are mostly a nod to their origins. All three signs are stylistically quite different, though. Similarity of the boot on your's logo to the one's on your former employer's -- whatever it is...
The logo looks like a direct lift up from Lobb's famous lamp on St James' street. This is... amusing.Andrey
Are your Drake's squares UK-made? These have hand-rolled edges. Italian-made Drakes are indistiguishable (rolling-wise) from a Roda square I have. Same machine? ...Or even same factory?Andrey
The documentary will be completed in June (or so they promise), but a lot of interesting material is already available. http://www.tailoredstories.org.uk Andrey
Ah! -- shirts' buttonholes got accepted. How about this one? Still not sure if I like it or not quite... Andrey
Would love to know what Mr Grimbert said...Also, is he still associated with [Berluti-owned] Arnys?Andrey
1) This move is a huge mistake. Just one man's opinion. 2) Decision to dump old blog and made archives unaccessible is a complete lack of class. Again, just one man's opinion. ...and now I'm back to instapapering RJMan's posts. Andrey
Some nice news: Lanvin got recognized as a "Living Heritage Company" ("Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant") by the French government. And no, this is not for their rhinestones-clad sneakers; as Lanvin's news page says, it received the label "for its Made-to-Measure menswear department founded in 1926". Go to http://www.lanvin.com/#/en/news, then click one of rectangles (third from the left at the moment) to see the certificate. Andrey
New Posts  All Forums: