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To whoever picked up that straggler pair of Alden cordovan boots that I'd been eying for months waiting for such a sale, congratulations. And fck you.
+1. I take the same size as well, but second that the GAT's are a touch more snug. And no, never without socks.
Canadiens' new GM....not a bad looking sonofabitch (no homo)
A Kings vs. Flyers final would be a joyride given the trades that seemed to help each. Can see the Kings coming out of the West given the play of the other teams remaining. Not sure about the Flyers....their offense aside, it's been pretty
I am curious, if only to see if the carrot retains top spot.....
I picked these up in a 1. I'm 41 in CP and MMM, and the nonnatives fit a hair smaller but work fine for me.
I think this will be a prevailing theme among most during this series.....
I lost track so had to go read soccernet: Six first-choice players will miss the final on May 19 due to yellow card suspensions - three from either side. Chelsea will be without Branislav Ivanovic, Ramires and Raul Meireles, whereas opponents Bayern will be lacking Holger Badstuber, David Alaba and Luiz Gustavo. And John Terry too, obviously.
LUONGO: I'LL WAIVE MY NO-TRADE CLAUSE IF I'M ASKED TO In all seriousness, I'm indifferent. Just curious who will step up to the contract. Leafs? Tampa?
Sambb, hope you have a good and safe Boston. I've backed off from a half in three weeks. Excuses, excuses, but just haven't maintained a groove since my last 20K run -- food poisoning and a couple of colds popped up. So I'm shifting my goals, and instead will aim to get my 10K time down to mid-40 mins by fall and save these impressive but ridiculous distances for you fellas No idea if I can get there, but that's part of the challenge.
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