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I think you got it. There seems to be some insight and objectivity, but for me, not worth rooting through 95% of the shit to find.The best parts from what I gather:a) how they allow supporters of any given team act out in their own thread, but anyone going on there to counter even the most inane posts is trollingb) how whatever forum software they use filters out profanity; like this actually helps class up the place Anyways, given the fireworks the last few times they...
Against my better judgement, I've been browsing through some of the team sections of HFBoards. Wow. Internet and cable connectivity to trailer parks must have become really affordable based on the quality of posting in abundance there.
Easy 6 miles. Seem to have some flaring up of the tendon so probably need to lay off for a few days.
Inorite. Or hitting refresh until your ass-wiping digit hurts to properly reflect that just-so element of effortless cool, and hopefully not expose that one chink (no racist) -- Pat Benatar in your case
Not sure if this is at all along the lines of what you're looking, but check out Bagjack. I have a Filson 257, which still gets the majority of use. Also have a leather case, but wanted something a bit more casual / fun. Wound up picking up an Acronym, which is made by Bagjack. Otherwise, I likely would have ordered that Next Level Messenger. I think the pricier Bagjack models use fidlock magnetic closures.
Wear them in good health In all seriousness, nice purchase. I was on the fence about them for a while, only because I was looking for a cordovan other than colour 8 at the moment (already have colour 8 boots in the NST tanker style). But well may have done the deed if they were still around today!
To whoever picked up that straggler pair of Alden cordovan boots that I'd been eying for months waiting for such a sale, congratulations. And fck you.
+1. I take the same size as well, but second that the GAT's are a touch more snug. And no, never without socks.
Canadiens' new GM....not a bad looking sonofabitch (no homo)
A Kings vs. Flyers final would be a joyride given the trades that seemed to help each. Can see the Kings coming out of the West given the play of the other teams remaining. Not sure about the Flyers....their offense aside, it's been pretty
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