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Just getting around to it
Are you confusing this with the SW&D Official Sales Thread?
Bamp Picked up Riga Gold sprats today when I saw them at a local grocer. Had completely forgotten about them the past few years. Even after a three course meal at home along with dessert, I just scarfed down a couple with some wine.
^^ Those, and Sophnet, Uniform Experiment, OF....pretty much the whole lineup at a place like Haven may be to your liking.
Blast from the past and an entertaining read here: Mailce at the Palace Possibly me favorite quote: The only time I felt I was about to get hurt was when a policeman popped his pepper spray container and started shaking it up. Reggie Miller was pleading with him, "Please don't. My suit costs x-hundred dollars."
^^ Kawatako . I have considered getting this one too, a few times.
^^ Pozole?
Fellas, it's great reading about everyone's progress (sam and myles -- big props). I'm slipping in mine. Got food poisoning last week which had me pissing out of my arse for four days -- I thought it was my own cooking but no one else got sick. So here we go again...will start with 5km today and work up from there.
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