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Are you confusing this with the SW&D Official Sales Thread?
Bamp Picked up Riga Gold sprats today when I saw them at a local grocer. Had completely forgotten about them the past few years. Even after a three course meal at home along with dessert, I just scarfed down a couple with some wine.
^^ Those, and Sophnet, Uniform Experiment, OF....pretty much the whole lineup at a place like Haven may be to your liking.
Several times, no issues either. Good reminder to look into the current inventory. I'm liking the look of the new Sunny Sports shirts.
Blast from the past and an entertaining read here: Mailce at the Palace Possibly me favorite quote: The only time I felt I was about to get hurt was when a policeman popped his pepper spray container and started shaking it up. Reggie Miller was pleading with him, "Please don't. My suit costs x-hundred dollars."
^^ Kawatako . I have considered getting this one too, a few times.
^^ Pozole?
Fellas, it's great reading about everyone's progress (sam and myles -- big props). I'm slipping in mine. Got food poisoning last week which had me pissing out of my arse for four days -- I thought it was my own cooking but no one else got sick. So here we go again...will start with 5km today and work up from there.
Sorry, to clarify -- it was indeed from the Superdenim sample sale, but the price now is $150 lower than the previous price. So it's still comes it at just under $300, but that's reasonable to me, for the colour I really wanted (and with free shipping because I picked up another piece too to get it over Superdenim's minimum).
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